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Party Time
Giselle has a party at her cabin so her father and brother can meet some of the local sept.
IC Date August 22, 2016
IC Time Evening
Players Giselle, Akecheta, George, Billy Bojangles, Charlie_Barnes, Monica, Jake, Kirk
Location Giselle's Place
Spheres Gaian Garou
Theme Song Don't Let Me Get Me - P!nk http://youtu.be/asaCQOZpqUQ

The back yard has been all set up. The centerpieces for the various tables are red hot chili peppers made to look like bouquets of flowers. There is a small orchestra set up on the porch with a couple violins, a cello, three flutes. Classical music and classical-style variations of more modern music are playing. There is a wine bar set up with a dozen or so different wines. There is also a keg on the opposite side with reusable solo cups.

There is a large pit dug into the ground, covered with coals that get moved around or added to. Smells like pork. There is a large buffet of all sorts of Southern finger foods: cheese plate, pinwheel sandwiches, veggies and dip, a fruit plate filled with melons and berries, little meatballs with toothpicks sticking out of them, dripping in some alarmingly red sauce, potato bites with all sorts of toppings and cheese baked on, deviled eggs, so many other things to snack on while the pigs are cooking.

Nathan: http://www.trbimg.com/img-56ba2737/turbine/la-et-jc-pierce-brosnan-adaptation-hemingway-novel-20160209


Everyone is still getting all set up. Giselle has been running around like a crazy, headless chicken all day, but she has finally taken up residence in a rather nice reclining lawn chair, sitting next to a much older man. There's a small family resemblance. The small hired orchestra is warming up. The somalier is opening the wine

Akecheta wanders up and takes a look around before moving closer. "How ya doin?" He calls out getting closer a bit.

George is dressed up fancy on account of it being that sort of party and he does in fact know how. Black on black on black, suit, tie and hat. The only bright twinkle is from the lone diamond ear ring in his right ear and the shine of copper and gold from the band of his eye of horus inlay signet ring. http://tinyurl.com/fancygeorge Just entering he pauses and looks over at where Giselle is sitting and offers her a polite smile.

George is wearing a black silk shirt, a tie stripped in different grades of black, along with a matching black suit jacket and slacks. The only brighter adornements are a lone diamond earring in his right ear and copper and onyx signet ring with the Eye of Horus inlaid in gold.

Giselle is dressed up too! Not too fancy. But nice. She's got on flats and a pretty little dress that probably cost a small fortune. Dress code was not specified, so anything goes. She rises as George comes up and she turns to say something to the two older men and they also rise. "George! Thank you so much for coming. Akecheta, hello. Gentlemen, this is my father Nathan and my brother Johnathan." Nathan moves first, offering a hand to George. "Nice to meet you. I'm Like-The-Wind, full moon Adren to the Shadow Lords. Born on two legs at the Sept of the Blazing Flame." The younger man takes his turn. "I am Eraer, Full moon Adren to the Shadow Lords. Born on two legs at the Sept of the Blazing Flame. Can I get you something?" Giselle waves Eraser down. "I got it. Beer or wine, George."

George listens respectfully to the introductions and smiles welcomingly as he shakes the offered hands as he introduces himself "George Andrews, rited 'Mocks-the-Dark', 'Trains-the-Weak', 'Kills-in-Silence', 'Render-of-Shadow' and 'Finder-of-Ways'. Homid born Elder Ragabash of the Silent Striders Called Harmerti and Speaker to the Dead for the Remembrance and special blessings of my tribe. Scout, Thief and sniper for my skills. Wielder of the Fang of Anubis. Member of the Council of Elders for the Sept of Enduring Spirit. Welcome to our lands. Your daughter has been settling in well and proven a credit to your line and your tribe."

Akecheta bows his head in respect and thats when he speaks. "I am Akecheta Echohawk Homid born Cliath Ahroun of the Uktena tribe, Rited Stands His Ground." He gives his intro and straightens up a bit. "A pleasure to meet you both." He says before stepping back a bit.

"So I've heard," Nathan says, glancing over at his daughter. Johnathan grins and ruffles Giselle's hair. They're both over six feet tall. Giselle doesn't even quite hit 5. But she whacks her brother on the arm hard enough to make him wince, even if it is in jest. He rubs his arm where she smacked him. Nathan gives the man a LOOK and Eraser smirks. Attention is then turned to the Cliath. "Nice to meet you, Stands His Ground. That's a good name to have." Giselle smiles and moves away from her brother. "Can I get you something to drink, Akecheta? The buffet is ready to go and the pigs will be ready in an hour or so. They've been going a full 24 now."

George himself is just over six foot tall. He grins at the mention of the pigs "A good pig roast takes a long time but its so very very worth it. Had a chance to do any sight seeing?"

Akecheta smiles and sniffs the air playfully. "Yea pig roast is delicious. But yes a beer sounds good thank you." He says to Giselle. "Thank you sir I appreciate the compliment. It came from me time in Mexico working with the Uktena south of the border."

"A little bit," Nathan confesses. "I've seen Jake's forge. I heard you have a curry place and I'm looking forward to checking that out tomorrow. She took me to the beach this morning and we walked around a little bit. Then for coffee at...." He turns to Giselle, who is going to get something for everyone to drink. It's either wine, beer, soda, water or homemade sun tea. One of those. "Prospect Roasters," Giselle calls out automatically. Eraser nods. "I haven't had the chance to see anything and probably still won't. I'm just in town for a few hours to make sure my little sister's being treated right." His voice is gruff, hoarse.. ish. Raspy. That's the word.

The band starts to play. If you listen close, it's Don't Let Me Get Me by P!nk, but it's done in a classical style with strings and flutes. She hands out the drinks with a smile and moves a little to the music. She's gotten herself a glass of wine. "Mexico, huh?" Eraser turns his attention to Akecheta. "Where at? I just came out of Tijuana. Pretty nasty stuff down there."

