2013.12.29: Trufwar Part 2

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Turfwar Part 2
Violence spills into the street of Prospect, CA
IC Date 2013.12.29
IC Time 4:30 P.M
Players Darcy, Lana, Nulli and Beckett as ST.
Location The Magic Box
Prp/Tp Turfwar
Spheres Mortal, Mortal+

It's Saturday and the place is not too busy. There's a few regulars hanging out, along with a few who's waiting for an instructor for a class to arrive. Today's subject if one looks at the calendar that's posted at the door, is Candle Magic 101. There's some conversation to be had between the people waiting. Obviously they know one another. While a girl mans the register, Darcy's out front doing some stocking and dusting, facing things on the shelves while writing down on a notebook things to fetch from the back to restock. Humming with the music that's playing over the radio, the blond is dressed today in jeans and another sweater, this one in cotton candy blue with flecks of purple in the threading.

Through the bay windows, Darcy would see Beck come jogging up the street in athletic wear; a ratty old t-shirt, loose fitting sweatpants, sneakers, a rolled towel draped over his neck. The humidity is like a thick blanket, causing him to sweat through his shirt, and leaving his hair wet, sticking to his forehead. He starts to slow down and then begins to walk, trying to catch his breath, before stopping outside the Magic box. The nicely shaped man doubles over, holding his knees for a moment before lifting back up an stretching his muscular arms. He notices Darcy then, through the window, and he smiles offering the blonde a wave of his hand. The towel is pulled free to dab at the sheen of perspiration on his face as the tinkling door bells notes him opening it. "Afternoon Ms. Lennon," Beckett says plucking his earbuds free. Before silencing them, AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long can be heard playing. The band matching his t-shirt.

As someone comes by the window, Darcy turns to look their way, only to find herself watching someone she recognizes. It's with an appreciative look that she watches him jog up, then begin a cool down. When noticed through the window, she lifts a hand to wave back towards him. Moving towards the door as he comes into the shop, she chuckles, "afternoon, Mr. Beckett. Nice weather for a run? Would you like some water or anything?" The offer is made before she realizes, and smiles further, "I've got bottles and all in the back."

“Please,” Beckett replies to the offer as he continues to towel down his face, neck and arms. There is little he can do for the ratty old t-shirt. It’s moisture stained in a deep V down his chest. Darcy can’t know the sentimental value it holds. As she goes to grab him a bottle, he looks around, staying out of the way of the people waiting for their class to begin – he goes from skimming, to actually perusing a few items. The books mostly. He thumbs through the Psychic abilities section, looking over the titles.

"I'll be right back, unless you wanna come to the back as well?" Darcy gestures to the private door, though will happily leave him browsing the books. There's a smile to show, his interest to actually please her on some level. Quick as a wink, she is gone and back again, this time with a refillable bottle in her hand, "Here you go. Nice and cold. Anything you might be looking for?" She does wonder of him. The sweat doesn't bother her, perhaps it merely makes her more aware of him, the scent filling the air around him.

Beck smiles politely, accepting the bottle of water and offering Darcy a casual “Thank you,” in return. His fingers slide over a few more titles, then come to rest on a book about the link between the Mind and the Body. “I have several of these books Ms. Lennon, but not this one.” He slides it out, turning it to read the back cover. It is a very serious read as compared to others that she carries merely to appease the ‘fanfare’ surrounding psychic abilities. He reads a moment, holding the cool bottle to his forehead, but then he puts the book back, choosing to have a drink of water rather than make a decision. “Are there any you recommend,” he questions her. The man’s turned now to face the shorter, young lady. His back to the bay window.

As he chooses that particular book from the shelf, there's a curious look to come to Darcy's expression. "I have that book myself. It's quite an interesting read, really." And yet, it's put back on the shelf, "Do you find such topics intriguing?" When asked, she chuckles, "I will tell you a secret... the books here in the middle are light reads, mostly there for those that come in, and merely want something on paganism or the like. They aren't serious. But the top and bottom shelves, along with those I keep behind the counter, are more serious and in depth about the topics they cover. "

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Darcy rolls Perception + Alertness  vs 6 for 2 successes.

