2014.06.28:Gifts from Gaia

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2014.06.28:Gifts From Gaia
Quinn discovers a new connection form Gaia.
IC Date June, 28th of 2014.
Players Chance, Quinn, Eloise, Cynthia, Sara, Connor.
Location Caern.

Deep Forest - Mystic Valley(#1747RJU)

A vast lush, dense underground forest surrounds the area as thick, tangled vines creep on up past high, rising treacherous, slick, black walls. The volcanic rock face that surrounds this natural valley seems to reach on up to the brink of infinity and beyond, making it nearly impossible to climb with its slick, plate-like surface. Inside the surrounding chasm lies a dangerous lush and vibrant woods as while the deeper one goes only seems to surround the area with eyes that watch from afar. Strange, foreign sounds echo throughout as odd beasts mock those that dare to travel in here, simply waiting in hiding to prey upon the weak and less fortunate. Numerous deep, dark, twisting caverns wind ever downwards to make up the expanse of the labyrinthine structure of the underground tunnels surrounding the area.

The ceiling of the caverns reaches something of hundreds of feet tall, far beyond what the eye can see into the dark as great stalactites and stalagmites meet each other in grissled embedded rock structures of enriched, pure minerals. Differently colored crystal pools of shimmering mineral water cascade down from flowing indoor springs as a cool, eerie air seems to constantly blow through the area, howling like a banshee on the wind. Photoluminescent algae clings healthily to the rock beds near the pools of water as they glow malevolently, casting a dim light for those to see that pass through these dark paths. Deep abysmal, dark and dense caves completely surround the area as the latent sound of dripping water lightly echoing against dried, crusted, volcanic rock and stinging gentle mineral pools with their soft *Hiss* as the cool water gently touches to make a light steam in the thick air.

The pathways that lead around these eternal caverns here are exceptionally deadly and dangerous as all lies within complete darkness except for the brief moments of glittering light against soft pools of crystals, green moss, illuminated algae, and shards of silvery reflections inside cavern waterfalls. The lush, thick, dark underground forest seems to surround the dense area in tight entanglements of vines, bushes, jungle and shrubs. The trees hang down in their weeping willows as branches mix with gnarled roots that sink beneath the cracked, rocky, stygian, encrusted earth. Depths of coiled mist surround the thick humid air in a serpentine pattern as spouts of steam spit out from the dark chasms in bursts of fiery hot gaseous flames.

Quinn is at the fire, standing and looking into it. she looks like she has been here a while and can be here for mush longer doing nothing at all.

Chance smiles and makes his way over, taking something from a bag. "Hello, Quinn. I have something for you." He offers a glass figure of a bulldog. "I have heard that this is the totem of the Marines, and thought you would enjoy it."

Quinn smiles fondly of the glass figure. "it is. He is called the Devil dog. Thank you chance." she moves to hug her friend she hasn't seen in a long time.

Chance smiles and returns the hug. "Trekome suggested it at Images and Dreams last night. Have you been well?"

Quinn takes a seat and puts the figure in her lap. "has anything changed dramatically while I was gone? Quinn smiles softly as she holds the glass dog running her thumbs over it's back, tactily learning the curves of the figure. "The world changes for me far to often." she turns to Chance and asks "Have you ever fallen, and before you hit the ground you're sure that you are safe because you can fly. then just before you hit the concrete you remember that this is going it hurt?"

Chance laughs and nods. "Oh yes, many times. Though for me it is not the feel of the ground that brings me to a harsh realization, it is the feel of teeth." He offers a hug. "But you still breath, and you will heal, and you will be the stronger for it."

Quinn takes Chance's hands in her's instead and holds them for a moment. "I'm still flying and I don't know which way the concrete is coming. I don't know if I am going to fall at all. I feel. So odd" Chance smiles "Oh, I see. I will let you in on a secret if you wish. You can fly, you only forgot. May I ask what has returned your wings to you?"

Eloise has arrived.