George nods and grins at the mention of Roasters "One of the best cafes in town, does pretty good business being right across from the entrance to the university. And we know its safe because its kin run." George nods politely when Giselle brings his beer over and takes a sip. Eraser gets a nod "Seems so to me so far."

Akecheta smiles and takes his beer from Giselle too, he sips that beer and sighs happily. "None its one of the lesser none villages there. Mostly still had Native American influence to it. Just it was a hive of BSD's and well Ill spare you my terrible story telling but I stood and fought even knowing that I was outmanned and out number as they say."

Giselle is standing with George, Akecheta, a 30ish year old man and another man in his 50's or 60's. All seems perfectly friendly. The band has just started playing. Giselle looks content. Much more relaxed than she was last night, for sure. Eraser, the younger man, nods to Akecheta. "Sounds about right for Mexico. It's rough down there," the man agrees. Giselle is sipping wine and the smell of roast pig fills the air, along with the soft clink of glasses, and various other kin from out of town bustling around to get everything ready. The current song being played by the orchestra is a classic rendition of Don't Let Me Get Me by P!nk.

And the dress code seems to be all over the place. George is in a suit, Akecheta is not. Giselle is somewhere in the middle.

Billy is neither formal nor casual, in a pair of cargo pants, a teeshirt, and an aged olive drab army dress jacket. It doesn't fit him quite right, so it's definitely not his, but he has the hat to match even if he doesn't have the pants. Hey he tried, that's what counts. He wanders in from where Monica's lagging behind and parking yon car, smiling and looking around while giving an audible, "Wow!" at the set up. He for one thinks it's smashing!

George is sipping his beer listening quietly like he does. He's looking around occasionally and sees Billy and smiles broadly and waves "Hey there Billy."

Charlie Barnes shows up dressed as he was when he got dragged along for the little expedition. Ever the tasteful hipster, he's dressed in soft and expensive fabrics in the form of a blue and white striped t-shirt and khaki shorts. Most prominent on his features in direct spite of the time of day is a pair of big plastic neon blue sunglasses. He looks to the left, then the right, giving the apperaance of scanning the area. "Not bad at all." He wonders aloud.

Akecheta sips his beer again and looks around. Hes obviously just finished saying something to the gentlemen. "Sup Billy, how ya doin Charlie?" He says looking to the others.

Charlie Barnes looks up towards Akecheta, lifting a hand by way of greeting and wandering towards him. "Hey. Good. A little homeless, but who isn't?" He stops by the wine to examine it, picking up a glass, rolling it, and leaning in to demurely catch it's scent. "You?"

Trailing in after Billy and Monica, dressed in black slacks and a white button down shirt with a TIE, is Jake. His usual unruly mop of hair is moussed back from his face and he looks...well, professional. Not as professional as George though! He's carrying a bottle of red wine and hands it to Giselle as he approaches the group focusing on Giselle's family for now. "Well, good evening everyone. Giselle. Sir. I trust you had a good day touring our fair city." He offers a respectful nod to to Eraser. "And you must be Giselle's brother. It's an honor to meet you. Welcome." He smiles.

Billy lifts a hand to wave like a goon at... everyone, pretty much, just pleased as god damned spiked punch to see every one of you, including those people be barely and or doesn't know at all, Giselle's family. His first stop though i towards George, where he presents him with the best replacement sparring knife he could manage to find, being as how he has no idea what he's doing there. "We mostly ruined the one you let me borrow. I'm very sorry, but here is a replacement, sir."

Giselle smiles at Billy as he comes through and gives him a little wave. She breaks away just a little bit, patting her father's arm to indicate he should pay attention. It's VERY subtle. Sure, she might have smacked the shit out of her brother a few minutes ago, but this is DADDY and he demands respect. "Thank you guys all for coming." She grins up at Jake and takes the bottle of wine and offers a hug in return. "Thank you, Jake. You didn't have to. We'll get this opened up, okay?" She starts to move away and a passing kin shakes her head and takes the wine and heads over to get it open and all that. Eraser turns to Jake as he hears his name. "Johnathan Anderson. A pleasure to meet you, Jake." As more people come in, some of the random kin who are working to take care of the party make greetings and point people toward Giselle and her group.

And out from around the house comes Monica, looking - at least to her two travel companions - not at all like she did when they first arrived. Hell, even people who've known her for a while might take a moment to figure out who the hell this is, but the two bottles of high-priced bourbon she cradles in one arm should, at least, give some clues. In spite of the -- odd (for her) -- nature of her attire, however, she doesn't seem to be all that nervous about the presentation. "Hey guys," she says. "Any place I can put these?"

Akecheta looks over to Charlie. "You can crash at my place if you wish for a while until you get a place of your own Charlie." He offers up to him. "Billy now have we learned our lesson about extreme fetch?" Che asks chuckling. "Evenin Monica." And then he turns to Jake. "Evenin sir how are you?"

Billy shakes his head at Akecheta with a smile. This should not come as a shock! "Unless 'don't use George's nice practice weapons during play time' is the lesson, in which case, yes." Now, to avoid being rude, he introduces himself to Eraser and Daddy, and surely they do as well, and there's enthusiastic handshakes and such. But since Giselle's not here to work them like the puppets they are, we're gonna just not and say we did!

Charlie Barnes holds up a hand as if to ward Akecheta off, a disarming smile accompanying. "Oh, nah. I've got it covered, thanks though." As Akecheta's attention wanders, so to does Charlie continue on, wine glass brandished. If not avoided, he gives Akecheta a friendly pat on the shoulder as he moves towards George and Giselle. Monica's entrance slows his approach, flashing a grin at the woman before continuing on to the hosting pair. "Hey George-- and... foggy memory, lots of names. We met last night, right?" He holds a hand out towards Giselle to greet. "Charlie, in case you forgot me."