Interested, Beckett listens to Darcy's admission. "I do. I did a good portion of my post doctorate work on psychic phenomena among varied cultures." He shifts some, getting more comfortable. "I find that the book, The Unspoken Way: Haragei is among the best I've read to explain what I feel are psychic abilities." A metallic blue, four door Lincoln rolls into view beyond the bay window. The windows are tinted to the extreme. "Have you read it," Beckett asks politely before another sip of water is taken. It's when Darcy begins to answer that she catches that split-second glimpse. A black Porsche 911 moves to pass the slower moving Lincoln, but it's breaks scream midway through. A male figure hangs out of the passenger's side window holding something black. He looks Asian, maybe wearing a long sleeve shirt, or maybe his arms are heavily tattooed? Suddenly there is gunfire! The Lincoln runs up on the curb and stops. Glass shatters, both in the Lincoln and the Magic Box bay window. Beckett dives forward, tackling Darcy to the ground as the sounds begin. Both are showered in glass.

Traffic comes and goes along the street, most often, not even noticed. The flash of a black car, the way it drives, at least gains some small notice from Darcy as she listens to him. And yet, still, the sight of what is about to happen, and the click of it registering in her brain is slow, her words beginning to answer him, "I have heard of it recently, but admit, I haven't rea..." Glass explodes, people begin to scream, and she finds herself kissing the floor, slammed down by his quickness. "My customers!" Her first worry is not for herself, but for those that are in her shop in that moment. Anger spikes as well, leaving her trembling beneath him, head tucked against his chest, her hands clinging to his damp shirt as the drive by continues.

/911/ “What is the nature of your emergency?”

/Caller/ “Yeah, this black car just shot up this blue car, a Lincoln I think. Guys look dead!”

/911/ “Sir where are you?”

/Caller/ “Ah, D St. and Canary!”

/911/ “Sir we have units being dispatched now. Can you tell what’s happening?”

Beyond the shattered glass, tires screech and the sports car rockets down the street. The man hanging out the passenger window climbing in again. Beckett doesn’t move, and his weight is a heavy thing above Darcy. There is a good reason. Amongst the shards of glass she can feel a warm, wet fluid leaving across her face, touching her lips with its salty taste. Blood, unmistakably blood. Beck’s hit. Darcy can her the screaming die down in the store, calls of “I’m alright,” come from here and there. Apparently only a couple rounds made it into the building. The car beyond however is riddled with bullet holes!

/Caller/ “The black car left down D street. You need to get some people down here quick. I think the guys in the Lincoln are dead!”

It would seem the Magic Box has been hit, the bay window shattered throwing glass all over the inside. Things are knocked off the shelves and tables in front of it. Pressed to the ground under Beckett, Darcy listens to her employees and the customers who'd been inside call out that they're all okay in voices that likely tremble from the shock and surprise of it all. As something is felt upon her face, her hand lifts to wipe it, only to stare at fingertips coated with blood. "Bastian? You're hurt!" And now the concern is focused upon him, "Where.. get off.. let me see.." And then louder, her head turned to the side, "Someone call 9-1-1!" As if there isn't calls already going in to the police from people around outside.

/911/ “All units be advised, have a report of a shooting between two vehicles in the area of D St. and Canary. Caller advises a black car unknown make, and a Blue Lincoln. Lincoln still on scene. Caller advises possible fatalities.”

