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Bawn Patrol 101
IC Date January 8th, 2018
IC Time Late afternoon
Players Dragomir(st), Halona, Sergei, Iris, Kira, Brooke, Ada, Terminal Velocity
Location Deep in the Forrest
Prp/Tp The prp or tp the log is a part of.
Spheres Gaian Garou

TITLE: Bawn Patrol 101

TIME: Mon Jan 08 2018 @ 16:00:00

As the sun is due to set in less than an hour, the lighting overhead is starting to dim and the Sept is beginning to cool down. Compared to the Storm, the weather is a stark contrast from what Prospect has been facing. Warm, no clouds, clear and not even much of a breeze in the air. The Forest is pretty quiet still, most of the wildlife still in a bit of shock after things, but life is beginning to show signs of movement once more.

Dragomir has arranged to meet the bawn patrol just outside of the Sept proper as is normal. Jake seems to have placed him fully in charge of the patrols now, so he spends a good amount of his time organizing them and coordinating their movements. The patrols generally run two groups at a time, sweeping under various routes that Dragomir waits to inform the patrols until it is time to actually run them. The paths are rarely repeated twice, and seem to be random in nature to prevent the Wyrm from learning their methods. Once the group is assembled he offers, "The last patrols had nothing alarming to patrol, your group is going out towards the Southern ridge, down near White Creek point, and you'll come up past the Pineway Bridge. Eyes sharp, ears up." He points towards Halona and says, "You're highest rank, so you call the shots."

Iris takes a break from helping put stuff and things back together out at Glenhurst to do some patrolling. She needs the practice being a wolf and being on guard, and it's good exercise to boot. In lupus, she greets people with a nose touch and pants quietly, it feels hot as fuck after the snow last week!

Halona is present. She enjoys the patrols and has actually been studying them rather extensively. Over and over, and analyzing and critiquing, but still having fun too! Today, she's decided to take her turn in homid, because she rarely does that. She's here and present and accounted for and sporting a little bracelet with a wolf engraved into the leather.

Sergei looks to Halona for direction when she's put in charge and sits at wolfy attention. He likes to patrol to, its an excuse to be physically active and maybe fight stuff.

Iris does as well! After a 'howdy there' nose poke at Dragomir, that is.

"Yes, Alpha," Halona says, turning in a full circle. "Last week, the last patrol that I went on they took this little deer path. And this one over here has been run to death. Lookit. But this one over here, see?" SHe points through a copse of trees that.. doesn't really look like much of a PATH at all.. "It's newer. Hasn't been used hardly at all and some of the branches and things are fresh snapped. So we'll go that way, sticking together for now. If something comes up, we may divide off later.

Howling-Wind nods at Halona and sniffs as he pads over in the direction she indicated, also in his wolf form. He trusts her greater knowledge of the local terrain and nods in agreement >>If it hasn't been traveled recently it hasn't been checked recently.<<

"Sounds good!" Iris wuffs to Halona, and starts off when she seems ready to rock. She alternates between ground sniffing, plant sniffing, and sky sniffing, just getting a wolf nose full of all sorts of interesting. The novelty of being able to be a wolf hasn't worn off yet. She stops a moment so she can swivel her ears, asking, "Do you hear that? Is that hummingbirds or wasps or something? I hope it's not wasps."

"I do." Halona tips her head too, pausing, holding out her hand. "Wait. Hush," she murmurs. "That's too far away for us to have...." She isn't sure. Not sure. But it can't hurt, right? If it turns out to be some of Bronwyn's killer bees, well, then at least she isn't in breed form. "Sergei, you hear it?" She closes her eyes and lifts her hand and points, turning slightly until she's got the direction and angle

Howling-Wind tilts his head and listens harder when wasps are mentioned >>I do not hear them. I do not think we have birds that hum back in Siberia.<<

Iris's front paws dance a little bit with anxious curiosity. It's not the scared sort but the 'oh my god if I don't find out what that is, my head will god damned explode' kind. No bolting into the brush though, she sticks with the pack and her faux alpha while Sergei attempts to hone in on the sound.

