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Audition at Glitter
An audition dance at a strip club
IC Date Wednesday
IC Time Night
Players Liesl, Misa, Gar, Pia, Skye, Fabian, Trekome, Enid, Lucius, Ariel, William, Wanda, Sally
Location Glitter


It's a fairly quiet evening at Glitter, it's early enough that there's not a huge crowd, but there are some regulars, and they wait patiently for their favorites. Liesl, aka Eve, wanders through the club, keeping an overall eye on things.

Gar walks into the club, he looks around a bit and when he spots Liesl, he walks over ot her and grins, "Well hello, Eve. How have you been?" he asks her.

Liesl smiles as Gar approaches. "Hey, good to see you tonight. Been doing okay. How about you?"

Gar tilts his head a little, "You sure? Something doesn't seem all copasetic?" he asks her as he opens his arms to offer a hug but given the club they are in, is sure to let her make that move to avoid the wrath of the bouncers.

Liesl is in waitress-wear, which covers a great deal more of her than is usually covered, so it isn't too unseemly to give Gar a hug. "Yeah, I'm good. Talk with you later, though?" she asks, as she accepts the hug offered.

Fabian arrives from the street.

Pia is backstage? She's probably backstage, where she's been taking her sweet time to get dressed, more than a little awkwardly, in the provided costume. Getting it to look decent on her chest area proved a struggle. Then she was out by the sides of the stage, just to watch some other dancers do their thing, picking up tips and clues and general principles of operation. That, and stealing a discreet, illegal sip or two from a flask in her backpack.

Misa steps out of the booth looking like a proper southern rocker chick his time... well one whose parents apparently got around. Aside from her jeans and jacket her hair is spiky and wild, dyed tonight in a few streaks here and there, bright red here and there on some spikes, dark blue on others. She waves to the patron inside that particular booth, a rather stuffy looking middle aged man in a suit who doesn't seem all that happy to be here before making her way to the bar.

So here's the deal. Fabian? He is messed up. At least, compared to the Fabian most people have met and knew. He has a more carefree feel to him. A more stern look to those once distant, dreamy eyes. His hair is a bit longer, pushes back out of his face, and a bit of stubble decorates his chin. He enters with a helter-skelter gait, not really knowing where he's going, or where he came from. However, here he seems to be. As a dancer passes, he gives her a wink, and nods to the bar before letting his eyes wander.

The dancer is off with a bit of a smile. Returning, she has a gin and tonic, which he takes gratefully. He slips her a bill before heading towards Misa. His lips purse as he looks the little woman over. Eventually, he just flits a smile, "Hey." Well... That's very unFabian like. Not talking in soliloquy or prose. A single word and he drops himself to the bar, "We're gonna cause some trouble later or what, Misa?" He downs the drink before considering her with curious eyes. Some things, at least, never change.

Gar returns the hug and nods ot Liesl, "Alright I will be around maybe once you get off work." he then notices Misa enter and gives her a wave and a smile.

Liesl nods to Gar, letting the hug end. She notices Misa, and then Fabian. A worried expression crosses her face for a brief moment, then she's smiling again. "I'll talk with you then, Gar, or if not then, we'll have to get together soon, have some coffee or something." She glances towards the stage, checking on the status of who is on, and how far along she is in her routine. "I need to check up backstage," she tells Gar, who she urges to find a seat.

Misa waves happily to Gar and of course winks his way as usual. "Hey sugar!" she calls out. Apparently not noticing anything off with Fabian she turns and without breaking stride sweeps him into a BIG OL HUG. "Fabuloso Fabs McFabian the Fabulous!" she exclaims shaking him back and forth a little. "Always up for trouble!"

Pia is preparing, just backstage. She even does a couple of stretches, of the laziest, half-assed sort, but that's preparation enough. Then she claps her hands, peeks out briefly at the stage, paces around, takes a seat, hums and wiggles her tush to the beat, and readies herself to make her entrance.

"Oh trust me, my friend. There will be trouble." Taking the hug, he returns it in kind. He gives her ass a squeeze before pulling away from her with a laugh, "Plans. Misa. I have plans. We might not live, but hell! When is there a moment we're guaranteed life anyway?" There is a manic glint to his eye as he turns towards the stage, "But for now, we enjoy... Art? Yes. Art. Another drink!" He lifts his glass before letting it drop to the table.

The glass gets an idle roll on the edge as he watches Liesl disappear, "Tell me, Misa. How are you? How is my friend Misa?" He lets the glass fall flush with the table against before adding, "Good I bet. I've been so so, you know." He lets out a honeyed breath leaning in to give her a slight whisper before pulling away again, "Apparently there is a new girl tonight, I must say. I am curious to see where the night takes her."

Skye arrives from the street.

Gar finds a seat once Eve heads to the back and he orders a cuba libre and settles into watch, "I heard the same rumor, I hope it is a good performance."

Liesl slips through the door that leads backstage, where she makes her way to Pia, to see how she is doing, tucking a bit of the costume in such a way as to make it a bit more appealing. She glances towards the stage, whispering, "About two minutes ... you good to go?" she asks Pia, with a reassuring smile. "You'll do fine, just relax and have fun."

Skye walks into the club and quietly makes his way over to the bar. He hops onto a stool and smiles as he sees Liesl and Pia. He waves to the pair as he settles down.