"Their on the way!" This is shouted by a man near the register. He kept his wits about him and has already called the police. Beckett rolls off Darcy, groggily. He isn't super human. Taking a 9mm round to his shoulder has sent him for a loop. How he knew to move? Anyone's guess. He knows it was Haragei - his sixth sense, but that is a story for another day. Everyone else in the shop is fine. The stray only found Beckett. Several people move to help Darcy with him, rolling him over and using a compress to stop the bleeding. Beyond the storefront, Police cars start to swarm. Detective Glover's car is among those. The blue Lincoln is still running, half up on the curb. All the windows are busted out, and the driver's side is completely riddled with bullet holes! Automatic weapon - definitely. The Cop's move up on the car tactically, stacking to make sure it's safe. Inside are two Hispanic males, very dead currently. In the Magic Box there is some movement - people scared to death! They call for the cops, "Hey a man's shot in here!" Another, woman notices the brains leaking down the passenger's side door of the Lincoln, where one man's head hangs out, the skullcap missing entirely. She hangs out the shattered bay window of the magic shop and begins to vomit.

Once Beckett has rolled off of her, Darcy follows him over to try and see what his injury is. Spying it in his shoulder, she calls out for help, taking up a shirt that someone pulled from a rack to bunch up and press against his shoulder to hamper the bleeding, "Look at me, Bastian.. doncha be trying to sleep on me just yet.." An accent comes to her voice, thicker now, while emotions run particularly high. With the sounds of sirens filling the air, she glances away, nodding to her evening employee who is going around and checking on the customers, running to get water for the one who's started to vomit.

Nulli is clearly a player character, because he's the one walking towards the gunshots. Or maybe he's just walking this way, and the gunshots are a secondary matter to him. He has a detached air that gives his steps an almost purposeless, wandering appearance. He pauses when he sees the grisly scene on the street, the police swarming nearby, and a hint of curiosity touches his pale face. He'll stay out of the way and watch from a distance.

Lana notices the call for help, waving her partner ahead to check out the car. Grabbing her radio from her belt, she starts to hurry over to the shop, shouldering quickly through the door. "Who's hurt?" she asked, vision blocked by people and debris.

Beckett’s hurt. The seeping bullet wound in his shoulder is a very clear indication. Everyone else seems okay, a little panicked of course, but okay. He groans sorely at Darcy, attempting to push-up but lacking the strength in his wounded shoulder. People point his out to Lana, and they part for her as well. Outside the car is cleared, radio traffic confirming two fatalities. Several other transmission come back with no sign of the second vehicle. A few black car’s are stopped, but nothing proves fruitful. Nulli would see the exterior, and possibly some of the interior of the Magic Box since the bay window is shattered. The amount of the damage to the blue Lincoln on the curb seems to suggest the small business was just collateral damage.

Collateral damage that includes the injury of one person. Truly, they were all lucky, right? Still, Darcy is not pleased, pressing down on Beckett's shoulder as he tries to get up, "Stay down till the EMTs get here, Bastian. Don't make me smack you in the head by trying to be the hero or something." As the voice calls out as to injuries, she speaks up, "Here! His name is Bastian Beckett. He got hit in the shoulder and is bleeding." She doesn't look away from him until Lana reaches her, and only then does she briefly check out the other woman. "EMT and all has been called.."

Nulli hesitates for a moment, then seems to come to some kind of decision. He walks calmly towards the shop, past the person with half a head and brains leaking everywhere, past the blood and debris and general destruction. No horror, or revulsion or... anything, really, registers on his face. He pauses outside the door and raises his voice a little bit: "I have medical training. I am willing to help, if I can."

Lana loses one Willpower
<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->
Lana rolls Perception + Medicine  vs 6 for 1 successes.

Lana slides to her knees at Beckett's side quickly checking the wound. She yanks off her windbreaker and uses it to elevate his shoulder, keeping pressure on the wound with one hand as she talks into the radio. "At least one civilian down. Male, thirties, with a small caliber round in his shoulder. He's inside the Magic Box store at the scene," Lana calls it in professional before turning her attention back to Beckett. "How did you manage to get yourself shot, professor?"