Quinn is sitting facing Chance, his hands in hers as they talk. She finds it hard to keep her eyes in one spot, as if just off to the side was something more interesting. "I went to officer's training and I honestly didn't expect much. I mean I have already been through infantry training that that is rigorous. But this training was far more intense then I had anticipated. I was actually exhausted which doesn't happen to me often and there were quite a few times I thought I was in trouble enough to need rescued. But then, it was like I was, though nothing changed. I couldn't see or hear anything unusual around me but... it felt like the ground wasn't there any more. I thought I had just finally fallen to exhaustion but it's still with me now. and everything is the same but new" she grumbles and puts her face in her hands "I know I'm not making sense. please tell me I'm not crazy."

Eloise has spent the morning checking on kin. Human and wolf. She comes wandering through now, just catching the last little bit of Quinn's words, changing her direction to come that way, not intruding, just edging closer to listen.

Chance smiles and strokes Quinn's hair. "I can not tell you what I do not know. But I do not think you have anything to fear. You feel alive, and connected. If this is madness, then I would wish that every one would be claimed by such. But know this, there is not just one way to see the world, there are infinite ways, and all are true. I will help you learn and explore this new feeling if you like. I am doing much the same my self."

Quinn sighs and still looks like she is tired, which again, is a new experience for her and most have never seen her anything but alert. she bows her head under the petting. "connected is the right word... a new sense... it is so distracting. I feel like a child" she says in a way that doesn't make that sound like a wanted feeling "no motor control and overwhelmed by this new.... thing"

"Excuse me..." Eloise approaches then, moving up slowly just in case she is intruding. "You say something has happened to you? Do you feel suddenly... awake? Like there's something right there in within your grasp that maybe you don't fully understand?" She kneels. She's without the baby today. "Hello, Chance."

Chance waves to Eloise "Hello, Eloise. I was hoping to speak with you, though I can't remember what it was about. Perhaps I will later." He looks to Quinn. "I am not sure what you are facing, but to me is sounds wonderful. Like a rebirth of sorts. It can be frightening, but can bring you to new wonders."

Quinn looks up to El and smiles. The fact that she didn't know some one else was there should state how distracted she is, the warrior woman often being heightenly aware of her surroundings. "I was in the quiggley and I was sure I wasn't going to be able to finish it. which is bad, it's a tube half flooded with water and getting stuck isn't an option. But they run you and work you so hard before you get there. I felt trapped, which is what you're supposed to feel. But then is was like something was breathed into me and I didn't feel trapped at all. it was freeing. Like the pipe didn't exist at all and there for wasn't frightening.

KangarooRat has arrived.

Eloise smiles at chance, but her attention is focused on Quinn. "Alright. That makes sense. With your permission, I would like to look... a little deeper. It won't hurt. You won't feel a thing and I will just be looking. No invasion of any sort. Is that okay? I have an idea, but.. I won't know unless I can look. It might help you get to the bottom of things, or at least give you an idea of where to start. Is that okay?" Her voice is soft, pleasant, almost impossibly Zen.

Creatures of the local desert, hopping rats aren't normally found in trees. However there is one, hopping between branch to branch having come from elsewhere until finally perching above everyone and leaning over to watch. It seems perfectly comfortable on the thin branches balancing perfectly with that puffy tail of its.

Chance smiles "Eloise is quite wise. If something has happened, I am confident that she will be able to help. She is some one that has my full trust."

Quinn is used to the ‘Zen’ voice of a drill instructor telling her what to do in elegant cursing. She understand though that she is supposed to be calmed by the calming voice, that is after all how other's react to it. So she nods to Ellie already knowing her to be knowledgeable in this area and of course knowing that she wouldn't be interested in harming her. she turns from Chance to face El. "Of course. the help would be appreciated.

Eloise nods to Quinn, holding out her hand. "Alright," she murmurs softly. "Take my hand." Assuming that she does, Eloise reaches into the bag she always has with her and pulls out a little bit of a dry, powdery substance the color of mustard. She licks her finger and then dips it into the powder. A dot is put on the back of Quinn's hand, and the joined hands are turned over and a dot is put on Eloise as well. Eloise closes her eyes for a very long time, softly murmuring a prayer to the spirits of the place to grant her the sight to see what needs to be revealed. This prayer goes on for several seconds, nearly a minute, before her eyes open and she looks at Quinn. There is a faint little gasp of surprise. She wasn't expecting THAT. Not exactly. But then a smile breaks her lips. "Oh, wonderful! Yes. Not what I thought, but perhaps more appropriate. Gaia has gifted you with Gnosis, Quinn!"