Halona nods, sending Sergei the sound as best she can over the pack link. "Move slowly, move quietly. Let's get closer." And then she does her best to forestninja, but right there in front of the other two, so they might still have a chance of tracking her.

Howling-Wind nods as he moves to sneak along with his packmate, not as invisible as she can get but still sneaky some.

Kira has been there the whole time, honest! She's in wolf form and walking on all fours as the wolf typically does. She's a mostly brown wolf with some patches of dark brown. She sniffs as she walks along, and appears to hear the buzzing sound, but doesn't right off say what it might be. Her eyes scan the area as she stays close to the group.

The sneaks be sneaky-yo, doing their sneaky-stuffs, all sneaky-like. Padding through the woods towards the sound, which after a while even those that couldn't hear it before can barely make it out with supernatural hearing. As you all get up closer, you may make a perception (visual) test.

It's a bird... it's a plane... no, it's a weird mechanical bug?.. pretty big too.. buzzing (almost completely silently) over the forest and it's very hard to tell just what it is doing at the moment.

Halona spots the thing and she dips underneath a low branch for cover. "What is that thing? Everyone under cover." She isn't freaking out yet. Not that she can be seen, of course, but STILL. She watches it, head cocked to the side and watches as it circles. Her eyes narrow just a touch and she shakes her head. "It's ... right where the Winter Winds ritual was done. Where the fight was. Shifting down."

Iris zips under some brush cover and lies down, head up to look at the drone(?) with head tilted and ears swiveled. She stops a moment to look around, then back up, then around again before saying quietly, "I'm certain this is about where we did that ritual in the snow, the Winter Winds? I'm *sure* of it. I distinctly remember trying not to pass out against that tree that looks like a dapper salesman."

Howling-Wind nods and looks around, staying in wolf form as he peers at the drone suspiciously, deciding that its too high for him to jump at and break.

Kira follows Halona's direction, and she findds a low branch to cover under. She's quiet as she listens to the others.

Like the Wind leans up just a little bit, still watching the thing. Halona can't... well, she's in lupus now.. so she doesn't have LIPS, per se. So she makes a little wheezing sound to call up a little breeze to buffett the thing around

"There's got to be someone controlling it, right?" Iris says, homid enough to know a little bit about drones but not savvy enough to know much about them beyond their existence. "I mean, they're not autonomous or.. whatever the word is, I don't think...?"

Kira takes a closer look at the object and she tries to figure out what it could be. However, the answer is just out of reach of her brain. On the tip of her tongue, but too far to say.

Howling-Wind doesn't break cover but just stays fixated on the drone, making sure it doesn't try anything funny.

The drone tilts at the sudden gust of wind, but seems to right-itself easily enough. It stops circling around, and instead assumes a hovering mode as it starts to turn like it's changing its facing around for some reason now.

And suddenly, that thought on the tip of Kira's tongue, moves further up the tongue. She tells the group in the lupine language, >>It's a type of drone with a camera. I think there is a wireless transmitter, that's usually what an antenae on the back of it means.<<

"But how far is the operator?" Iris wonders aloud, "It can't be far, right? Alpha-Halona, if it's a Weaver creature, what should we do? Or if it's just a human? Seems less likely cause of where this is at, but you never know."

<<So it is controlled from afar. They could be anywhere. Is there a distance on how far that the controller may be?>> Windy is WATCHING, tracking every movement it makes. Where's that camera pointed at? Where IS the camera?

Howling-Wind gets lower to the ground, practically laying down >>I Don't like it. That it is in this place is suspicious.<<

Like the Wind nods to Sergei. >>It must come down. I can probably harass it with the wind until they recall it. Maybe.<<

Kira takes in their questions before responding, <<My guess is that who ever is operating it, is maybe a few miles away. But that's just a guess. If we knocked it down, whoever operated it would probably come for it.>>

Howling-Wind shrugs >>Either knock it down or make them call it back. Or wait it out and follow it when they call it home to feed it.<<

"That's just inviting them in, though," Iris says thoughtfully, "Maybe better to harass it until it's recalled, maybe?"