With all the Police action going out outside, Nulli barely made it to the door. That side of the sidewalk isn’t closed off yet. One of the patrons notices Nulli, and ushers him in towards where Beckett lays prone. Darcy and Lana crouched near him. “He’s over there. He’s shot!” And there Beckett is too. The bleedings been slowed, but he still has a somewhat ashy complexion compared to his usual skin tone. Once Darcy pushes him back down, he doesn’t try getting up again. That shit hurt. “Hero..?” he mummers on the edge of unconsciousness. More likely he’s just lucky. He blinks towards Lana when she lifts his shoulder, further stemming the blood flow. “Detective Glover…” Then he’s out. That’s right people, blood loss causes lapses in consciousness.

Nulli gets ushered, following whoever leads him with his usual detached air. He stands over Beckett and studies him for a moment. "Have you taken his pulse?" He asks Lana. He's definitely watching with interest, but he's not going to get in her way while she tends to her patient.

Darcy will continue to hold the bundled shirt to the front of Beckett' shoulder to stem the blood there while Lana elevates it with her jacket. Barely does she realize the two know one another, blue eyes to turn to the Detective, then to Beckett, only to watch him pass out. "Well... crap.." Concern rings in her voice, though as the call goes up that there's someone there with medical knowledge, she is all too happy to have them take over as needed until the EMTs get there. "Please, help him?" The plea is offered to Nulli then, "He just passed out..."

Lana glares up at Nulli. "And how would knowing the man's pulse help me at the moment?! He's obviously been shot, and as long as he doesn't bleed to death before the slow ass EMTs get here, he'll be fine," she growls clearly not happy with someone being silly in the middle of her crime scene.

Nulli regards Lana with a surgeon's calm. "Checking his pulse is a good way to tell whether he is going into shock," he explains patiently, his voice level and soft. "If he is in shock, additional steps will be required to manage those symptoms. Further, it is information that the EMTs will want, when they arrive. It would also be best to check his breathing and make certain that it is still unimpeded and steady, as he seems to have lost consciousness. Would you like my assistance?"

An ambulance does in fact pull up not longer after their lack of haste is so vehemently noted by Lana! They meander yet another few seconds outside to confirm the two men are dead. They move slowly, but manage not to disturb the crime scene too much. Once that job’s complete, they split up. A young man comes into the Magic Box while is partner calls for the M.E. He looks around as second, then move in to where he perceives the action is, squeezing between Lana and Nulli. “What’s his name and how old it is,” the EMT asks as he maneuver’s Beck’s head, checking pupil dilatation.

Darcy looks between Lana and Nulli, then to the unconscious Beckett, worry upon her face. "Look.. please.. just help him and make sure he's alright, okay?" Let's not fight, her voice suggests! But with the sirens of the ambulance filling the air, she looks up, thankful as the EMT is finally spied coming into the shop, "Over here!" No doubt, the EMT is shown the way, "Bastian Beckett is his name. He's a professor at the university. Lives nearby. Got hit when the shooting started. He knocked me down and out of the way." She'll pull away only once told to do so, still holding the sticky tshirt to the front of his shoulder, her hands covered with his blood, along with some smeared across her face.

Lana sighs in relief, glad that she doesn't have to admit fault in front of Nulli, shifting her position to give the EMT clear access. "Took your sweet time with the corpses," she snarks at the EMT under her breath.

Nulli withdraws a bit further, giving the EMTs plenty of space to work. He's staying out of it, but he's definitely interested in what they're doing; he watches them with detached interest from behind the dark lenses of his glasses.