Once the introductions are made with Eraser, Jake separates from Giselle's family, bows respectfully to George then moves over to where Akecheta's group are standing. "Just fine, thank you, Akecheta. It's great to finally meet Giselle's family. It's great you could all come and attend." He blinks at Monica's attire. Hubba hubba! That's...Monica? "Yes, good evening...Monica. Nice dress."

George nods at the others as they arrive and he takes the replacement practice knife from Billy "Thank you Billy, I appreciate it, I wind up making them out of whatever fallen branches have straight enough sections so its not a bother. And sometimes play can teach you plenty." Then glancing over at Jake meeting the relatives he grins before moving on to take a look at Monica and he manages not to wolf-whistle but it may be a near thing.

Of course there are greetings and handshakes and such. Intros for EVERYONE! Giselle smiles at Monica and gives her a wave and a thumbs up and more wine is sipped. Nathan has his eye on Monica's.... bourbon. Giselle moves that way and Eraser's phone rings. He steps aside to answer it. Nathan pauses. Eraser gives him a quick look and a faint little nod. Nathan sighs quietly and moves over toward Eraser - That's Jonathan - and they share the phone receiver for a moment. Giselle glances in that direction briefly, but then moves further away to give them some privacy, content, for the moment, to just listen

The greeting from Jake (and the look form George) earns a particularly amused smile from the Fury as she takes initiative to set the bottles down near where drinks are served, "Thanks," said simply, as one of the two cracked open to pour out a glass for herself. She may be *moving* with a gait that suggests femininity and decorum to suit the attire, but this is still Monica we're talking about. "I figured this was a big night for Giselle, so I didn't want to show up looking like an auto mechanic." No offense to anyone who *did*, of course, but... She looks around, noting the men she assumes are part of the family, and says, "Anyone want a drink while I'm over here?"

Charlie Barnes presumably has successfully shaken hands with Giselle and gotten all of that snazzy introduction stuff out of the way, and returns to something a little bit more important to him: finding another drink. At some point between his travel from the gathered to the wine table, his current glass seems to have emptied itself. Fresh drink in hand, he takes a moment to scan the familiar-but-unfamiliar gathered. A very short moment.

Akecheta looks himself up and down at Monicas comment. "Hey I resemble that remark." He says with a barking laugh. "No Billy lesson is dont try and head tackle an Ahroun it just head dazes you." To Charlie. "No thanks needed we take care of our own right." At this point Che takes a drink from his beer. He turns back to Jake at this point with a smile. "Youre welcome sir. And I appreciated the invite I figured showing up was polote and well I feel good when Im around everyone." Che says honestly. "Yea Giselles family have been really nice. I can say its been a great experience so far."

George nods and takes a swig to finish off his beer and raises the bottle to Monica "Refill please? And sometimes an excuse to dress up human fancy is fun right?"

Charlie Barnes snickers into his drink as Akecheta addresses him, but otherwise seems distracted.

"Oh. Yeah. That too." Billy agrees with Akecheta, grinning at that, "But I still won." While not a competitive person by any means, it's still fun to taunt the man with it! Well, for now, anyways. it's all fun and games until you get turned into a pretzel. "Yes!" he tells Monica regarding a drink, but unhelpfully does not supply a type, because he's still just dipping a toe into the amazing world of modern human-type beverages.

Jake smiles at Akecheta. "Hey, all of us feel better around others. It's part of our nature. It's not healthy for us to be nomads. Besides, there is power in a group. You can feel it. And, yes, Giselle's family is great. I knew they would be." His gaze goes back to Monica as if to reconfirm that it IS Monica. Then he's regarding George again. "You look incredibly sharp. Great suit." He glances at Billy and Charlie Barnes next. "I'm sorry I missed your win, Billy. Would have really liked to have seen that."

Giselle glances over her shoulder at the two men who are huddled around the phone. Nathan sends a guilty look in Giselle's direction and then takes the phone, walking away a little further. Giselle is distracted by the talk of the others, so misses that look. She finishes up her glass of wine and holds it out to Monica, who has the bourbon. If you drink it in a wine glass, then you're fancy, right? Over where Nathan and Johnathan are, there is a click. Those who are familiar with guns won't even need to look to know that someone's checking their magazine. Giselle's head snaps around and her brow knits ever so slightly. Nathan hangs up the phone and hands it to Johnathan, waving away the gun. He heads over and kisses Giselle on the top of the head. She looks up expectantly and Nathan kisses her head again. "Be careful," she tells him and wraps him in a super tight hug that only lasts a second or two. Johnathan ruffles Giselle's hair in passing and she smacks at his hand, but misses. "It'll take us an hour to get there." Nathan pauses. "Excuse us, Gentlemen. We have some unexpected business to take care of." The player is overwhelmed playing three people, so alas, they must depart for a time.

Once she's all but topped off a glass of bourbon and dropped some ice into it, Monica snags a beer - actually, make that two, given Billy's request - from nearby. Giselle's glass is taken up with a softly stated, "You really went all out," and a broad smile, the Fury leaning forward to murmur something before she straightens, and returns to the table. Filling up the glass, the balancing act now in full swing, she leaves the bottles behind for anyone who didn't manage to answer her offer in time, the wine glass returned to Giselle first. "It can be," she says to George, then, making her way over to him and handing him the beer, though she does allow for a glance towards Jake when she catches him eyeing her again, that amused smirk making a comeback. "Though I'll probably be ditching these heels at some point. And I agree with Jake," she amends, gesturing to Billy to come fetch his beer. "That's a good look for you."

Charlie Barnes sloshes his wine in a lazy circle, smirking sidelong at Billy's declaration. Right now his focus remains with missed tales of the night before, catching up on a passed opportunity.

Akecheta shakes his head at Billy with a laugh. "You cant claim a victory when you almost knocked yourself unconscious with my head. Well to be fair I rode alone for a long time before coming here merely because I wanted to try and by my own man. I realized though this here, all of this he gestures to everyone is really what I wanted all along a place to belong."