Misa squeaks in surprise and giggles as Fabian lets his hands wander. "Well someone's frisky tonight." she giggles before darting over to give Fabian a BIG OL HUG as well. "Good thing for Fabs I don't work here, or I might hafta have slapped him for getting handsy with the girls... also how come you only did that when I'm in jeans? Pretty sure I been inna skirt around you..." she shrugs and sits down to watch as well at a stool. "I hear every girl here is a born performer." she exclaims before leaning a little towards Fabian to whisper something to him while idley running her fingers over his stubble.

It's obvious Pia had been struggling with getting the costume to fit her shape, so she welcomes the assistance. She gives Liesl a grin, "Yeah, I'm good. I'm ready to go, a'ight." and she takes another peek out at the stage, fingers fussing with her hair and with her costume in small ways, biting back a small cackling laugh, "I ain't worn something like this since, like, I was little." she does another stretch, twists, ruining some of the tucking that's been done to make it more appealing. "So I jus'... how long I oughta dance for? Like, will the music just stop or something?"

Gar takes a drink and smiels for a moment, "So how have you been Misa?" He asks her calling out over the crowd a bit.

Liesl chuckles a little at Pia's comments. She helps with the retucking, though it will be coming off eventually. "Check with the DJ, find out what he's got queued, or you can ask him for a piece that you like. You dance until you're done ... he's good about fading out, if necessary."

Fabian considers Misa, moving his tongue through how mouth before motioning over a dancer. Sweet thing, Red head. Lovely. It's possible she's a single mom working her way through college. Lovely, really. And so, he whispers into this dancer's ear before looking conspiratorially towards Misa. He hands her a bill before she moves over, pressing her chest to Misa's back and massaging her shoulders. Fabian takes his next drink, sipping it before adding, "You going to slap her?" Blue eyes watch Misa before flitting to the stage, "Then again, things like that is why people partake in your... fine.. establishment."

Leaning in, he whispers to Misa as the Red Head slides her hands around Misa's neck and leans in to try to eavesdrop. Fabian laughs, wagging a finger at the dancer, "Careful now, Sweet. You don't want me to depress you now." He finishes his words to Misa before pulling away again, a bit more subdued than before. Looking over his shoulder, he notices Gar then Skye giving them both a nod.

Pia lets out another laugh, just hiding it behind her hand to keep the noise down and not bother the dancers. She looks down at herself, then shrugs at Liesl, "Yeah... 's OK. I mean, I dance to anything, you know? Man... maybe I oughta cover up my tattoos or something." that gets a laugh from her too, shoulders rolling back, body rocking back and forward on her heels. She's not doing great atop those either, but might as well go all out.

Liesl gives the girl another smile. "Hey, I'm sure you'll do just fine." She guides Pia closer to the stage, as the music starts to fade for the previous dancer's exit, and the lights start to fade. "You're up!"

Misa grins to Gar as she offers a wave towards Skye as well before pointing to the stage. "Skye, new girl tonight, should be fun! Still needa get you on that stage sometime!" she calls over. "As for me Gar I have been absolutely wonderful, yourself?" She hardly even seems to notice the girl giving her a rub down... until the woman draws closer. Misa's back arches slightly as she draws her knees together and takes a sudden sharp breath as her eyes close. She shakes her head after a moment. "What were we talkin about again?"

Skye looks over at Misa and Fabian, smiling and waving to them. He turns to order a Diet Coke before glancing at the stage, anticipating the arrival of the auditioning dancer.

Gar laughs, "Sounds like you are even more wonderful now." he laughs then he turns his attention back to the stage.

Fabian watches Misa, sliding over to motion the dancer off with another bill. She sways away as Fabian turns back towards Misa, "Nothing important." He sips at his drink idly, eyes distant again. He glances up at the stage as the transition begins, curious before looking back, "Sorry I haven't been around. Life has sort of been an ass." He muses, "Speaking of ass, where is Liesl? She must be backstage." He pauses leaning in once again, whispering something into Misa's ear with a laugh and another drink.

Liesl emerges from the backstage door, pausing to murmur a quick conversation with the DJ, before heading towards the bar, to watch from the audience side of things.

Misa giggles and reaches out a foot to try to kick Gar, though gently, as the dancer moves away... her eyes very much do watch the sway though. "Sh-shut up!" she says with clearly fake indignity. "I might slap her now if she asks politely..." she says mostly to herself before turning around to face the stage while leaning back against Fabian.

Trekome arrives from the street.

As the music and light fade, Pia looks back to Liesl, shrugs, and waits for the previous dancer to come out. A few breaths later, little neck cracking and wincing, and she steps out on stage, just as a new song starts up, and the lights come back on. It's a bit generic, the beat, the lighting, but then, she's just auditioning. All the drama is to be provided by the costume, stark red, heels and skirt and corset and cloak and hood. Mind you, no one would have allowed a Little Red Riding Hood out of the house dressed like that to visit Grandma of all things, unless Grandma operated some sort of Victorian brothel on the side.

Then, as the music rises, she starts to move, taking a second to look around off the stage, an entirely too amused grin on her face, like she's on the verge of laughter. Maybe nervous laughter. The laughter goes with the way she's moving through. Is skipping sexy? She's skipping along the stage, arms swinging back and forth at her sides. The red platforms she has on trip her up a little, which isn't an auspicious start, but she manages to stay upright, and continue her bouncy traipsing through the imaginary woods, assuming familiarity with the story.

Skye glances up as Liesl comes out. He waves to her before glancing over at the stage. He smiles and claps softly as Pia steps out but he quickly stops, watching Pia, leaning back against the bar. He takes a sip of his diet coke and he flashes a small smile at her as he watches her routine.

