2018.03.18 Binary or Death

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Binary of Death
Coffee With Friends
IC Date March 18, 2018
IC Time Morning
Players Faith, Lexi, Paul Barakat, Robert, Richard, Lilian, Fred, Catherine,Wilder, Samara, Ellis, River
Location Prospect Roasters Coffee Shop

Prospect Roasters is your standard issue, run of the mill, coffee house. It is faux painted in washes of colors striking a calculated balance between dynamic and soothing. There is a mural painted into the wall of a neverending crowd of people, a welcoming attitude and open feel in the faces of the people. The people are of every breed of humankind, every race, every style of dress, from every culture on earth. Above the heads of the crowd, is the inscription,

"Peace is not unity in similarity, but unity in diversity, in the comparison and conciliation of differences"

Obvious Exits: Patio <PA> Out <O> Kitchen <Ki>

Lexi is sitting at a table by herself, looking sleepy. She's dressed for a casual day and even though it's cool she's got on shorts and a tank top with a flannel draped around her waist in case she gets cold. Her upper arm sports a bruise that wraps almost half way around her upper arm and she's chatting at her phone, wrapping up whatever she's doing. "This is @LexiNoms and that's all for now. I'll post more later.. if I don't fucking die of sleep dep. Night!"

Robert pulls into the little coffe shop. "I'm telling you, I did not bring him home on purpose, he stowed away." he argues with Mama Paul as he pushes the door open.

Paul says, "Yeah, yeah. And just WHO is it that is constantly telling folks that /I'm/ the one filling the place up with a menagerie?""

Paul adds, smirking, "And still wanna know how a SNAKE, of all things, gets /MY/ name?"

"Hey guys.." Faith greets Paul and Robert from behind as she steps in off the street, her eyes dark beneath from an obvious lack of something resembling rest. She pauses a moment inside the door to get her bearings, counter - that way. "You know you are Paul.." she interjects into the conversation with a slight smirk, "But it's all good because snakes are some of the coolest creatures on the entire planet." She keeps moving toward the counter even as she speaks.

Lexi glances over her shoulder at the quasi-familiar Robert and she lifts a hand and she looks from him to Paul and almost bounces in her seat. SHe does a little booty wiggle like an excited pug and half-spins in her seat. "OH! So you're the other Paul?" She bounces her leg just a little bit and GRINS and hops up to her feet and heads over to meet Paul half way to wherever he's going. "That was my fault. I'm so excited to meet you after yesterday." Wiggle wiggle. Wag. Wiggle.

Robert gives faith a grin when she comes in behind him. "Hey, good morning." and the grin gets wider when Lexi does her Pug impersonation and heads their way. "Well, fancy seeing you here." and he motions to esch in turn. "Lexi of Lexi noms, food blogger. Faith, /not/ of Faith no More, and Paul, the human and senior."

Paul grins but sticks his tongue out at Faith, "Well, ain't sure I agree. I love all animals, just snakes are at the bottom of the list is all." He actually blushes a bit at Lexi's comment, "You must be that food Lady Bobby told me about. Nice meeting you, Ma'am." He tips an imaginary hat to her.

Faith reaches the counter in the most efficatious crossing ever, because, "I'll have.." oh holy hell, look at Lexi go. Faith actually stops long enough to point at the extremely energetic redhead. "Two of whatever she just drank, and a whole grain muffin. Please." She turns back to raise a hand in greeting to the food blogger, pointing out, "More like Faith: not wanting to know what is true." She makes a finger-pinch motion at Paul's tongue and mentions, "I know there's an improbability of birds inside, but I'd watch that tongue all the same. Cause like we just discussed, Faith - when shit happens."

When Paul tips his 'hat', she spreads her 'skirts' and offers a little curtsy in return. "In the flesh. Lexi. You're MUCH cuter than your snakely counterpart, I must say.

Robert gives Paul a quirky grin as she compliments him. "See, it's not all bad. Besides, you coukduse a fellow foodie around. Someone who can keep upwith your bottomless gut." and he does check out the bruise on Lexi's arm. "Someone try to grab you or somethin?"