George grins at the compliments "Just a different sort of hunting camouflage, my tribe winds up traveling all over the place so we have to be able to fit in everywhere. Skater punk street hoodlum is just my default in a city this size. This though is one of my favorites." he says with a gesture at the suit as he politely accepts the beer.

Monica smirks. "Almost makes me think I should've been a Strider," she says, brow arched, raising her drink to take a light sip, careful not to ruin her liptstick. "That's pretty much the only reason I bought this dress in the first place." Beat. "Hell, that's pretty much where half my wardrobe came from."

Billy's attention pops up at the sound of a firearm, although he says only, "Be safe." as the Giselle-Mens flee into the night. He then beams and says, "Thank you!" for the compliments to his ill fitting jacket, and pets it with his hands. "I never got to have a dress uniform, but I always thought they looked pretty neat." He fetches like a pro, an Extreme Fetching pro, and gets that beer! Why anyone thinks he should have beer at all is a mystery, but he *has* it! And now, while drinking, he listens to conversation snippets and learning things about people.

Seeing that most people are grabbing a beer Jake picks one up also and watches curiously as Giselle's father and brother head out. He cracks it open and takes a long pull. "If you'd like a dress uniform we can always get you one, Billy." He continues to glance around, listening to the many conversations.

George grins at Billy with a beer and is silently grateful that he can't get drunk since he's not in his breed form. Then he nods at Monica "You might have a little Strider in you, we wind up everywhere. Plus there's the fact that your tribe can make everything about being a woman a weapon and that dress could get a lot of guys in more than a little bit of trouble."

Charlie Barnes catches himself staring at Akecheta as the man tells his tale, bristling when he does. He knocks back another glass of wine, trades it for a fresh one, and then wanders off towards where Monica and George had gathered. His tension melts off as he moves, his dull smile flawlessly placid. "You know, people keep telling me I'm looking for trouble. Hell of a coincidence." He interjects, nodding in greeting. "Speaking of, hey George. How'd things go last night?"

Billy belatedly replies to Akecheta, "I can too claim that victory, cause 'almost' isn't 'did'!" This is all according to the rules that he's just made up, mind you.

Akecheta laughs harder. "Oh you want to go again little boy." He teases back. "Id take you down in a heartbeat." He says playfully.

Monica's brows arch appreciatively at the compliment. "It could," she's happy to report, adding a wry, "and has," a note of amusement punctuating the remark, her drink raised for another sip. Then Charlie's wandering on in, the tail end of whatever sent him this way briefly catching her attention. And while his remark should be reason enough to roll her eyes, she instead shifts her gaze to George, expression difficult to get a read on beyond a note of free-floating curiosity.

Jake chuckles at George's statement to Monica and he nods. "Ohyeah. That dress could indeed be a lethal weapon. Locked and loaded." He winks then glances between Akecheta and Charlie for a moment, expression curious. He sips more beer.

George chuckles and shrugs at Charlie "Akecheta and Billy both landed a touch. Billy's got good reflexes. Did you learn anything new talking to Monica?" Offering Monica a salute with his beverage "Let us each master the tools gaia gave us yeah?"

"Probably." Billy agrees with a grin at Cheta, "But I'd still win." Just like yesterday! BOOM! Mic drop.

Charlie Barnes keeps his expression pleasantly placid, despite the assault of nearby eyerolls. "Yeah. Think I did. She seems to know what she's talking about." He looks George over for a moment, actually taking a moment to gather his words before he continues. A miracle. "Doesn't hurt to diversify a bit, though. Looking forward to next time."

Charlie Barnes does not have to withstand any sort of eyeroll, but otherwise acts entirely the same.

Akecheta shakes his head. "Keep it up Billy and Im gonna kick your butt. You cant win against me because the name of the game is I win so I win." He teases. "If you want a rematch buddy bring it on." Jeeze billy brings out his inner teenager sometimes.

Giselle watches her father and brother go. A little sad, but still more than understanding. She does sigh softly, though, and finishes off her drink, then just holds the glass for now.

A glance is cast in Jake's direction, Monica unable to keep a *far* more blatantly amused smile from her features. "I'll be sure to mention that to Giselle," she says. "See if she can't find the same cut in her size." She amends that with a brief glance in the girl's direction. "In the meantime, it looks like she could use some company," she adds, nodding her head in that direction, her own attention is recaptured by her name being mentioned, just in time to catch the raise of George's drink and the toast, of sorts, her own glass raised as she takes a sip, and listens.

Son of a bitch, beaten at his own questionable logic! Billy can only narrow his eyes at Akecheta, pointing two fingers at his eyes and then pointing at Cheta. I'm watching you, pal. But pwning his punk ass is just gonna have to wait, because A, he has a dress uniform on and doesn't want to mess it up - By the way there's a perked up Yay! sort of look at Jake for the suggestion of his own - and B, he needs to eat all of that food that's over there. So he starts that way, pausing to give Giselle a head bonk and noggin rub as wolfy affection before losing himself in the wonderful, delicious world of finger foods. Oh by jove, look at it all! Come friends, migrate into your new home, my belly!

George nods and grins at Charlie "Well here's an opportunity for you. What have you figured out abot me so far? We've been around eachother a couple of times and you've seen people interact with me so I'm curious as to what you've figured out."

Jake considers a moment before heading over to Giselle and saying, quietly, "If your father and brother need any help with...anything...we would be happy to help them out. Just make sure they know that. It looked like there might be some kind of...I dunno...trouble."

Giselle blinks as she hears her name and looks up at Monica, trying to pull herself back into the conversation. "Hmmm? Cutting what? Oh, the pig!" She comes fully to focus and turns around. Kin are already digging it up, the smell of sizzling pork fat getting stronger. She looks up at Jake with a smile and she shakes her head. "They said this might happen. They aren't expecting violence. Just some... I don't know. He didn't tell me details. They just found out that someone they've been looking for is going to be in the area. They'll be fine. Couple of hours. Just as well, probably, because my brother was about to start in on the booze and that's high-rage drunk redneck Ahroun. Shadow Lord or not, he can Joe Dirt with the best of them."