Gar laughs a little as Misa kicks him and says, "Hey I sometimes have to take the easy shots." he then turns to watch the dance. he whistles as it starts.

Liesl waves back to those that wave to her, as she takes a spot near the end of the bar, where she can watch the stage, and also where she can watch the audience, including those sitting at the bar.

Ariel arrives from the street.

Ariel slips on into Glitter, paying the cover so that he can move past the bouncer without hassle. He'llkeep his coat with him, however, thank you very much. Once past 'security', such as it was, he'll make his way over to an empty spot at the 'Naughty Disney' bar.

Trekome walks into the club quietly, having heard that there might be something interesting tonight. He pauses once he's past the doorman and looks around, and gives a quick nod to those he recognizes before making his way to his usual spot at the bar, which happens to be near Skye. The girl on stage gets a slow appraising look, and a bit of a grin when he sees the outfit she's picked out.

"Hey Misa, how long to you think it would take me to get you some wolf ears?" He slides his eyes towards her, raising an eyebrow, "Then again, I don't know if she could outrun you...." As Liesl makes her way over, Fabian offers a smile, "Hey, it's good to see you." He finishes his drink before leaning towards Misa once again and uttering a few words. There is a slight pain to his eyes but he lets it go, looking back to the stage.

"She is quite lovely. It's a shame in a way..." But Fabian lets that thought trail off before taking out another bill for another drink. He pushes a hand to his cheek before adding, "My what big breasts she has...." He leans into Misa, adding with a puckish grin, "The better to motorboat you with..."

Liesl smiles to Fabian, "Good to see you as well," she notes. There's that worried look again, but then her gaze is shifting back to the stage, and to the audience watching the dancer's audition.

Enid arrives from the street.

Misa gives a long wolf whistle for Pia as she comes out, because why not? "I dunno about the ears but I can get on all fours." she giggles. "And trust me she can totally still motorboat with what she has." Misa says giving a faint glare towards Fabian. Something he says quietly earns him a soft elbow to the stomach though.

The stumble on Pia's part doesn't do the slightest bit to detract from the performance in Misa's opinion from her expression though, the smile on her face broadens even more as she offers a quiet air bro-fist to the girl on stage.

Pia has this whole thing thought out, right? Drama! Acting! Can she act? Not really. But look, her skipping slows down, derriere swaying, making her short skirt bounce from side to side, and she starts overacting these nervous looks all around herself. The skipping gives way to a slower walk, sometimes turning to look behind herself, and she pulls her red hood forward over her face. She's not sure whether to look sexy, or scared, or something in between, but she's pretty sure it involves wide eyes and parted lips.

Now she starts hurrying her steps, a hand lifting her skirt as that will help her move faster, and in the process she flashes a little more bare thigh, all the way up to her hip. And then she stops abruptly, a hand to her mouth, and feigns a look of surprise and fear at some unseen apparition. Maybe it's a wolf. The wolf. She touches a finger to her lips, suckles on it, and starts circling around the imaginary animal, quaking in her boots. She also fidgets 'nervously' with her skirt, and it just keeps going higher, as she does all sorts of bending and twisting and presenting of her tush to the audience. Just little teasing peeks, there and gone again.

Skye smiles faintly at Fabian before winking at Liesl. He takes a sip of his diet coke and smiles reassuringly at Pia as she dances on the stage, even if she may or may not be able to see it. He blushes but grins as Pia shows off her bottom.

Gar watches the dance, enjoying the performance aspects involved, he hoots with the rest of the crowd at the peeks they are given.

"Over to Glitters and up on stage, To grandmother's house we go. Her hips know the way, just look at them sway... All nice... and soft... and slow..." Fabian sings playfully to Misa as he 'oofs' at the shoulder to his gut, "Careful girl. I'm delicate right now." So Fabian might be buzzed. He slides to his other side watching Liesl, "Hey Liesl. I like her. You should keep her." He licks his lips before adding, "Speaking of which, I need to talk to you later tonight. Things are... afoot, yes?"

Fabian leans back against Misa before adding, "You would have made a much better wolf that the one on stage. I would bet.... The rest of my money that you already have the costume." He gives a laugh, eyes wandering. Catching Trekome, he gives him a nod before looking back towards stage, "Aww... The poor thing is frightened. Let's see what happens next."

Enid walks into the Glitter club. She gives her coat over to the coat check and pays the cover charge. She smiles as they stamp her hand. She takes her time walking into the club. Her violet eyes look up at the stage at the dance performance before looking at those in attendance. She pauses at seeing Gar, and her lips curve up into a flirtatious smile. She begins making her way over to Skye.

Liesl glances back to Fabian as he speaks to her. She gives him a nod, then resumes her watching of the dancer and the audience. Pia is clearly the playful sort of dancer, and the audience responds in kind. Liesl watches the watchers, lips curling as they enjoy the performance.

Trekome orders a glass of bourbon, neat, and leans back against the bar to watch the stage. Definitely something interesting; a new girl, and one of his favorite stories too, if only because the wolf can be so delightfully naughty. Though it seems Red isn't all too innocent with that outfit, which makes his grin grow a little wider. He looks over to Liesl, "She's cute."

Misa fidgets and looks about innocently. "Just 'cause I'm Asian doesn't mean I gotta closet fulla animal ears and revealing fur outfits..." she says. "Plenty a other reasons too..." She still though is clearly interested in the dance, even giving a playful growl to help out with visualing the wolf. She clearly shifts to try to get a peek as well.