Chance tilts his head. "She has granted the knowing? I thought that those not, more of the spirit could not hold such a fragment... If this is so, then you need not fear the ground. Quinn. You may land, but you will be able to fly as you wish."

KangarooRat from above the bouncing rat speaks, in clear English if a bit squeeky like a cartoon character. "Kinfolk have part spirit in them too. Not to such a degree as a Shifter, but they still have it. That's what makes them kinfolk. Sometimes that seed blooms and a rare Kin comes into touch with their spiritual sides."

Quinn feels a little silly but sitting still and quiet is one of the things taught to her but the Corps so the uncomfortable waiting isn't noticed. Gnosis. The kin never bothered to learn to much about it because... "I didn't think I could?" but then Gaia quite often does what she wants, one would think. "I mean I ..." nope.

Quinn's never been good with words. in fact speaking is what often gets her in trouble. in the end she simply says in disbelief, "Gnosis"

Eloise nods, releasing Quinn's hand to clench both her own together. It's almost a squee of joy. She looks at

Chance, then up at the Rat. "Just so. We are part spirit. Our connection with Gaia, OCCASIONALLY allows us to let that Spirit shine through. I awakened. Some become sorcerers, some are able to tap their psychic abilities. Some very rare and precious few get Gnosis."

Chance looks to the trees and the small figure speaking. He looks back and smiles. "That is so, but there is something missing in most humans. I am glad that it is not missing in you, Quinn. It is a certain sign of your mother's blessing. Such things do not happen by chance, those that can hold it are chosen with care."

KangarooRat begins to warp and change returning to a human form.

Cynthia leaps down out of the tree shifting as she lands on a log and balances there. Cynthia grins at Quinn "You'll have to be careful though. It also makes you stand out like a beacon."

Quinn smiles lightly to the congratulations she doesn't feel she deserves. she was blessed with a gift that she had no choice or achievement in. but she takes the words graciously. then the mark of foreboding hits her from Cynthia and... well she actually feels better. usually too much good has a down fall and she rather know about it before hand. Then the first question hits her "What exactly can I do with this Gift from Gaia?"

"Well, for one, you can learn SOME gifts of the Garou. I think there are a lot of kinfolk who can learn some gifts, but you're able to learn the ones that require the gnosis. You are closer to the Garou than other kin, by this gift. And yes, you will stand out to those who know what to look for, but that isn't a bad thing. You're a tough girl. Theoretically, you could even learn to step into the Umbra, though THAT is certainly something that should be done ONLY with the strictest guidance."

Chance nods "Yes, there is much you can learn to do. A new world has opened for you, and you will see this world in a new way."

Cynthia nods in agreement with Eloise and Chance "Yeah, I wouldn't try entering the umbra on your own. It might be a little safer here, but other places you're a delicious treat. Also if you're not familiar with how the umbra works it's easy to get lost. Also not all the pacts apply to you, though I know one gift you can get super easy."

Quinn says, "gifts..." she blinks and her stoic composure slowly melts away. she is shocked or maybe just a little overwhelmed. She shakes her head responding to what she can "I want to see the Umbra but I would never make the attempt unless I was ready and was not a danger to myself or my ..." she was a bout to say team. is that what she is now? maybe a part of a team. "To anyone else." She takes a deep breath and strats to attempt to let it all sink in. "I left to become an Officer and returned... with Gnosis"

Chance says, "IT is a connection between you and the spirit world, it is a knowing, a small bit of the truth of what is. It is a sacred thing. I am willing to teach you something of the umbra, but know that if you should enter it in the city, you will likely never be heard from again. But here, it should be safe enough, provided you do not give offence to any there.""

Eloise's lips curve into a smile and she nods. "If you want to experience the Umbra, I can take you to a safe place. My glade. It is friendly. All the spirits within the boundary of it are in agreement that I am protector of the place and only those that I don't give permission to be there are in any danger." Not to mention the fae things. Wraiths just aren't welcome at all, but there's no reason to go into all that. "Once you've gotten used to your gift from Gaia, perhaps we'll take a small journey. I wouldn't take the liberty of doing it here, but certainly the kangaroo rat lady is right. This would be SAFER than most anywhere else."