Charlie Barnes purses his lips in response to the man's question. "You put on a friendly front." He offers, a grin splitting his features in quiet, devious amusement. "I don't think you aren't, or anything. I just think you use it to get what you want. Disarm people. Try to get them to do things like..." He waves an empty wine glass. Wait, when did it get emptied? "...I don't know, get them to tell you what they think of you."

Monica coughs lightly into her hand at George's question-- then nearly snorts at Charlie's answer. "He already knows," she tells George. "I told him when he decided to get haughty with Journey. He just has no idea what you're asking him." "Either that, or he's 'playing it cool,' per usual," she amends. "Which absolutely, in no way, will *ever* become completely insufferable." Sip. "Ever."

Akecheta shakes his head chuckeling and steps back. He decides to wander a bit before he just stares up at the sky.

George nods and grins at Monica "Sometimes its how they choose to answer as much as what they answer that tells me things." then turning back to Charlie "Its part of our mutual nature as No-moons to come at things a little sideways, work smarter and not harder. Monica's one of us too, each of our tribes trains us differently but there's a lot that can be learned from another ragabash just from being of a shared auspice."

Charlie Barnes looks between Monica and George, notable by the very literal turn of his head. "I figured I was pretty screwed either way." He offers, taking a moment to clear his throat and look distastefully down at his emptied wine glass. There's a very faint sluggishness to his movements, as if the alcohol was just beginning to take effect. He smirks down at the glass, turning it very slightly so that it catches the light. "And hey, just makes me like you more, really."

Monica's demeanor relaxes a bit at the unguarded response the teenager puts forth, glancing down at the glass, then back up at its temporary owner. She doesn't remark, save to say, "I wouldn't say 'screwed,'" taking a larger sip of her own drink-- all the while still being mindful of her lipstick. "Just a little out of your depth."

George nods and shrugs at Charlie "You've still got time to learn yet. If you get a chance to talk to Trekome or Leandro you can ask them if they remember Tom. There's a long road downhill before you'd be even close to that screwed. Also, find someone to teach you the Rite of Talisman Dedication so you can shift your clothes with you, it really helps. And if you get out of your birth form for a moment your natural fast healing ability will sober you right up. Do you know how to pick a lock? One of the types of tasks our auspice gets called upon in the Nation's Service are ones that human society might count as.....shady as fuck."

Jake nods to Giselle. "Okay, I see. Just wanted to make sure everything was okay." He looks around the group, taking another pull on his beer.

Giselle smiles up at Jake and nods. "Everything's fine. Come on. Let's get back to the conversation. Don't worry about me. It happens. He'll probably buy us all new cars in his guilt," she teases, sliding her arm through Jake's to urge him back to the others.

Akecheta remains by a tree and staring off a bit. His eyes remaining directly at the sky as he sighs and smirks a bit. His mind off on something different and not quite the here and now.

Charlie Barnes gives Monica a sidelong smile, faintly and very possibly genuinely amused at her response. He runs a hand through his blonde locks, toussling them further and turning his attention back to George. "Oh man, good tip. Save me on an Uber." He offers, a quip accompanied with a wider smile. "Seriously though, good tip. Never picked a lock, really. Never really had to. Money and good looks can get you just about anywhere." A brief pause of consideration, and he continues. "Sounds like it'd be something fun to pick up, though. Any way you can elaborate more on the uh... shady as fuck?"

Jake smiles at Giselle and nods, leading her back towards the others. "I like your father and brother a lot. Although, I knew I would. It's too bad your father can't stay longer but...I totally understand that he needs to get back to his Sept pretty quickly. I'm sure he'll be able to come back and visit again though."

Billy wanders back from the food place with, you guessed it, FOOD! He was very invested in the arrival of that delicious pig and no doubt whined pathetically till he got some, even if there's still dirt and ashes on it. Whatever, bacon!

"Infiltration," Monica replies, looking off towards Akecheta for a time. "Lying through your teeth to get confessions, which may or may not include posing as someone else to win a target's trust." She looks back to the two men. "I'm sure assassination's in there somewhere, but I haven't gone down that particular rabbit hole just yet." She nods to Giselle and Jake as they get closer, ending the answer there for the time being.

Giselle nods to Jake, smiling as she's led back over. "He'll come back. Mother will make him. I'll probably never see them both at the same time unles I go there. She might be just a kin, but she can run the sept just as well as he can, and even the other Garou listen to her." She chuckles. "French women are terrifying when they yell. You're never sure if it's a compliment or if she's about to tear your face off."

George nods at Monica as she chimes in "Espionage, Theft, Assasination, all sorts of felonies. There's all sorts of shenanigans. We're the Emerald Mother's Stealth Recon and black ops. We know the laws of men and garou almost as well as the Philodoxes because we spend so much time dancing around the edge cases."

Jake grins at Giselle. "Any woman is terrifying when they yell. Must be something they teach them at female school. Yelling 101. Back home, I knew a few women who had their Masters in it." He shudders. "Hopefully your mother will come and visit sometime soon."

Charlie Barnes looks taken aback, if only slightly. He rocks on his heels as if lightly pushed, quickly regaining his balance. His attention wanders from George to Monica and back again. "Oh. Huh." He rubs at his chin, scraping against the very barest hint of stubble. Very barest. "... You know, I really thought they were fucking with me before my Rite. Well." He rolls a shoulder. "Hey. Great. I always kind of wanted to be a felon."

Akecheta shakes his head back and forth as he catches snippets of conversation among the others. Chiefly being that felon part. But he just continues to stare off into the sky his thoughts wandering back to things in the past some that cause good thoughts some that go to the bad.