Like the Wind nods again and makes that little whiny sound, once more slapping the drone around with the wind.

The wind buffets the drone, but it doesn't seem to be enough to take it down. This is clearly a powerful weaver-servant bug.

Howling-Wind has an interesting idea and watches the antenna as the drone gets buffeted, looking to see if it goes back to pointing the same direction each time.

Kira watches the drone move around, waiting to see what might happen next.

It seems the most effective way to move the wind.. is DOWN.. it has less resistance to being pushed down than in the other directions, by its design. When you do push it down, it drops about ten feet suddenly and has to reclimb.

Suddenly the drone turns, and starts to head TOWARDS the group.

That seems to be inneffective. Like the Wind only messes with it for maybe thirty seconds or so. But then.. Down works. <<Cover. Be prepared for anything.>>

"Uh oh." Iris wuffs quietly, squishing into a small ball under her brush cover. "Suggestion, possibly a really terrible one, I don't know, but I'm throwing it out there. Do you want some areal recon? I could get above the drone without being seen, possibly, and do a quick circuit to see if I can spot its source? No guarantees that I'd find anything through the tree cover, but.." Her bag of tricks is fairly limited just yet.

Kira huddles more under the branch that she's hiding from. She looks to see where it's coming from, and readies herself to dodge if need be.

Howling-Wind tenses up and shares silently to his packmate >>It faces a particular direction, we can flank it possibly.<<

The entity flies over towards you all, seems to scan around the area - and then rather suddenly it climbs and starts to fly off at a rather fast speed towards the East.

<<Do it, Iris,>> Halona barks when the thing gets up and flies off. <<Kira, Sergei, spread out. Keep it in your sight if you can. GO.>>

Kira exits her cover as the drone flies off. She follows Halona's direction, and spreads out from the others, following the drone as best she can. She begins running on all paws.

Howling-Wind moves of to one side of the drone's line of travel, rushing to keep pace with it.

At Halona's order, Iris gives herself a shake and produces a pair of large white wings, keeping them pressed close to herself while she itches with a back foot to try and get a talen out and use it without falling over or losing sneak appeal. She manages it and POOF! She's *gone*!

Howling-Wind is able to keep up with the fast moving drone, but the others are falling behind. Perhaps if they use some manner of communication the others can catch up later. Meanwhile, Iris is left behind to tend her fetishes.

Like the Wind has her pack chat. She uses it often. Not unusual. <<You got it, Sergei? Keep it in your sights. I... fell...>> into a hole, not much bigger than her foot, but then she's up and running again, snurfling the air for Sergei's scent,w hich should NOT be hard to find AT ALL.

Howling-Wind its not the same as running down prey on the open tundra but he's been chasing things since before his first change. He knows how this goes.

Kira feels her paws strike against the ground, all four moving in perfect synch in order to propel her further. Still- she doesn't seem to be as fast as the others. She's keeping the pack in sight if she can no longer see the drone.

The drone suddenly changes direction, moving South - like it's trying to shake the tail? Though Howling-Wind is able to keep up with it. Like the Wind is able to use Merlin's guidance to track Howling-Wind, but Kira is falling behind and Iris is about ready to take flight.

Howling-Wind is on the hunt, persuing it gleefully as his packmate ordered. Hunting with his pack and running really fast are two of his favorite things.

Kira comes across a barrier in her way, a thick thorn thistle. By the time she finds her way around it, she's fallen behind. She sniffs the air, trying to capture Halona's scent. She attempts to find the pack, she uses all of her senses and then runs in that direction.