Skye notices movement in his direction and glances up, smiling as he sees Enid. He lifts his hand in a lazy wave, glancing back at Pia on stage every now and then.

Skye sits down at Bar.

Ariel sits down at Bar.

Gar returns the smiel to enid nad lifts of his glass in a slaute betfore turning his attention back ot the stage.

Enid makes her way to the bar and kisses Skye's cheek, "Hi...thanks for inviting me. I've never been here before. Have you performed yet? I've never seen you dance before." She slides beside him.

Enid sits down at Bar.

Fabian scoffs as Misa speaks to him, returning a response with lulled eyes. The whole time, the curious, oceanic blue orbs watch Liesl. For the first time, there is a hint of sadness. Or sorry. He twitches a lip before looking away from her and back to the stage. He lifts himself up straight before adding, "I'm sorry I haven't been around. Life hasn't been easy." He takes his next drink, but it's obvious the bartender was... hesitant to give it. Most likely he won't be given another. Looking into the liquid, he shrugs, "Anyway... It's fine."

That has to be one sexy big bad wolf. Pia's still interacting with this imaginary creature. Besides her red skirt, she plays with her red cloak now, letting it fall open, showing a little more skin, though it's just shoulders and collarbone and modest cleavage. There are some lengthy pauses there, like she's not quite sure where she's going with all this, but when she doesn't know what to do, she just engages in a little shaking of her rear. Right! Sexy wolf. She starts to run her hands down her body as it sways in front of the wolf, then looks out to the audience, dropping character for a moment or two as she cracks a grin and snaps a wink or two.

Back to the drama, she keeps her fingers moving, even as she tapes small steps back away from the scary wolf, slowly undoing her skirt, her corset, while her head shakes and she wags a free finger in a negative gesture, like she's teasing the poor predator.

Skye wraps an arm around Enid's waist, hugging her and kissing her cheek. "me? OH! I'm not a dancer here.. I'll just be a wait..waitress." he blushes, glancing at the stage. "That's Pia... um.. I don't know her stage name. But she's pretty good, isn't she? She's auditioning."

Enid leans into Skye a bit as he puts his arm around her waist. She nods when he speaks of being a waitress. She looks to the woman objectively, "She has her own kind of artistic style. It's not as structured, but creative improvising..." She smiles. She pulls out her purse, "Shall I buy you a drink? Does this constitute the date you wanted?" She smirks at him.

Misa giggles. "When faced with a predator it is unwise to run, as that will trigger the attack." she says in a terrible Australian accent. "It's best to move slowy and carefully and try to look as big, or as sexy as possible." She of course stays quiet enough to only be heard by Gar and Fabian or anyoe else at the bar listening REALLY hard. Her face is nothing but smiles though, even as Fabian shifts away. Something in their quiet conversation makes her shrug.

Lucius arrives from the street.

Skye smiles and nods. "I think well.. it has its charm. It's honest and all." He blushes as Pia starts to remove articles of clothing. He looks back at Enid and blushes as she says that. "Um.. Sure.. you can do that. Surprise me? But um.. I want a nice meal, too!"

Lucius enters with a sly grin and approaches the bar. "Lets start with a scotch on the rocks and just give me a doubleshot on the side to catch me up...and a coke." He winks. "Im trying to watch my alcohol intake.

And now she's running from the wolf! Pia overacts a terrified expression, though she's still grinning, and she backs away quickly, twisting around, and as she does her corset... won't come off. So she turns around again, and again, then stops with her fingers fiddling around, face scrunched up. Alright, there! She tosses the thing aside, puffing out a little breath, flashes the audience a smile and a small shrug, and continues with her routine.

Where was she going? Running! And there goes her skirt, too, and she manages to toss it off to the side without a hitch, and without tripping over herself.She hastens a few more steps away from the wolf and stops, now reduced to panties and bra and cloak, glancing back over her shoulder as if to make sure it's not there. Then she overacts a sigh of relief, touching a hand to her chest. That hand keeps going down now, to explore her newly bared body, though she still has the cloak on, and the red hood over her head for cover. This must be the part in the story of Little Red Riding Hood when the protagonist leans against a tree in the forest and touches herself, writhing and grinding athletically. Most versions omit this part.

Fabian reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little doll. It looks like an angel. Glancing towards Liesl, he begins to walk it across the stage with a wry smile, before pulling it away and looking it over. Blue eyes flit to Misa, listening to her words. Huffinf he returns a few before glancing back at stage, "I like that she has a default mode of 'ass shake' Not that I'm complaining.." However it is then that little red riding hood starts exploring herself against a tree, "If I remember correctly, this is part of the Scandinavian version. Those Swedes man, freaky bunch." He looks over that little doll with interest before putting it away.

Gar hoots a bit more from his table encouraging the dancer and he laughs, "Well I think that sort of thing mught draw the wolf closer." he comments.

Trekome raises a brow when it looks like Pia is teasing the wolf. Well, that's different; usually it's Red being the one being chased down and being antagonised. This version is much more fun.

Enid doesn't seem to be embarassed by the exposed skin in the least. Her lips curve up and she laughs a bit at the acting. She looks at Skye, "She gets full points for a sense of humor!" She pays for Skye's drink, but doesn't purchase anything for herself. She takes in the wink from the very handsome stranger and she grins at him, "Watching your alcohol intake go up?" She teases him.

Ariel has left Glitter.