Pulling away from the counter with way too much caffeine in a cup, and a muffin, Faith starts back toward the trio, taking a longer look at the bruises that Robert points out.

Paul grins at Lexi, "Least that's something then, right? So, you love food too?" He asks before he starts to turn to Nina, but she is already starting his two double Veggie Melts, with country potatoes. "You have one of those sites on the web, huh? Computers don't like me very much, I'll have to let Bobby bring it up."

Paul stares at the bruises as well then, "You okay, you hurt anywhere else?"

Lexi glances down at her arm, turning it a little to peek at it. "Damn, that one's bad." She smiles up at Robert and shakes her head. "No. I just bruise super easy." She tugs up her shirt just about an inch and her shorts down about half an inch. There's a brand new bruise where the button to her shorts sits. "That was from leaning over my counter to grab my keys at home. That one..." She looks at her arm again as she smooths her clothes back in place. "Oh! That's probably from where... hmmmm.. nop, no clue. They don't hurt usually. No sharp lines.. " She shrugs. "Dunnno." Then she grins at Paul, slipping from the one subject to the more pleasant one seamlessly. "Dude, I frikkin' love food. You have no idea. I've been all over the world, eating just a little bit of everything. Bobby has my card that has all my channels on it."

Richard comes in from Comet St. and Ash St.

Robert motions to a table where they can all sit. "I'll refrain from asking about the cause, though the doctor part of me is terribly curious and wants to throw all the advice you've probably already heard at you. So instead, let's sit, have some of wonderful bread and coffee, and talk about food, animals, and.. whatever it is Faith finds intruguing." he offers with a wink toward Faith. Teasing. Mostly.

Faith is standing near Lexi, Paul and Robert with a large triple espresso in a to-go cup and a muffin in her hand. She's currently staring rather openly at Lexi's bruises, which the woman was just showing to Robert and Paul. She raises her muffin wielding hand to brush a little hair from her face with a smirk for Paul. "I'm a cop, the things I find intriguing are not appropriate breakfast conversation.. well, except math. Math and Snakes rock my world."

The door to Prospect Roasters opens, and in comes Richard Cromwell. Slung over his shoulder is a small, hip bag that probably holds a MacBook and little else. It has an orange and black shield on the outside, and some university name embossed on the leather. When he goes to get his coffee from Nina, the change in accessories is enough to make her ask about it. Perhaps the man is not much for change in an environment that knows him well. Words are exchanged; pleasant ones, of course. And the exchange is made.

Lilian comes in from Comet St. and Ash St.

Paul gets his large coffee, and pours enough sugar into to put a diabetic into a coma. He points to the muffins, "I'll take a couple of those muffins too. And toss one in for Bobby too." He shakes his head at Lexi, "Bobby's right though, that could mean something. But won't bug you about it. Where all in the world have you been? I want to travel more." He chuckles at at Faith. "I thought cops would have all kinds of good stories, it ain't all bad is it? Cats up trees, and finds kids and all. Oh, and helping folks get into their cars when they leave their keys in."

Lexi grins at Robert. "Remember the accident and the refurbished kidney I was talking about yesterday? Blood thinners, combined with a lovely cocktail of a year's supply of muscle relaxers, pain pills and immunosuppressants make my skin a walking disaster area. Not to mention that every germ that floats by sticks to me like a flytrap. It's cool. I actually documented my recovery and every single bruise that I got for the first year after the transplant." She motions toward Robert. "It's the LexiBattle channel." She grins at Paul. THe girl must have had an entire pot of espresso, because even with the sleepy look, she's going on a mile a minute. "Every continent except Antarctica so far, just in the last year. I'm hoping to go THERE next." As for Faith being a cop, she nods and looks her over and follows her gaze to the bruises upon her skin and shrugs. Not a thing to her.

Lexi also goes to join them at a table

Robert bleahs at the idea of going to antarctica. "Oh, domthey do the tube food? Like from spaceships? Or just lots of cans and tv dinners? Not that I would mind the chance to study polar bears, penguins, and seals while there are still ice caps to study them at."