Like the Wind has his scent. She launches herself in that direction, letting out a little 'yip' since she's pretty sure they've been seen already. SHE hasn't.. so that's a good thing

As Howling-Wind comes racing towards the drone, he is met with... a firing line waiting for him. As rifles bark off rounds of ammunition to gun down the wolf with precise and brutal accuracy. These are clearly not your average, run of the mill gunmen.

Behind the men, is another man standing by a Black SUV in a trenchcoat - and yet another smaller more geeky looking man who is working on catching the drone and trying to get it into the vehicle swiftly.

Like the Wind jigs, jags, zigs, zags, gets around the shooty guys. It's hard to even see her until she's leaping out in her lupus form and she CHOMPS into sexy tree dude's jacket. Her teeth bite clean through the metal and into soft, tender, squishy, deli------gross flesh.

The camouflaged soldier types, switch quickly over to full-auto as the wolf seems to dance around bullets. An order is yelled by one of them, "Covering Fire, protect the package!" and the men unleash hell with their rifles and spray the area as they start to tactically move back towards the SUV in a protective pattern. As Like the Wind comes bounding past them and leaps into the Agent who was walking away, he makes a very swift motion with something from his pocket which glints silver and rather dispassionately thrusts it into Like-the-Wind's belly and twists with a sneer on his expression. "Fucking mutt." The Operator puts the UAV back into the back of the SUV, and slams the doors closed - looking like he's going to run around towards the driver's side as fast as he can.

Howling-Wind hears his packmate call out in his mind that the enemy has Silver. That changes everything. He grits his teeth against the pain and speedshifts to his hulking hispo form and takes a runing leap over the soldiers heads, taking a few slashes from their knives, for the silver weilding agent. He lands on the guy and his jaws come down on the wrist of the hand holding the silver weapon, severing it and letting it fall to the to the ground.

With 8 friggin Flight successes, Iris takes off with absolutely no trouble and goes soaring high into the air, completely invisible but totes majestic as fuck. She begins sweeping the forest from above while her pseudo-packmates chase from the ground. Besides, no one ever looks up, so when she hears gunshots, there's no fear of flying that direction. What ho! Is that weapon's fire? Iris sees the SpecOps people backing towards the SUV, the nerd running for the driver's seat and the agent close to it as well. She shifts into crinos on her way in, then tucks her body, folds her wings, and goes into a massive cannonball dive. There's a colossal BOOM! as her massive self slams into the passenger's side of the SUV, sending the vehicle rolling as Halona takes the Agent down. The flying SUV hits the SpecOps agents, severely wounding one, smashing and killing another while giving two more some pretty decent dings.

Iris is no longer invisible as of the moment she slammed into the SUV, I think.

The Operator pretty much shits himself at what just happens, and screams like a quite feminine cat and starts to scramble and run away from the scene. His arms flail upwards, and he stumbles and trips before trying to get back to his feet - running for his life.

Like the Wind launches herself at the nearest unoccupied asshole and she BITES the nearest thing, which happens to be his shoulder, then GROWLS in his face, mouth dripping with blood, nostrils flared, eyes wide, pupils constricted down to little points. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

When the guy doesn't die, Halona gets kinda pissed off. But.. but.. she restrains herself and she opens her mouth for another bite and then.. just sits on him. Plunk. <<Alive. Question>>

Howling-Wind ran off into the woods after the nerd and comes back without the poor guy but looking pleased with himself. He comes over the toppled SUV to see one unclaimed prey squirming, he snarls and chomps his throat. Spitting out the gobbet of tasty flesh because he's a good boy.

Howling-Wind adds to Halona >>The coward is alive in the woods.<<

<<K.>> And THEN Like the Wind chomps this guy right in the neck. end it quick.

Iris picks her head up and then launches herself towards one of the living soldiers in a blur of angry rage speed. She takes his half-her-size ass down, already beginning to pick him up by his flailing appendages to use as a beating meat stick. She raises his freaked out delirium form up and brings his ass DOWN on.. well whoever. If they're alive, they won't be for long, and if not, well fuck it, this guy's hitting the ground seriously hard and isn't gonna live either. Woo! Iris snaps her wings out and does the closest thing to a 'woo hoo' that a wolf can manage, which is more of a howl than anything else.