Liesl does catch the bit with Fabian's angel doll, a brow lifting as she watches this. Yeah, they do need to talk later. She looks back to the stage in time to watch how Red is doing some exploration, and she takes in the audience reactions.

Skye smiles faintly, his cheeks red as he glances at Pia on the stage. But he looks away at Enid a bit more, blushing. "Um... what about you? You're not drinking anything?"

Lucius laughs. "Yeah whats your deal? Need to keep up lady eh." He whistles for the bartender. "Hey bring this girl whatever she wants and make it a double, but dont tell her capiche. I aint that good lookin or funny so help me out eh?" He sits next to Enid with a smile. "Whats your name? Im Lou." His accent is clearly Italian by decent.

Enid just shrugs her shoulders to Skye, but when Lucius calls for the bartender to get her something she grins. She looks at him, "I'm under aged....not quite 21... I know that probably doesn't matter to some people.." She lifts a shoulder. Then she asks the bartender, "I'll have a sprite." She offers her hand to Lucius, "I'm Enid." She then leans over to whisper something in his ear. She giggles softly, clearly flirting with the stranger.

Misa actually cheers and stands during the part where Pia has to strugle with the corset. Okay so maybe it's not sexy but that doesn't make it bad, plus you do get a good bit of jiggle in places that matter. As Red explores the meadow from the cover of the tree Misa sits back down and bites her lip. "Booty shake is a good default. Helps me when I can't thinka anythin else... she's really good with that movement against the tree though."

Lucius says, "Oh is this that kinda club? Man I thought I had to lurk out by the high schools for that kinds night? Whoooo!" And then he is listening to her whispering.

Skye smiles and just gets a Diet Coke himself. He takes a sip and grins at Enid. "Figures you'd get someone to buy you a drink here." He winks at Enid, watching her flit in amusement.

Enid grins and nods, "Yeah, I guess it is that kind of night. Have you not been here before?" She looks at Skye when he makes that comment and she flutters her lashes at him in a playful manner. She turns back to Lucius, "What do you do? I'm a student at the university."

Skye looks over at Lucius and smiles politely beofre smirking at Enid, poking her in the side. He sips his Diet Coke, turning to look back at the stage.

Lucius grins. "Im a lead cashier at Del Taco. Nobody slow cooks the beans like me!" He downs the shot and gasps but smiles at the same time. "What you studyin?"

William arrives from the street.

Wanda arrives from the street.

Enid's eyebrows raise when she hears him speak of cooking the beans. "I have a feeling you do more than that... I'm double majoring in Art Education and dance."

Fabian gives Liesl a wink before shifting back to Misa. He slides a bit closer to her, nudging his shoulder into hers. He laughs as he gives her the next words before sliding his glance back to the stage, "So what do you think the Russian Judge would give her? I'm going to say... an 8.3..." He looks around, "We need some paper..." He catches sight of Enid, watching her work curiously before looking back. He watches her with a distant look for a long while. Suddenly something hits him. There is a deep sadness that washes over his face, "Dah..." But he stops himself. He sucks in a deep breath before downing his drink. He looks towards the bar... Steady, Fabian... Pushing his head up again, he looks back towards Misa, "Right... So we can make signs."

Pia got away from the wolf, but she's still thinking about it. Hence her hands, fingers curved like claws, raking along the flesh of her stomach, then lower, of her thighs, as her hips buck and roll into the imaginary tree she's stradling. As the cloak swings open, one gets a glimpse of ink on her bare skin, a serrated dagger on her right hip, a butterfly on fire on the left. That's sexy. Wait, no, the rat skull perched on her navel is the sexy tattoo. She bites the corner of her mouth, and she's trying hard for pouty and sexy and moan-y but she can't -not- grin. But she has to focus. Because what is she doing next? She drops her ass to the stage floor, because that's a standard move she can do without thinking, while she looks over the rest of the stage.

Getting an idea, she gets up again, fans herself, and goes back to walking along through the woods. It's a slower, sexier walk now, with more sway, looking all around for signs of the big bad wolf. Then she comes to... a house! You can tell it's a house because she knocks on an imaginary door, before taking a moment to play with her clothes, fingers adjusting the cups of the bra over her bosom, pulling down the waist of her panties to flash a little more bare hip and rear, then pulling them up again.

Lucius laughs. "Im a criminal defense attorney but I used to slow cook the beans many moons ago." He looks her over. "Dance huh? You workin now?"

Enid smiles brightly to Lucius, "I like the way you talk...it's very attractive." She shakes her head, "I'm not working now, but I could dance for you...if you want..." She leans in to whisper something more to him.

Liesl moves away from the bar now, before Fabian starts talking about making signs. She makes her sinuous way through the club, taking the long way towards the stage door, to get a better gauge of audience reactions. If she times it right, she'll be there about the time that Red leaves the stage.

Gar watches the continuing dance with interest, after all the house is the end of the story right, this must be the grand finale.

William comes in through the door with his arm around Wanda's waist and an impish grin. "I think it'll be fun. Then more fun at home." He winks at her and takes a look around. Nodding his head towards a table right up close to the stage and leading her over. Pulling out a chair and offering her a hand to help her down.

Skye smirks as he overhears a bit of what Enid says. He glances back at Pia and blushes as she flashes a bit more skin to the audience.

Lucius grins and gestures for Enid to lead the way. "Well after you then. Let me bring my drinks though Ive barely begun to defile myself."

Misa pouts as the dancer begins walking again before gcbeering when some tattoos show."What I like ink?" she explains before turning suddenly to watch Fabian closely. Something he did got her full attention and she's not even bothering to hide it. Her eues flit over Enid for a second before going back to Fabian.