Lilian comes in and heads to the counter looking bleary eyed. There is that slight slump as she pushes up her sunglasses and squints at the offerings for drink and food here this morning. "Man too much light." Is groaned out as she fumbles with her purse some for some meds to go with her order.

"I work the Gang Unit Paul, it's syringes and bullets.. all god damned day." She notices Mr. Cromwell retrieving his coffee and adds, "Speaking of which, "Hey Richard!" She calls out to the man across the space and waves him over as she adds for Paul, "And serial killers.. cause.. I have so many extra hours in my day." She glances back at Lexi and gives a nod as she catches the glance. "I agree with Robert, a person's right to privacy and personal choice about their health care isn't something to be invaded lightly. But if you need me.. just get my number from one of these jokers... and grats on the transplant - that's a hell of a challenge to overcome." When Richard gets close enough she gestures around, "Richard - this is Paul, Robert, and Lexi. I was gonna have some coffee with them but I wanted to check in and make sure you're okay after last night. I saw the report."

With coffee in hand, Richard takes his preliminary sip while simultaneously turning around from the counter. It is a practiced habit that seems to be almost necessary for whatever routine he has in Roasters. This sip is capped with a calling of his name, which gets his attention. His brows loft over the rims of his glasses when he sees the source of it, and makes his way over to the table when prompted by Faith. He'll look to each assembled when Faith lists their names, then to the blonde woman when she asks about the report. He clears his throat, covering his mouth and murmuring an 'excuse me' before he replies, "It was grisly, but the authorities were able to respond promptly. I gave as much information as I could. All fingers and toes accounted for."

To those who have yet to meet the suited Cromwell, he is as unimpressive as he looks. Down to the American but otherwise indistinguishable accent. No East Coast. No West Coast. No Southern twang or Boston brogue. Not even a midwest pluck for vowel sounds. Nothing.

Paul rolls his eyes at Robert, "They are probably like Alaska. Got some areas that look like the rest of the country. But I heard up north they eat moose steaks. Who knows maybe bear too. But you know how I feel about eating meats." He hands Robert his muffin and then takes his tray of food to the table with Faith and the others. He looks to Lilian curiously as she talks about the light, and listens to Faith. Looking to Richard then he blurts out, "What happened?"

Lexi smiles pleasantly at Faith and she nods. "Unless you can un-ticket me for double parking a few days ago, I think I'm good, but I appreciate it." And it appears as though she means it. When Richard is introduced, she smiles pleasantly. "Hi, Richard." She takes her seat with the jokers and gives Lilian a wave. "They get a summer re-stock and tons and tons, literally, of meat and frozen vegetables, and they have a hot house too. There's one little base camp that claims they make an amazing penguin stew, but it's the wrong season for that right now, so I'm biding my time. They REALLY hate non-residents going there. It's a hassle. Too cold, even in the summer, to accommodate us whiny sorts."

Lilian looks about and spots one, maybe two faces she sort of knows, "Hey food girl" to Lexi, "Morning Numbers" to Richard and then sits with some effort at table or something near the group. It is the water she does first with some pills she retrieved from that monster purse. Then after water and pills a long pull of her coffee as she just for now starts at the bagel. Then her foggy brain places something said, "Totally missed the morning news."

"Good thing.." Faith answers Richard as she points towards his hand with a sweep of her finger. "If you lost a digit, I don't know how you'd manage counting to ten." Her lips curl into a smile that's broad an lopsided. Not the prettiest expression, as it stretches that scar and ends up in a partial snarl. She lets Richard answer Paul, and picks the thread back up with Lexi.. "Wait.. Antarctica? You're going? That would be so freakin' exciting.." She tips the cup up to drink from the liquid life, raising a hand to wave to Lilian across the room as well.

Robert can only see one table big enough formthe growing group, and figures Eloise can boot them off if she shows up. Or Nina can. Whatever. But in the meanwhile, his butt goes there. "I'd do it for a month or so, but onky with company I know. At least I'd be a little less annoying. Trained physicians with some survival skills tend to be welcome in quite a few places." Brag brag brag. "Although I think I'mmwith Paul, Alaska is about as cold as I really want to get."