Kira releases the guy's ass, just to jump on his back, pushing him to the floor. She takes a bite out of his neck to rip out his jugular. She spits out the flesh.

<Terminal Velocity> Dragomir hearing the discussion, will ask, "What's going on?"

<Terminal Velocity> Howling-Wind says, "A flying weaver thing near where the rite of winter winds was held. Followed it back to its owners when it ran and they had guns. I need to get something very VERY nice for your mate. Their war leader had a silver knife and their weaver-priest tried to run. The leader and his soldiers are dead, the weaver-priest is captured."

<Terminal Velocity> Ada corrects, in an almost distracted tone, "A drone, wolf friend.

<Terminal Velocity> Howling-Wind says, "Yes, that."

<Terminal Velocity> Like the Wind says, "AND THE FUCKER STABBED ME WITH SILVER! THAT ASSHOLE! BUT SERGEI KILLED HIM AND I.... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... we're going to question the one still alive."

<Terminal Velocity> Dragomir listens, "Cloud Control, can you meet us there? Sounds like we need your expertise here."

Like the Wind wanders away to chill out for a moment

<Terminal Velocity> Like the Wind says, "I'm just going to go ver here."

Iris stays all puffed up and McLargehuge, juuuuuust in case. No one ever expects the round two inquisition! She leaves the prisoners to the Terminal Velocity pack and instead goes to inspect the flipped SUV. "Songbird, give me a hand, would you? Let's find their important stuff that they wanted to guard in here."

<Terminal Velocity> Ada says, "I can, although, I may need to hold onto it for further study. Give me a little time to get over there."

Kira nods when Iris calls to her. She jumps off her fallen victim and heads for the SUV. She begins to look and sniff the vehicle. If possible, she would try to move the package with her teeth. Assuming it's not a bomb shape of some sort.

The SUV is pretty demolished, including the components inside which were hit hard by something McLargeHuge. The Drone is nested in it's control case, but wasn't secured down so has smashed against the side of the inside. The SUV seems to be a transport for 4 soldiers in the back and the Agent and Operator were up front in theory. There is computery-weaver stuffs in the back of the SUV.. but it'll require someone with some techy knowledge to know what it does.

Shortly after, a large Silvery-white Dire wolf bounds onto the scene, and takes a moment to look around and inspect the trees riddled with bullet-holes and the smell of man-shit and death in the air. >>Quite a battle. Someone needs to tend to Like-the-Winds wounds, she's badly injured.<< he looks towards Howling-Wind, >>Are you okay?<<

Howling-Wind will have dragged his prisoner over by a foot, standing and waiting as he eyes the SUV and its contents suspiciously. When his Alpha arrives he nudges the prisoner with a toe >>The prisoner we kept.<<

Iris helps with maneuvering some of the probably-now-junk back there, but when the Fang arrives and alerts her to Halona's injuries, her ears prick and she abandons the task to Kira while shifting down into homid again. "You know homid stuff, sort through that jazz and see if there's anything important. Anyone else wounded besides Like the Wind?" The overall smells of death sort of masked friend-wound smells.

Howling-Wind shakes his head at Iris's question >>The few bullets that hit me of the hundreds they fired were base metal. No silver wound for me this time, it was LikeTheWind's turn.<<

Kira attempts to remove the control case of the drone out with her teeth or paws. If this doesn't work, she'll turn into homid form and retrieve it with her hands.

The Silvery White Wolf bobs his head towards Howling Wind >>Well done.<< and he turns to look towards Like the Wind, >>Your group suffered grievous wounds Like the Wind.. but I see only humans. How did this happen?<<

Like the Wind is healed, but still pretty much bloody head to toe. When she sees the Alpha, she straightens. "Humans they may be, but the one man had a silver knife. That means he was prepared for us. There was a Weaver bot in the sky and I moved it with the wind and then it focused in on us and then I knocked it down and we chased it. To here. I may not have been so worried about it except that it was inspecting the area over where the ritual was done on Winter Winds."