Lucius says, "Im pretty sure you´ll get in trouble for that not being on the clock. Club owners tend to discourage it but you know its a big city." He takes a big swig of each scotch and coke with a wide smile."

Enid takes a sip of her sprite as she moves to gather her things to leave the place at the bar.

Wanda is actually a little pink in the cheeks as William brings her into the club. Her hand upon her belly she makes a little rub over it. "I've not been in one since Amsterdam... " She looks around to the many tables, then is wandering over to the table near the stage. Her chair drawn out, she settles down.

Trekome gives an approving nod to Pia's performance, looking quite pleased with how it's gone so far. For once it's not a helpless Red being trounced by a rabid evil wolf; she's deciding to not be so innocent and actually showing a bit of a naughty side. Excellent.

Enid says "Lucius wants me to do a private dance for him, but I don't work here. I work at a Gentleman's club. Did you want to go that far for a dance?" Enid asks Lucius.

William sits down at Stagefront Table.

Wanda sits down at Stagefront Table.

Skye looks at Enid with wide eyes. He winces slightly and shakes his head. "Um. hun.. You probably shouldn't um.. advertise that here."

"I have... so many tattoos..." Fabian grins, "Well no. I have scars. They're sexy, right?" He flits his eyes up at stage, "Oh, is this where Grandmother makes an appearance? I bet some guys would be into that." He tilts his head to the side, getting an... interested look before flitting to watch Liesl walk away, "I think Liesl is worried about me." He offers before grumbling. He leans back in his chair, looking towards the ceiling. That sadness hasn't seemed to fade, "Why.. does she worry about me? Not... worth it." He pulls his head up looking towards the stage, "People man...." He shrugs, "You think you understand them..."

Lucius raises a brow. "Ok.....this is kinda weird. Im already at a strip club. There are dozens of strippers here. If you want to go somewhere private, sure. But your sayin your a dancer at another club and you want me to go there for a dance? Sweetheart Im already here. Are you kiddin?"

Enid's brow furrows slightly, "Why not? It could get me more business..." She winks at Skye. Enid laughs and she shakes her head to Lucius, "You just missunderstood me. I said that I was a student who majored in dance. I never said I danced here. You don't have to go anywhere. Of course the private dance is always open to you....just not here." She does her best to explain to him in a calm sweet tone.

Lucius says, "Yeah how much is it?" Skye bites his lip and nods his head at Enid. "Um.. well.. okay. Just be careful hun." He glances at Lucius before, reaching out to squeeze Enid's shoulder. Pia opens an imaginary door, and opens her mouth and eyes wide in shock at the sight she sees there. Why, she's so shocked she does a backflip! So it's not a very good backflip, and the landing's pretty wobbly, but at least she gives the audience a view of herself in underwear upside down for a split second. Sure, as she gets up, the cloak is tangled about her head, but she shakes it off and straightens up, gasping at the sight in front of her. She looks down, she looks up, she gives the wolf (fresh from eating grandma, one presumes) a long thoughtful look.

Then, overacting all the while, she finally shrugs, does a big wink, and wiggles her way inside the imaginary house. A hand goes behind her back, and the bra comes off, so the audience can check out her perky boobs. She slingshots it away, then drops on the floor, and crawls right up to the end of the stage. Then there's some rolling around, arching, bumping, grinding, and playful, stylized, simulated intercourse with the Big Bad Wolf. She's still wearing the cloak, right up to the end, when she pulls back the hood and flings it aside, leaving herself stretched out on her side, mock-exhausted.

Enid gestures toward the strippers, "And there are plenty of women here, if you would prefer them.. I won't be offended." She giggles when he asks how much is it. She leans in to give him the general prices.

Misa giggles and nods. "Trust me sweety I'm a fan of scars and ink." she says with a wink. "And I think I do understand people. "Show up to my gramma's house dressed like that she'd beat me into a coma."

Gar applauds the end of the show and whistles once more he gets up and walks to the edge of the stage and drops a few bills as a tip for the performance then heads back to his table.

Skye is distracted from Enid and Lucius as the show wraps up. he looks up and smiles, clapping loudly. But he blushes when the bra drps from her body. "OH!" He exclaims, ducking his head.

Trekome clears his throat when he overhears Enid and gives her a sidelong look. "It tends to be impolite to advertise your own business at someone else's place of business." He turns his attention back to the stage and gives Pia a mischievious smile, and a sharp wolf whistle.

William takes a quick look around before he sits. Waving at Enid if she looks his way. He scoots in close to Wanda to watch the stage. "That long? Well..it's been a while for me too." He wolf whistles at Pia when she does the backflip. "Maybe we should come here more often."

There's a bit of silence, but then a fair amount of applause is to be heard for Red and her wild seduction of the wolf. Several bills are waved in the dancer's direction, but many are dropped on the stage to be collected. Clearly a positive reaction. Liesl slips through the stage door, to meet with Pia as she exits the stage.

Wanda turns her eyes to the stage, her hand to fall on William's thigh, smiling as she watches the girl on stage. "We will see how often we come here. You still owe me.. you know." She winks at him and is looking to the stage, applauding, "You got money to toss?"

Enid waves to William when he waves to her. She smiles brightly at him. She glances at Trekome, "I completely agree. However, when someone asks me about my job... I'm just answering a question." She smiles sincerely at him. She claps along with everyone else, watching the girl on stage.