The answer Jake gives gets a bit of a look from Monica, her brow arching. "Female school?" she says, incredulous, though she looks back to Charlie and George for the time being. "Also occasionally means getting in good with people even the other Garou would find-- unappealing," she amends. "So-- you'll be facing that 'felon' thing on both ends, from time to time. Might even lose renown over it" Sip. "Which," she says, looking to Charlie directly, "is precisely why saying 'cool story bro' to an elder's face is an *incredibly* dumb idea. Unless, of course, you've got an actual point to make."

George nods to Monica but doesn't seem to be offended at what Charlie said he just keeps rolling "Always in Gaia's service. Nothing wrong with enjoying your work though. Just remember that if we're giving you an ear full about something then odds are we're still giving you a chance to listen and learn. Tom never learned that." Jake's comment and Monica's reaction get a raised eyebrow but George keeps his own mouth shut.

Jake looks back at Monica, grinning good naturedly. He's obviously just having fun tonight. It's not every day that an Ahroun can shake off that serious demeanor. He does lead Giselle over to Akecheta and says, "Guard duty tomorrow. You and me. Noon."

"It's okay, Charlie Barnes," Billy says with a smile, "You'll learn all sorts of amazing things and become an amazing soldier, I have no doubt!" That's all said with his mouth full, of course.

Giselle chuckles at Jake and nods her agreement. "Probably." She nods to Monica. "Girl school. It's a totally secret school. They start when you're in diapers and you don't gradute really until you're like seventy." She lets Jake lead her over to Akecheta and she nods. "But no girl school for you." There's a bell that rings out from over by the roasted pigs. "Time to eat!" Some nameless kin calls. "Food's up. Come get it while it's hot."

Akecheta looks back to Jake. "Oh yes sir no worries." Che says with a smile. "Ill be there, sorry my mind was wandering and still is tonight. Trying to reearn the renown I lost." He says with a sigh. "The guilt and such is kind of weighing on me. Not sure how to deal with it all some times so just looking at the sky I hope will help ya know."

Charlie Barnes leans just very slightly away from Billy-- just a bit more than slightly as the man adds in his own messy addendum. Charlie gives a faintly incredulous smile, something that dies off a bit as he turns his attention back to the pair of ragabash. "It's a lot to take in, when you consider the..." He waves his wine glass as if he were trying to wind out whatever word was stuck on the tip of his tongue. "...implications, I guess. I'm taking it in, man. Don't wanna be all headstones and dark poetry about it." He grins. "Figure you get that enough as it is, yeah?"

Jake looks over at the food, grinning widely. "Well, it sure smells delicious. You outdid yourself, Giselle. Really." He's then claps Akecheta on the shoulder. "Hey, you can't beat yourself over stuff. We all make mistakes. If you want we'll talk about it tomorrow."

Monica gives a light chuckle at Giselle's response, though she soon goes back to nodding along to what George is saying. And there's that *name* again, Tom, that - this time - earns genuine curiosity. "Depends on who you talk to," she says absently to Charlie's question, though she's at least faintly amused by his slow lean away from Billy. "What was this 'Tom' guy's deal, anyway?" she asks George, then, moving back to the drink table (which I'm assuming is in earshot) to pour herself another hefty round of bourbon, the first glass of which has yet to catch up with her. If it will at all. "That's the second time you've mentioned him."

When people do not dash for the food, a couple of kin break off, bringing plates. Jake is served first. Then Monica and then Billy and Charlie and Akecheta more or less at the same time. Giselle is brought a plate and a fresh beer and any other drinks are topped off as well. Giselle steps aside a little bit to give people room to sit. The small orchestra begins to play Bohemian Rhapsody, which has a mixture of weird and awe-inspiring mixed in.

George nods at Charlie as he moves over towards the carving station, just sort of expecting the conversation to follow him "Fair point." Then Monica asks her question "He was a glasswalker ragabash that thought I was out to get him. I over estimated his cleverness and he never noticed the lessons I was trying to teach until it was too late. So this time I'm laying it all out straight, I'd rather not see what happened go down again."

Billy moves to offer Akecheta some of his delicious pig and toothpick tasties, and says, "If you are too sad about it, you could seek out people you feel you may have hurt with your temper and apologize. It wounds pride maybe, but it might make you feel better against the guilt."

At the mention of 'Tom', Jake's attention is fully directed to Monica and George. The smile he's worn on his face slips a bit. It seems he's forgotten about the food that was just passed to him and he -waits- to hear George's response...then finally starts in on his food after George does.

Charlie Barnes is suddenly holding food! Huh. A slightly drunk Charlie finds himself gloriously inundated with food and drink, finding a place to set his plate nearby himself, and still within fairly easy hearing range of George. He eats in small bites as he listens, casually expert in his etiquette. "Too late, huh?"

Akecheta shakes his head back and forth as he takes the bite. "Yea no Jake it just comes and goes ya know?" He asks to Billy. "Ive mad my apologies man, my guilt is also a matter of heartbreak bud it'll get better in time thats why I keep spending so much time here to be with out people and well learning to control my temper, as well as the play you know."

"Oh." Billy says with again at Cheta, "Well in that case, I could use some help later, if you don't mind? It'll keep you busy, at least!" He takes his bitchin sweet ashy feast to a table as well and uses a chair and everything, listening to what's going on around him. Mostly, sorta. It's easy to get distracted with all the things around him.

Accepting the food, Monica finds herself distracted by what-- vague things are said about Tom, Jake's own reaction to it drawing her attention. "Anything you want to add?" she asks the Ahroun. "Or is that a conversation for later?"

Okay, Giselle will ask. "What did Tom do exactly that was so bad?" She pulls apart some of the finger-licking-sticky-amazing pork with her fingers and has a little bite once people have started eating.

Jake nods to Che and Billy, "Sure it comes and goes. But Billy has the right idea. Keeping yourself busy helps a lot. Don't worry. Everything will work itself out." Then he's looking back at Monica and says, "Later. This really isn't the time." *cue mysterious music!* But then Giselle asks! NOOOOOOOOO! Uh oh. Well, it looks like George is actually going to answer that question and Jake simply goes silent.