Cynthia nods "Yeah, if you're in a place where your guide has personal pacts, it's best. The spirits here are pacted with the Landy Keeper person and are in alliance with the locals. So this would be the other safe place as long as you don't leave the bawn area. Hmm, I think the hardest will be learning how to communicate. Spirits almost never speak English. You'll likely find more that speak Garou, cat or rat than English. You have to look at the spirits of man, very powerful spirits or the spirits that want to trade you power for parts of your soul for ones capable of clear communication on their end."

Quinn nods at all the information that she had an inkling before. "Gifts? are abilities taught or given by spirits for a bit of my soul? or some exchange? Like Talons and fetishes but not put into objects." she asks just trying to make sure that what she knows isn't horribly wrong and going to get her killed.

Eloise shakes her head. "There is an exchange, usually, but not your soul. It isn't like that." She motions toward Cynthia, who is clearly more knowledgeable on the subject, to explain.

Chance nods "Yes, if a spirit wants something, it will learn what it must to gain it. If you learn our way of speaking, you will find it far more useful and better then what you call language. But it will likely be as confusing to you at first as your language is to me." He nods to Quinn "There is always something given to both, nothing is free."

Cynthia shakes her head "If a spirit wants part of your soul it isn't your friend. They are the things that were cast out to the farthest reaches of the umbra. You could call them Demons. They are very real and very hungry and one of the many dangers of traveling farther from this place." She settles down and opens her bag, offering various pastries out to people. "Most spirits want something that is of interest to them. A fire spirit may want something flammable or for you to burn something for it. One of the fire spirits I have, I burn the first batch of my baking each day. This keeps it happy and lends me its power in exchange. This is a simple deal. Called Chiminage. Bigger favors and more powerful gifts require more. Most spirits want you to push forward its purpose or ideal. It has a job to do and it wants you to take some of its work load or make its job easier. For a gift you do this thing and then the spirit adds to your own already spiritual nature giving you the ability to do something new."

Quinn breaths a sigh of relief and didn't want anything playing with her soul. rituals and prayers to spirits she can do, she is Catholic after all. she nods to the explanations understanding and learning. "This all seems stuff I should work up to. What should I be doing now? are the meditations or something to help me, I don't know... get in tune?"

Chance nods to Cynthia "That is a good way to explain it. I will have to try and remember it. Though my dealings differ, but then I am not of Gaia. Cynthia seems to grasp it well, and seems willing to explain."

Sara has arrived.

Connor has arrived.

Cynthia grins at Chance "It's my job to teach the youngins about the Umbra, it's my aspects turf." she nods to Quinn "Mediation near the center of the caern helps to develop it. Also actual interaction helps too." She thinks for a moment "The umbra is amazing. But don't spend too long there. You're primarily a creature of this world. Doing short trips is okay. But if you spend too much time, you might lose what makes you human and then you won't be able to re-enter the realm. But I'm talking weeks or months. Not days. I can introduce you to some spirits. Also spirits that can talk to you. OH important note, you can have sex with spirits and you can get pregnant and it doesn't matter what gender the spirit LOOKS to be. Negotiate that stuff first if you want to see what hanky panky with a god is like." Sara shakes her head as she walks with Connor, one hand in his as they travel down into the center of the caern. "I didn't even open it, I just don't see the need to." A quick kiss is pecked against his cheek and she smiles, a short moment of affection. Nothing to see here folks.

Quinn Blinks as the conversations turns to sex and she sputters. First the noises are nto words at all but rather a collection of sounds that might be half of words. she then shakes her head "I don't think I'm going to.... Do That... with a spirit" YES the Marine is Shy! they exist! She is also Catholic and raised in Catholic school so even if she was dirty minded she'd feel guilty about it! "Can I become sensitive to sensing the spirits here in this world? or gain more gnosis?"