Misa raises an eyebrow. "Wonder if she getsta keep the money..."

"I don't.... Thought I did." Fabian reaches over, ruffling Misa's hair, "I think I understand you though. Maybe. Probably not. But I'm going to pretend. Hey!" He grins, a wry sort of curiosity, "I need to come see you dance. I only caught you that one time.. so long ago..." Distant. Fabian truly is the tide today, ebbs and flows. Happy to Sad... He tabs the bar, considering his own words, "I... am going to miss her. She was... A Luna Moth" He says softly before shrugging, "Such... is life and death, I guess."

Pia's pretty exhausted, and she almost falls off the stage, right at the end, as she tries to get up and slips on the hood on the stage floor. But she remains standing, and goes around, a little clumsily collecting the bills dropped on the stage for now. She gives everyone in sight big exaggerated winks, or points her fingers like pistols, and wiggles her rear as she heads back, gathering her discarded clothes along the way until her arms are full. Her retreat manages to show off more tattoos, a big back piece, which involves... some sort of peculiar-looking Virgin Mary figure atop a pile of skulls? Maybe it goes with the odd little paw prints on the back of her hips. Those are classy.

She's red-faced, and still trips over herself one more time before meeting Liesl backstage, panting. "Hey!"

Lucius shrugs. This is a new one on him. He double fists his scotch in one hand and coke in the other. "Well ya learn somethin else everyday."

"I do owe you. Anticipation, dear." William reacehs into his pocket and pulls out a wad of singles to hand to Wanda. He came prepared. Several are stripped off and tossed onto the stage with a whistle. "Wish I saw it all."

Liesl is all smiles as Pia arrives from the stage, the lights having dimmed, and a new act making her way onto the stage. "Hey yourself. Looks like they like your style." She nods to the dressing area. "Go ahead and get dressed, and we'll talk about putting you on the rotation, okay?"

Enid's cell phone vibrates and she looks at a text. "Well, it seems that I have some a group meeting to go to. It was lovely meeting you, sir." She slips a piece of paper in his hand, which has her name and number on it. Then she kisses Skye with a slow sensual kiss. "I'll see you later."

Lucius winks. "Well ok darlin. Take care of yourself."

Skye starts to get up from the stage. He looks over at Enid. "Oh! You have to get going?" He starts and blushes when she kisses him. he hugs her and after a moment returns the kiss. "Mm.. yes.. I'll catch you later." He murmurs.

Trekome walks over towards the stage and gives William and Wanda both a nod before pulling out some bills to set on the stage. "Well done." he says to Pia with a wink when she nears to pick up the bills, then goes back to the bar to settle besides Skye.

Misa cheers for Pia, especially when she stumbles on the cape on he way up. "She's adorkable!" Misa chirps. "Tattoos, playful, booty shaking. Ivm in love." she says in fake overdramatic breathy tones before looking back to Fabian. "I'm easy to understand. Whatever is most fun is what I'm gonna do." she says with a nod.

Lucius claps as well and downs the rest of his drinks.

Wanda smiles up to Trekome, "Hey there..." About to converse but then he is off to go and slip over to the bar. Her hand falls down onto William's thigh once more.

Skye stands up from the stool and makes his way to the doorway to the back. He pokes his head in and calls out. "Great job, Pia." he says, even if he can't see her.

Pia blinks at Liesl as she stands there, clothes in hand, looking a little damp and flushed from exertion, and a little embarassed too now, cackling out a big laugh, "For real? Man... I almost landed on my ass there like, fuck, a dozen times, chica. Maybe they wanna see that?" she sweeps her fingers back through her hair, shaking it off a little, but nods, moving past her towards the dressing area, "Wasn't too goofy or nothin'?"

Enid leaves Glitter.

Lucius shakes his head. "This just isnt my night. Go to a club and get propositioned to go to another club. What the fuck son?" He heads out after downing his coke.

Lucius points at Pia. "Your fuckin talented. Gonna have to run that other broad out she shows up again. Take care right?" And with that he heads out.

Lucius leaves Glitter.

Liesl grins. "Okay, I will admit, when they know it's an audition, they're more forgiving, but they like your willingness to work through it anyway. And, you have a style that shone through anyway." She grins as Skye congratulates Pia, and then Lucius has his say. She just nods some more.

William nods at Trekome. A routine that involved the big bad wolf. What's not to like? He leans in againat Wanda and bites her shoulder. With the show over for the moment, he takes a longer look around. Maybe there's more people he knows here.

"Most fun, eh?" Fabian flits a smile, leaning in to ask Misa a question. Pulling back he pushes himself up, "I'm going to catch Liesl when she comes out. Maybe Pia too. You know, curiosity and all." He leaves some money before giving his small friend a wink, "Keep in touch, It's be a shame if you woke up and I was gone forever, wouldn't it?"

Skye overhears Liesl. "Yeah... I liked that style.. You had character and you seemed to enjoy it. " He hears Pia and calls out. "Great job. I didn't even realize you stumbled at all."

Misa giggles and nods to Fabian. "Oh yeah. I got a feelin we aren't done here tonight. You needa talk private or should I follow?"

Wanda makes a little rub at her belly, looking over at William, after the bite to her shoulder. "So, how much are we going to throw out to the ladies tonight?"

Pia shakes her head and waves off the compliments with a grin, "I ain't even got a style. I was like, gonna be wearin' this costume, right? So I'm gonna tell the story... yes? Not like I got a routine." she grins at Liesl, shrugging again, then moves into the dressing room area. She's already stripped down, so that's one less task to accomplish. The costume is put aside, and she pulls her street clothes back on, realtively quickly, "Man, it's like, sweating buckets out there."