Brooke arrives, as tech support is need, and of course she is on speed dial. She walks up near her Alpha, listening and ready with all her gadgets to do what is needed.

Howling-Wind is really glad he doesn't have to make any more decisions and he just sits back on his haunches, still in hispo, guarding the prisoner.

Kira is in homid form with a drone in her hand. She smiles when she sees Brooke with her gadgets. She hands the drone over to Brooke. "There are some weaver tech stuff in the back of that SUV. I'm not sure what it is, but maybe you know?"

Ada appears through the ol' Moon Bridge, wearing some sweat pants, a ratty t-shirt, and slippers. In one hand, she holds a multi-tool. In the other, she brandishes a huge-sized roll of tinfoil. As soon as she appears in the here and now, she looks this way and that, waving the foil around. "Is everyone dead? If I get blood on my robe, I'll be upset."

Dragomir shifts up to a stand and frowns sternly, looking from Like the Wind and then towards Howling Wind. He shakes his head, and then looks back. "You are new moon, Like the Wind. You led your group to take a direct approach, and you were ambushed. We rely on you to be wiser than the straight path." he lifts his hand and points towards her belly and says, "Let your wound be your reminder, never underestimate your opponent again." He reaches out his hand and pats her shoulder, "Good job thwarting what they were doing.." a glance over towards Brooke and Ada as they arrive now. "Lets figure out what they were doing.." motioning for Brooke and Ada to do their Weaver work, and he keeps away from it. A glance towards Iris and Kira, "Are you both alright?"

Iris follows Halona back into the battlespace, rubbing at her cheek where a big paw print and a red mark says the wolf put up a bit of a fight about the healing. Not that she looks upset, medics deal with some weird shit. "Hey, ladies!" she says to the arrived Brooke and Ada while moving around to go double check Sergei's fine and doesn't have more holes than he's supposed to. "Oh I'm fine, thanks for asking! I got to cannon ball a car. Truck. Whatever you call it." she says with a proud grin and a point at the crater in the side of the overturned vehicle.

Howling-Wind nods over at the downed SUV >>No blood in the car-thing. Don't go over there though, lots of blood over there.<< The last bit is indicating where all the soldiers died.

Iris adds to Dragomir, "Well, to Halona's credit, she did set up an ambush of her own to flank them while the direct approach was had.

"Yes, Alpha." Halona says and then she just sits down, putting her hands in her hair, elbows on her knees. Time for the little raggie to tune out for a moment or two.

"SUV,"Kira corrects gently. She nods to Dragomir, "I'm well. Thanks."

Brooke hmms. She checks out the SUV first, and quickly realizes, "This vehicle is for Government operatives to use for surveillance and transport. It has a whole hub system built in to relay and transfer information over an encrypted network."

Ada makes her way over to the gear along with Brooke, tucking her tool down one deep pocket of her robe. She studies it intensely, paying some attention to the transmitter bits, then whacks the roll of foil against her thigh. She walks around to the front of the car, pops the hood, then takes a look at the inside of that. Moving down to the ground, she peers at the undercarriage. "Unplug the car battery?" She suggests.

Dragomir looks about, leans over to whisper something to Halona before he listens to what Brooke and Ada say, "What does that mean?.. like they carry information inside it?" he seems confused. Then he looks towards Ada and asks, "I think the SUV is dead." he gestures and then starts to walk over towards the unconscious Operator and looks down at him. A nod is given towards Howling Wind, "Good job keeping him alive."

Howling-Wind nods back at his Alpha and considers the situation carefully >>He was terrified and soiled himself. I think he's human.<<

Iris comes around the side of the flipped SUV - and at the correction she finger guns at Kira, "Yes, that!" - and gives her big white wings a flap to help her jump up on there so she can sit down in the enormous crater she made. That's like the most amazing thing she's ever done, and she's not over the novelty of sitting in an enormous metal digit yet.