The EMT pause, double checking Beckett’s eyes. Something there not really what he expected to see. He then goes to work forthwith checking his pulse. That too seems to surprise him considerably. “We had a rush on it ma’am,” he says to Lana before he looks at Darcy and smiles. “Miss, your friend is completely stable,” though he has no fucking clue how that’s possible. “Barring anything unusual he should be fine. We just need to get the bullet out.” He pulls the tshirt off the wound, and notes the bleeding – believe it or not – has stopped. “Now let’s just cut this shir…” Beckett wakes, catching the man by the wrist. “Don’t cut my shirt!” He has the panicked look about him. He shifts it to Darcy, “Don’t let him cut my..” the bleeding starts again with the sudden break in his concentration, and he out once more. Obviously the ratty old AC/DC tshirt holds some significance to him.

Darcy blinks as things happen, and when Beckett makes the plea to her to safeguard his tshirt, she turns to the EMT, "Please? I'm sure we can get it off of him without cutting it?" She'll go as far to help pull it off if need be, "If it's okay, I'll keep it for him and get it washed.." The fact that Beckett seems okay, except for the whole passing out thing, calms her to some degree.

Lana rolls her eyes at the request. "It's a shirt. Do you really want to risk complications for a ratty old shirt with a bullet hole in it? That's absurd."

Nulli stays out of it, for the time being. But he's watching, with that mix of interest and curiosity, his head canted to a very slight angle.

The EMT checks Beck’s eyes and pulse again – both abnormally normal. He just can’t get over that little feat. “It’s his request ma’am. I have to honor since he’s stable. Hell I can’t even explain /why/ he’s stable. All I know is he stats dropped when I mentioned cutting it off.” He looks towards Darcy, “Mind helping me get the shirt off?” The man’s uninjured arm will be lifted, and the ratty old T removed to be placed in a biohazard bag for Darcy. He glances to Lana then, “Keep him calm detective,” he saw her badge, “I’m going for the stretcher.” Standing up, he nudges Nulli. “Mind getting a couple doors for me sir?” Cause his partner is still on the phone with the M.E. attempting to explain the situation, and oh look: someone found the poor dead Hispanic man’s skull cap. The woman near the broken bay window starts to vomit again.

"Yes, it's important to him, and thus I would risk it." Darcy answers the detective, thanking the EMT as he agrees and helps her get the shirt off of Beckett. Once it's in a bag, she clings to it, holding it as the stretcher is fetched to carry him out. Leaning forwards, she murmurs, "I have the tshirt. I'll keep it till you can come back and get it." Hey, he might be passed out, but there's proof that the subconscious can still understand things! She'll linger here, till Beckett is taken out, then turn to take care of her other customers.

Lana shakes her head. "Saving shirts, wasting time on corpses, and telling me to keep unconscious men calm, just the kind of stuff I expect from ..." the entire thing is said under her breath, but the last part gets too quiet and mumbled to understand beyond that it is clearly not nice. She shifts her position so that she can better watch the man's breathing.

Nulli obligingly follows along with the EMT to open doors and/or clear paths. Once again, he walks right by the man leaking brains all over the pavement (and his newly discovered skull cap, and the woman vomiting at the window, and the pile of vomit) without more than a twitch of an eyebrow and a hint of more of that same curiosity.

A gurney is brought in from the bus, with Nulli opening doors and whatnot. Darcy’s customer’s are scared, but this is California – driver by shootings happen. A couple uniforms come in behind Nulli and the EMT, only to ask Lana for an assignment, “Detective we have CSI on the way for the car outside. The M.E. is giving the other EMT permission to call it. He’ll deal with the bodies at autopsy. What else can we do?” The other EMT maneuvers the stretcher beside Beck, glancing at Nulli for help again as he lowers it, “Mind helping me get him on, sir?” At the same time Darcy’s employee is pulling her arm, she’s still crying – passive little thing that she is. “Ms. Lennon, what happened? What can I do? Should I call my mom?”