Chance sits with Eloise, Quinn and Cynthia, sitting around the fire and chatting. Quinn seems a bit overwhelmed, and the others seem quite happy for her. Chance nods "Just as I have to take on some of your world if I am to be here long, you will take on some of that world the longer you are there. It is easy to forget about this one." He grins to Cynthia. "It is simpler for one of you to find a teacher of our world, then for one of us to find a teacher of yours. But I may have found one."

Connor chuckles softly with a slow shake of his head "Yeah but if you don't open it you'll never really know hmm?" he would guide Sara down the path and into the caern, lifting his free hand up to wave a greeting Sara glances at the gathering, raising a hand in greeting for them, but not interrupting their conversation. She smirks a little back at Connor with a snort. "It was addressed to you in a woman's handwriting. I'm sure whatever's in it's going to be more interesting to you than me."

Cynthia waves at Connor before watching Quinn sputter "Hey, I'm not saying lets go to a spirit house of ill repute on your first umbra jaunt. I'm warning you, cause it can and does happen, and not all spirits are these abstract shapes of flame and light or something. Some of them look very human and beautiful. Hence also the warning that gender doesn't matter for this. You could go for a roll in the hay with Athena and still end up with demigod kinfolk." She thinks for a bit grinning at Chance before nodding to Quinn "So meditating in a place of power helps. Also cutting deals with spirits to pour more spiritual force into you. Or by hunting and devouring spirits. I don't recommend that one for you though."

Connor would roll his shoulders in a shrug for Sara "We could burn it then, not like I care what would be in that letter.. Though maybe I have a long lost aunt who kicked it and is leavin' me all her money." he winks down to Sara before his brow rocks up, turning his attention to Cynthia and Quinn "Sexin' and eatin' a spirit, probably not the best ideas really. No offense I also wouldn't put much stock into what is told to ya from outside tha family Quinn." Or you know, there's a joke somewhere about a Fianna Theurge walking into a Caern.

Chance nods "Hunting spirits must be done with care, and far more respect then the prey of this world. Prey here are forgiving, the spirits are not." He looks over and offers a wave to Connor.

Quinn has also been gone, out of the state, for three weeks and has only returned today. She is shocked and looking at the ground as if it was a puzzle that held all the answers if only it could be solved. she does look up when her name is called and she nods to Sara and Connor. "Aodhan... I should go tell Aodhan. I'm sure he knows some lore of Kin like me some where."

Sara eye rolls at Connor as she murmurs, "Knowing your family, she probably kicked and left you her bills." A hand slides into her pocket and she adds, "Kin like you?" She glances around at the gathering with a slightly raised brow. "Don't tell me you just figured out you have boobs.."

Cynthia looks down at Quinn as Sara comments "Holy shit you've got boobs too! Gaia be praised! Can I touch them? I've never touched a kinfolk with gnosis AND boobs." she makes grasping boob squeezy gestures in the air with a grin.

Chance looks to Sara. "She has just discovered that she has been gifted, she holds the knowing, the gnosis."

Eloise goes home. Eloise has left.

Quinn crosses her arms over her chest and glares at Cynthia. And she was getting along so well just a moment ago.

Connor flicks his gaze over to Quinn, his brow raising again. Oh now that was interesting "How did you find out?"

Sara laughs as she hears Cynthia, then turns a brilliant smile at Quinn, "Now that's amazing.. congrats

Quinn, I don't think I know any kin more deserving of the Mother's touch than you. Adohan's going to throw a party that'll make even Connor's head spin." She gives the man's hand a squeeze and turns back to Cynthia and Chance, a quick smile and then back to Quinn again. "Sorry, didn't mean anything by it... but seriously, that's amazing news." She pulls her hand from Connor's to release him to the conversation, heading over toward the supply shed.

Quinn looks up to the pair and gives the shortened story "In the middle of training. I was alone and then I was not." ok so maybe it's the over simplified story but it should do for now. she nods to Sara thanking her from the congratulations she still doesn't feel like she deserves. She really didn't have any choice in it or hand in it.

Chance smiles to Quinn. "There are things we choose, then they are things that choose us. It is to your credit, wether you know why or not, that this chose you. It is a recognition of something that only your source can see and know. It is not for something you have done, it is for something that you are."