Brooke explains, "They can carry information inside. But mostly they collect the information and send it off elsewhere. I will need to examine it in further and attempt to repair it to see if I can trace where the information was sent to. I'm not sure what algorithms they used to encrypt it, and depending on the damage, I may not be able to figure it out. But I can try. I am sure that whatever information they got from the drone has already been sent out."

Halona stays pretty much just as she is, but she's listening. She mumbles something to Dragomir and lifts her head, folding her arms over upraised knees as she watches. "Was it sent or do they have to send it still?"

Dragomir looks a bit confused still, this techno-babble has his head spinning. "Wait.. what do you mean?.. " he turns to look towards Halona and Sergei, "I thought you said you caught everyone?.. did more get away?" he looks back and forth between them all now.

"GPS," Ada calls from somewhere underneath the sideways car, poking at it with one finger. "We should consider getting the hell out of here, very, very soon, because people know exactly where this team is."

Howling-Wind curls his lip and looks disgusted >>Weaver magic. The people here did not get away. Their sorcery might have sent their knowledge on ahead.<<

Brooke nods. "More than likely the information from the drone has been sent already. Give me 10 minutes and I can get all I need from this SUV to study it further and try to track down what info went where and everything else I can find out."

Kira smiles at Iris and she nods. She listens to the information given. She nods at Ada when she encourages them to leave. When she's given the nod, she heads out as soon as possible.

"They shouted to protect the package," Iris says from her perch, "And they were trying to keep everyone away while the drone was getting secured by that skinny guy that's still alive. So.. I mean *hopefully* not." She looks to Ada and asks, "..Does it come off? Cause the GPS could be launched elsewhere, right? I bet you smart guys could hurry rig a friggin rocket and launch it the hell outta here!" Who knows if that would even work, maybe she just saw it in a movie once. Either way, she shivers her wings and lets them shrink back down to lay against her back and turn back into a pretty tattoo again.

Dragomir hears the news, considering the situation and frowns. "The Veil needs to be protected.. " he looks towards Iris and Sergei and motions, "Flip the SUV back over.. we need to get it out of here." then he looks towards Halona and Kira and says, "Load up the bodies inside of it.. scrub the area." He looks towards Brooke, "Salvage what you need quickly.." then he looks towards Ada, "Going to need you to drive this SUV away as fast as you can.. crash it somewhere and light it on fire, let the bodies burn inside. We don't want anyone drawn here if we can avoid it."

Brooke adds, "This thing is government issue. It has GPS, so they already have the location. So we need to destroy the GPS receiver before you get it out of here."

"It draws power from the car. I'd sever it, but I think Brooke needs it going to see what the car is talking to. Still..." Ada moves over to the drone and draws out the foil. If Brooke doesn't interject, she'll wrap the robot in aluminum foil. She uses the entire roll on the little robot, wrapping it from every side in a cocoon of metal. "Would killing the guy be part of that plan?" She glances over at Drago. "They do already seem to know what we are, if they've silver, and stuff."

Howling-Wind will shift to crinos to lend Iris a hand to tip the SUV back upright when she's ready.

Halona nods, pushing upto her feet immediately and starts throwing bodies into the vehicle and she looks over at the one that's still alive just a split second before Ada speaks and then her gaze slips over to Dragomir. She was wondering exactly the same thing. Halona's usually easy-going smile has sort of evaporated and she's working purely on adrenaline right about now.

And that's starting to fade.

Dragomir points towards the Operator as he starts walking towards him, angry and growls, "He's mine." reaching down a hand to grab the shitty little man and pull him off the ground.

"Yep, see that's why you guys are the Glasswalkers." Iris says with a grin, and just kinda keeps an eye out from her elevated position in case anything sneaks up on them.