Once it seems the EMTs are there to handle Beckett, Darcy rises from his side, giving his hand a last squeeze before she turns to check on people in her store. As for her employee, she offers the girl a hug, "It'll be alright. Thank you for your help, Marie. You did great. Go ahead and call your mom, let her know you're alright. Don't leave till the cops say it's alright for you to do so? I've got to call someone to fix the window.." The customers are checked upon, those regulars to gain hugs from the woman. As a good businesswoman, she promises all there a 20 discount on any order if they come back. She'll make sure they at least stick around for the cops before leaving. As for herself, she'll be calling a friend to help her board up the window until it can be replaced.

Lana rises from the ground, some blood on her hands but otherwise clean. "Well let's see, you could establish a perimeter, direct traffic away from the crime scene, or start organizing the witness, unless they taught you to stand around doing nothing in the academy!" she says her voice, growing loud as the sentence goes on. Finally she huffs and shakes her bloodied hands. "I'm going to go wash this off, and then I'll start getting statements," she says, turning to find a bathroom.

Nulli is still obligingly following orders. Requests, whatever. Being useful means more time here, after all, during which he can observe. He's got training in this, too, the shifting of someone while they're injured so as to cause as little damage as possible, and he's a lot stronger than his frail-looking, thin frame suggests. He helps to shift Beckett to the gurney.

The senior patrolman snaps to, “The perimeters up ma’am, and we have traffic flowing around the crime scene.” He shifts to his rookie partner, “You hear her lad, witnesses.” They move off getting statements from the people gathered in the store. No one really heard or saw anything before the window broke. They point out Darcy as being the closest person. Her and the guy that got shot.” Another notes that Nulli came in afterward at some point. He may or may not have seen the other vehicle involved. Darcy’s customers understand, she gets more than one hug from them – they’ll be back. And lucky for her, her friend Paul is just itching to come over and save the day by boarding up her window! No Nulli’s help is much appreciated. He help heft Beckett onto the stretcher just in time for the other EMT to appear. The unconscious man he wheeled to the ambulance. He’ll be being transported to the Hospital to get the bullet removed. A uniform will tag along to collect it as evidence. Already, the outside of the building is crawling with CSI people, each photographing and collecting shell casing for Lana.

"Yes.. thanks Paul.. for the bay window, so at least several sheets of plywood? I got a hammer. Might wanna make sure to get nails. I'll be calling a window place to come out an measure.." Darcy is quick on the phone before hanging up, and looking around her shop. A cop is stopped long enough to ask when it might be alright for her to clean up and take care of her shop. For the moment, she's remaining there, bloodied and waiting for directions, not wanting to do something, and get yelled at for messing up the crime scene.

Lana vanishes briefly to clean her hands, returning quickly. She pauses briefly to talk to one of the patrolmen, who indicates Darcy and hands Lana a clipboard. Lana walked back over to the woman. "Since the gentleman won't be able to answer questions for a bit, I'm going to start with you, ma'am. Start with your full name, then tell me what you saw in as much detail as possible," she directs Darcy, preparing to write on the paper.

Nulli didn't see anything, sadly; he came along too far after the fact, and from the wrong direction. Once Beckett is loaded on the ambulance, he keeps himself out of the way, watching the CSI activity, now, with the same detached interest as before.

The ambulance takes off after Beckett’s loaded. A patrol car follows it. Just before that, the EMT thanked Nulli for his help. A patrol offer is the next face he sees, and he’s asking questions. Getting the answers no cop wants to hear. “Okay sir, well just stand over there with the others,” the thumbs towards the people lingering inside the Magic Box, “until the detective releases everyone.”

As the Detective comes up to her, Darcy turns towards the woman, "Dorcha Lennon, or Darcy, to most people who know me. I own the shop. Live above it. Bastian had just come in from jogging. I'd gotten him some water, and we were discussing some books when it all happened. I..." She pauses, trying to think, "There was a black sports car... I... don't know what kind. Expensive? There was a guy hanging out the window. Maybe Asian? Had a long sleeve shirt on, or tattoos along his arms? He had the gun. As soon as he started shooting, Bastian knocked me down to the ground. Didn't see anything else. "

Lana nods along as Darcy describes the scene. "Alright, Ms. Lennon, just a few questions. Do you think you could provide a description of the man's face to a sketch artist? Did you see the license plate of the black sports car? Do you recognize the victims' car?" As she follows up on Darcy's statement, one of the patrolmen comes up to whisper in her ear. "Really? Nothing? Alright, double check IDs then let 'em go. I'll follow up once we have some forensics and IDs on the vics," Lana instructs the officer.