Liesl nods in agreement. "It does get hot out there. And, you have a style, you just don't recognize it, is all." She leads the way back to the club floor, where the patrons are sure to want to meet the plucky little Red. "We'll get you some training and practice, and you'll wow them every time."

William pokes at the singles he handed to Wanda. "As much as that. We can spare it. I think what's going to happen is we're going to see one soon that get's out attention and ends up with most of it or the last dancer before we leave." He nods his head towards the dressing room where Pia went off to. "I do hope that she'll be back out."

Skye simles and hugs Liesl as she comes out from the back, moving away from the entrance. "Yeah.. You were great." He says to Pia.

Fabian glances towards Misa, "I couldn't stop you if I tried anyway, come on. Lets go meet the dancer." He stops, "Keep your eyes... From wandering.... Too much... I mean, okay. Let them wander. You will anyway." He motions her. Approaching Liesl and Pia he smiles, "Hey Red, you did well. Misa and I really enjoyed the duality of the story you wove. Truly, it was a stark reminder of the folly of man." He flits his eyes towards Liesl, "Misa also really liked your boobs."

Gar walks up behind Fabian and Misa nad smiles, "that is because Misa has good taste." he smiles, to Pia, "very nice job, you have real talent and I like the storytelling aspect." he tells her, then he looks to Liesl and smiles, "thanks for inviting me out tonight. I shold be getting home but we will talk soon.

Liesl hugs Skye back. "You're not on duty tonight?" she asks, shrugging a little, then over to Fabian as he approaches with Misa. She glances down as he looks her way, and comments about Misa liking her boobs. Maybe he meant that Misa liked Pia's boobs, but then ... this is Misa we're talking about. "Yeah, I know she does." She smiles over to Gar as he approaches, and nods as he makes his good byes. "Give me a call, we can get some coffee, or some sea air."

Wanda smiles to William, looking down to the money, "Okay. It is a plan." She leans in to murmur into his ear, her fingers brush over William's thigh with a kiss to his cheek finishing her whispered words.

Misa nods to Fabian. "He's right. I do like boobs." she says with a grin before suddenly leaning back into Gar, resting her weight against Gar's shoulder, turning her head to bring her lips just barely more than an inch from his cheek. "And please sugar tell me more about my taste." she teases, before instantly changing gears again and jumping away, hopefully before his brain can fully process what happened... Gar is kind of quick though. "And I loved it honey, you went up there had fun, and didn't give a damn about what got in yer way. All that's what's important."

Skye smiles and kisses Liesl's cheek. He shakes his head. "No.. not today. I still need to get some more outfits." he says, glancing over at the others at the bar. he turns to look back for Pia.

Sally arrives from the street.

William grins at Wanda and kisses her cheek. "I'm sure that would be a first. Ever." He looks over at Misa and chuckles. Nodding his head because he agrees. "Boobs are pretty great."

Sally decided to give this guy another chance. So naturally the same thing happens. He tries to take her out, he brings her to a place like this, they sit down, then his phone goes off. And given the choice between blowing off his wife, and blowing off Sally, he chooses to blow off Sally, again. She rolls her eyes, and buries her face in her palm.

Once she's dressed again, backpack on her shoulders, Pia tags along after Liesl. "Yeah, I got style - don't think I got a dancin' style, tho. I mean, damn, like some of those other chicas had some serious moves, you know?" she lets out a low whistling sound as she comes out, blinking at the people coming up. "Hey. Thanks!" she grins at Skye, because that was normal. Fabian's not so normal, and she gives him an odd look, "Tha's it, man, I was really tryin' to get... the folly of man across, right? Like interpretin' that." she touches a finger to the side of her head, then looks to Gar. That's a normal compliment again, and she gives him a wink. "Yeah? Thanks!" and that goes for Misa too.

Trekome finishes his drink and brushes himself off. He walks over towards Liesl and gives her, Pia, and Skye a pleasant smile. "She was great; hope you hire her on." he tells Liesl and Pia. "You still owe me that shopping trip." he tells Skye with a smirk.

"I'm just messing around." Fabian flits a smile, "You had fun. That's something really special." He trails off before adding, "Oh, hey. If you're going to be hanging out and about here you should come hang out sometime. I have something I think you'll find funny given the context of your act." He thinks over that before letting it go. He watches Liesl with a deep interest before taking another step forward.

"So how did she do, Liesl? You give her an A? Or were they Bs.. or Cs... I never could tell..." Fabian glances over his shoulder before nodding, "At any rate..." Turning back towards Pia he adds, "You have a lot of admirers. Should make for a good future." He ends up to Liesl's side. Giving her a nudge, he looks her over before smiling, "How much longer are you on for?"

Wanda looks around, leaning in to kiss William on the neck again, whispering something into Will's ear.

Gar smiles, to Pia, "Your welcome." he then adds, "I used to dance a bit myself but never was that good at telling any kind of story." he admits. He then says, "and well the moves will come with practice you got the flair that is the main thing." Misa is just quick enough to get away with her comment so all he can do in response to that is blush, "I would spank you for that but you seemed to enjoy it on your birthday." He taunts back at the quick woman.

Liesl gives Trekome an answering smile and nod, then Fabian is stepping closer. "Yes, she's being hired on." This answer goes to both men before Fabian is nudging her and asking how much longer she's got. "You ready to talk?" she asks him.