Giselle beams a smile up at Jake and shows off those dimples. "Kin school," she whispers and gives him a wink. Then she turns to listen to George, still eating happily and sipping her beer in between bites.

For her part, Monica keeps her eyes on Jake for a moment, but takes the time to seat herself (hopefully somewhere that has a surface) so she can actually eat, her glass set aside for the time being.

Charlie Barnes very suddenly perks to life. He looks down at the food, then to Giselle, then to George. "I'll be... right back." And he's gone, like a just-fast-enough-to-barely-look-hurried walk. He was not right back.

There's food and merriment and drinks, people sitting at at least one table with plates of delicious food while George is about to bring us Story Time. There's a mix of dressed up and not so dressed up.

Kirk, not so dressed up, glances over at the food spread and nods in silent approval, before glancing back after the departing Charlie. "What's eating him, I wonder," he says to no one in particular.

...even the birds and crickets have gone silent waiting for this epic tale.

"Wine," Monica comments gently to Kirk, her focus primarily on George.

George nods at Charlie and frowns "Yeah, he got himself perished." Then Giselle asks what Tom did "Lets see, stalking a glasswalker kinfolk even when told to leave off by her and others. I get that we need to get as many garou babies out there but no still means no. Pressing the issue to the point of forcing his way into her residence and getting into an argument so intense he frenzied when he found out she not only interested in him but pregnant with another garou's child. Thank goodness Typhanie was there, she turned him into a tree temporarily till the situation was safer and he could be contained." George pauses and takes a sip of beer "Repeatedly acting outside his auspice and when called on it by members of the Auspice he was intruding on he told /them/ that they were the ones doing it wrong. Flirting with a girl outside the Nation who wound up being a Hunter and he told her he was a werewolf. Interrupting another person's funeral rite with a goddamn trombone because 'that's how they do it in new orleans'. Repeated instances of disrespect for the Litany, his elders, the veil, the territory of others.....he was a walking talking hot mess. He once posted a challenge to me on pink construction paper written with crayon and stuck up with goddamn scotchtape to the totem pole in the caern."

Giselle glances over as Kirk appears and a kin immediately brings him food and whispers something about drinks over there. She'll get it for him if he'd like. Giselle glances at Jake and whispers something to him, then turns to George to listen. Her jaw just drops further and further and further until it's just absolutely hanging open. At least she washed that food down with a swig of beer. "That's..." Nope. She can't even

Billy tilts his head at that story, slowly looking more and more like a baffled young wolf until finally saying with a laugh, "You know... I don't know much about people things, and I'm kind of fuzzy on some Garou things for that matter, but that's just really stupid!" Billy does not feel bad about his low intelligence score at the moment!

Jake offers a nod of greeting to Kirk and replies to Giselle, quietly, "Yeah. You said it." He's still refraining from eating until George finishes his story.

Kirk mouths a silent 'thanks' to the kin, heading over to pick up a drink and settle in for the evening. He shakes his head as the plethora of mistakes is listed off, finally piping up after Billy says his piece. "How long did it take him to rack up that many mistakes? Tell me he at least managed to do /some/ useful things in between."

There's a Fury in the (proverbial) room, so of course that first bit gets immediate attention. That said, it's still goddamn awful, and with how abysmal the rest of it is, the flash of anger in her eyes only seems to increase, but it's tempered, thankfully; washed down with a bit more boubon. "No offense," she says, finally, "but--" She pauses-- makes it a point to shut that down before it starts. This isn't her platform; it's Giselle's party. She shakes her head, instead, and says, "Billy's right. That's *really* goddamn stupid." And with that, she takes a bite of the food, turning her attention to *that*, for a time. "And," she notes to Giselle, once she's swallowed, "this food is really goddamn good," offering a smile that doesn't seem forced, but it's certainly tepid. She takes another bite-- then points to him with a utinsel to signify that she, too, is curious about this.

George tilts his head as he considers "He did do some things that were useful, in fact at first most of my problem with him was less about what he was up to and more about how he was going about it. But from when he first arrived to when he lead a couple of spirals into the caern and I executed him on the spot? A year or so I think."

Giselle starts to say something else and then her jaw just.. completely dislocates and now she will have to wire it back together or something. It's just flopping down there on the floor. And then it isn't. Giselle decides that now might be the time to just put down her pig and sit very very still.

"He did *what*?" Monica snaps out, apparently unable to help herself. But, again, it's forcibly tempered, the Fury looking off to one side where no people happen to be, fingers drumming against one side of her glass. Then, she says, "Maybe we should stop talking about this," her voice calmed. "This is a party for Giselle's family, not--" Though she hesitates, largely because of the rank of who's talking, she still amends, "Not a moot. But-- thank you," she says, looking up at George, "for the information."

Sensing the tension, Jake puts his plate down and takes a deep breath...then two. Sloooow exhales. "Yeah, like I said. Not exactly the best party conversation. Everyone...just try to calm down. It's...all in the past."

It'd be nice if someone had said that earlier. Kirk was distracted earlier with getting a plate together, but now that his attention is fully on the story-- well. That poor innocent fork. "Yes, I think that's just the right amount of perspective."

Akecheta comes back and looks around taking a step toward where Jake is standing. He stands next to him and folds his arms. He just gives a look of what did I miss, shakes his head and decides to sit and listen.

Giselle shakes her head. "Nono. It's okay. Really. It's fine." And she means it. Her eyes are big as saucers. "Don't stop on my account."

Billy doesn't know what to do in this situation, so he goes for the old fall back of hugging someone. He chooses Monica, mainly because he's already certain that she won't tear his face off! Moving or not moving as distance requires, he does so, and puffs a breath of warm air on her head.