Nulli placidly lets himself be directed; he finds a place to wait that gives him a good view of as much as possible -- the reactions of the other people in the shop, customers and shop workers alike, the CSI work and the movements of the police as they question people.

"I honestly do not know? Beyond Asian..." Darcy shakes her head a little. "I didn't see the license plate, couldn't tell you what type of car besides small sportscar, expensive. Sorry.." As for the other car, she takes a glance out through the shattered window, "Not really?" Unless it's one that has driven by many times, and is known in the area, then it's just another car to her! "I'm usually focused on the store and all.."

The uniform offers check IDs and go through double checking statements. If you have ID, and have given your statement – they clear you to leave. Simple enough. The work outside, not so much. There are around twenty yellow marker tabs marking shell casing, and another EMS bus has arrived to collect the bodies. A couple guns are found in there – unfired. Lana get interrupted by another detective, probably her partner. “Got a guy outside telling me the black car was a Porsche 911. No tag. Saw an Asian male hanging out the passenger’s side with what he described as a,” he glances at his notes, “Big ass Uzi machinegun.”

Lana finishes writing and looks up. "It's quite alright, ma'am. People are usually far too focused on their own lives to bother noticing what's going on around them. I didn't expect any more than this," she reassures backhandedly. "We'll have everyone cleared out of here soon, though forensics might be at it for a bit as they find all the bullets." She looks up when she's interrupted. "Well that's a start, I suppose," she answers turning her attention back to Darcy. "Have one of the patrolmen check your ID and write down your contact information. I need to go look over the car outside."

Nulli continues to keep himself out of the way and watch the goings on.

Darcy nods, stepping back, but at least overhears the report of what car it was exactly. "No problems." She'll give all her contact information to another officer, along with a business card from the counter. "I live upstairs.." She once more says before moving to stand to the side, after making sure if it would be alright to at least go change and wash her hands of the blood.

The two drivers are removed by EMS. Both are Hispanic males, with gang colors and tattoos. Inside the car a small about of narcotics are found. Some weed and some blow - just personal use amounts. One guy has ID, which should prove helpful, and the car is registered. It's a 1999 Lincoln Town car, metallic blue with 20 inch chrome rims. Oh, and hydraulics. At one point someone accidentally hit play on the car stereo and some Latin gangster hip-hop blares over the speakers. It gets silenced pretty quick. Both the man had handguns they never got to draw. 28 9mm shell casing are found. 15 rounds are located in the interior and exterior of the car, 13 in the two men, 1 in the clinging of the Magic Box, and another 1 in Beck's shoulder. He'll survive by the way. CIs figures the two missing shell casing probably fell back in the other car. Eventually the car is clear to be moved, and the fire department gets called in to clean the blood, tissue and vomit off the sidewalk. Paul pulls up in his little pickup truck with several sheets of plywood. "Well shit," he says scratching his head a looking for Darcy.

Darcy will wait till given leave to clean up, thanking once again, the customers who stayed by, watching them leave along with Marie, her employee who goes off crying to her mother who shows up to pick her up. She's standing inside still when Paul drives up, and she waves to him to come around the back where she will let him inside, if that is alright with the cops. Which it is.

Lana heads outside with her partner, going over the crime scene one last time before talking to the CSIs. Once everything seems in order, the two detectives get in their back in their car.

Nulli doesn't leave with the other customers. He sticks around, out of the way, until everyone else is gone and Darcy is left cleaning up on her own (or with Paul's help).