"I think he might need to stop on *mine*," Monica says, the remark intended to be *kind* of humorous, but it falls short of that mark. But as she opens her mouth to speak again, she's-- hugged. And rather than rage out *again*, she just-- sighs a little, a faint smile on her face, hand raising to pat one of Billy's arms. "Besides," she says, a bit more gently, "it's a party. Last thing your dad needs to see when he shows back up is a bunch of us raging out over old news."

George nods and shrugs as he gestures off in the direction Charlie went "Well yeah, and that's why when another glass walker ragabash showed up seeming ready to give attitude I was a little....ready to let someone else try first." Then George falls silent and digs into his portion of roast pork, a little moan is given and he says "Thank gaia for a regenerator's metabolism."

Billy releases Monica back into the wild and sits again, continuing dedicated work on his plate of food. Everybody has food! Varying stats of dressed up and not so dressed up, lots of delicious foods, and some story time.

Giselle finally just shakes her head and picks up her bite of pig and tears it up a little more. "Come join us, Kirk. There's plenty of food. And we've got wine and beer."

Kirk glances over toward Akecheta, nodding: yeah, you don't want to know. At least the food is still good, it'll take more than an old war story to put them all off /that/ much. He's been hanging out over by the food table up until this point, approaching now and settling down.

Jake claps Kirk on the shoulder as he comes over. "Yes, there's plenty of food. Don't be shy. It's all delicious. I'm sorry you missed meeting Giselle's father and brother but they should be back soon. They had some business to take care of."

Journey approaches from the woods, looking around and rubs his eyes for a moment before approaching. He smiles as he takes in the scene and the setup of food. He smirks as he looks around waving to the gathered group. "Hi everyone." He cals as he approaches.

Akecheta smirks. "So what about party games?" He asks with a chuckle. "Party games are fun. But we all know Billys always lose at extreme fetch." Che says poking at Billy playfully. "Journey how goes it man?" He calls out to Journeys greeting.

Too much of a sausage fest for spin the bottle. Giselle brightens just a touch and waves to Journey. Kin appear, offering food and drink and Giselle waves him over. "What kind of party games?" She nods to Kirk. "Soon. Hopefully. Yes."

Jake grins widely when he spots Journey and waves him over. "Hey, you made it! Great!" He looks over at Che and Billy. "I'm sorry I missed that extreme fetch competition. Must have been classic." Then, to Giselle, "Excuse me for a minute." He heads in the direction of the rest room.

Journey smiles, accepting the offered food and starring in on it as he approaches, "Hey, how're things going?" He asks as he settles nearby Kirk. "Sounds like the visit's going well." He looks at Monica, "That's an unusual mode for you." He comments, looking her over as if cataloging data on what Monica looks like when she tries this look.

Monica smirks a bit, her hand loosely on Billy's shoulder once he sits down again, though it slides away over time, her other hand picking at the food in front of her. "Seemed appropriate for the occasion," she replies to Journey. "My usual attire didn't seem like it fit." Beat. "Good to see you again, by the way." Then, with some amplification to that smirk, she adds, "Hope you enjoyed last night's-- whatever that was."

George got distracted gobbling down food, focusing on things that make you happy is a great way to calm down. "I've got riddles I could ask, that can be fun."

Party games, eh? Not what Kirk would have expected out of Akecheta. The riddle idea sounds right up George's alley, though, and he offers a quick nod. There is still the food to attend to, after all.

Akecheta smiles at this for a moment. "Well I mean Ive never done large parties like this one here. I thought thats the kind of stuff you do at these ones. I mean its not like the MC type parties though those can be fun too." He says thinking for a moment. "Not sure what is done at these types of parties I apologize if Im wrong in my assumptions."

Journey looks to Akecheta, "No, there are often games of skill." He looks to Kirk, "Last time I was at a Get party it was in a Longhouse, right and the south corner was set up as an axe throwing area, it was pretty cool." He nods and looks to George, nodding, "Riddles too, always fun."

George nods and asks his first riddle "Cultivate me and I will grow. If you are worthy, I will become something that will last forever. Speak my name."

Kirk furrows his brow as he considers it. "I can think of a couple things that might fit..." He can't decide between them, though, and leaves it to someone else to pipe up first.

"If it's something fruity like 'love,'" Monica says, "I will be extremely disappointed."

George chukles and grins "Not Love. Any other guesses?"

Journey waits as the others take a shot at the answer. After the rest of the others have a turn, he looks to George, and speakss in the ancient Egyptian briefly, then picks up some food, translating, "You are a Legend."

"I was thinking 'knowledge' or 'friendship'," Kirk offers. "So pretty close, I guess."

George nods to Journey, acknowledging the point "I've got more or you can ask one."

Giselle's father comes back,but without her brother. She moves over to meet him and there is quiet talking for quite some time

Monica smirks up at Kirk. "Friendship?" she says, brow arched. "Wouldn't have taken you for a rose-tinted glasses kinda guy, but-- good to know there's still some optimism in the world."

All the while keeping an eye on whatever's going on with Giselle and co.

Journey looks over to George and shakes his head, "Go ahead, I'm not interested in asking at the moment." He takes a bite of food, "I've had a week." Chew chew, looking over at the Shadow Lord of the hour.

Kirk looks over to Monica and shrugs. "I was trying to come up with what /they/ had in mind. I'm more 'Conan, what is best in life?' by nature."

George chuckles and nods at Journey before asking his next riddle "I have keys but no locks. I have a space but no room. You can enter, but can't go outside. What am I?"

Monica's smile broadens at the answer she gets from Kirk. "Fair enough," she says, returning to the meal she's been picking at for-- some time now. Then, to George, she says, "A keyboard."

George nods at Monica "got it in one."

Journey looks to Monica as she tosses out the answer and he smiles, slowly, going over it, "Oh nice." He nods to himself and continues eating.

"Oh, shit," Monica says, abandoning both plate and glass to stand up and look to the cabin. "Speaking of 'nice,' I should probably check on the little dumbass inside. Make sure he hasn't choked on his own vomit."