Challenge accepted. Richard holds up his fingers, except the thumb, on both hands. "I can count up to 255 with two missing fingers," he tells Faith. He then demonstrates by curling and uncurling fingers. For those that recognize binary notation, it is precisely what he is representing. When Lilian calls him Numbers, he looks askance in her direction. "Good morning," he says to her, courteous as always. Then finally, back to the question Robert has asked. With his fingers reaching ten, he stops curling and uncurling them. They slowly return to his sides as he says, "I was present for a rather unsavory crime scene. At the behest of the officers on the scene, I am not at liberty to discuss it."

"Wimp.." Faith teases Robert as she swings over to join him at that larger table, pulling out a chair for Richard as she laughs. "God damn with the ego between you and Robert I'm not sure if there's gonna be room at this table for the rest of us." She then tells Paul, "It'll be all over the internet - like they really got all the cellphones from every Millenial snapping pictures.. poor guy got his guts ripped out and spilled all over the sidewalk infront of a steakhouse in the Gas Lamp."

Paul shakes his head in wonder at Faith, "You like snakes and everything exciting, don't think I met a Lady that liked that combiantion, " he looks curiously at Richard as he plops down in a chair, immediately starting to unwrap his first sandwich, "You look okay though, so guess you just seen it, huh? Hope it works out"

Lilian works on her coffee and picks some at the bagel for now listening to the conversation at hand today about some crime. She checks out all the faces about the place then leans back with a sigh when she gets thru about half the bagel with her coffee clutched tight in both ahnds for sipping.

Paul blinks his eyes at Faith then, "Whoa, that's the part I don't like. I am still a registered EMT, and I hated wrecks and things were folks' insides got outside."

Richard has a sort of routine that comes with sitting down. First it is the coffee in a paper travel cup. Next it is his smaller bag, which gets looped over the back of the chair Faith had pulled for him. With those two taken care of, he steps around the chair before taking his seat. Care is taken to pull himself inward without bumping those next to him. And when it's all said and done, he'll shoot his cuffs and reach for his coffee once more. "Correct," Richard responds to Paul. "I was unharmed, and am fortunate."

Robert pauses a moment, looking toward Richard and thinking. "Glad to hear you made it out in one piece, sounds like a harrowing ordeal. Not to mention the smell of disembowlment."

Lilian looks at Numbers as she thinks of him and shakes her head mumbling "I'd bet" to her self before taking another drink of coffee. the people at the bigger table are more then amusing as she catches peices of the conversation here and there making her smile some.

"Eventually," Lexi says to Faith. "I still have to bully my way into making it happen." As Richard starts counting, Lexi counts with him, grinning ear to ear. It's like some gang sign for nerd type shit.

Paul looks at the counters, and seems confused for a moment, but listens as he just works at devouring his first sandwich. At least he does it in a polite, neat fashion.

Faith rolls her neck and covers her mouth to secure a long yawn before she glances back at Robert, "No kidding right? But.. I don't wanna ruin everyone's breakfast." She then turns back to Paul and whisks a finger at him. "Snakes and Bullets, yes please.. but I am never fucking jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. The statistical probably of dying in a skydiving accident drops to zero if I don't ever do it." The woman catches something said and peers openly at Lilian's mumble.. but distraction! She looks back at Lexi to ask, "That's one of those lists where money doesn't get you moved up right? It's like a bunch of medical and social factors that rank you?"

Richard turns his head to regard Robert next. As he sets the coffee back down, he says, "It may have been shock." The statement hangs for a couple heartbeats before he adds, "I don't recall a particularly foul smell, but I don't deny it could have been present. I also did not get very close to the victim." He withdraws a pen from inside his suit jacket and starts scribbling on a napkin while commenting to Faith, "Your colleague Officer Shackleford did an outstanding job with crowd control and evidence collection." He stops scribbling and holds up a napkin for Lexi. It reads '48 45 4C 4C 4F'

Lilian hmms and gets up from her place and heads to the big table coffee in hand, "Mind if I join you all?" realizing she could just hang with others.

Robert gives Faith a big smile. "Base jumping. Just find a really, really big cliff and jump off. Although I do prefer hang gliding. Upmthere with just your thoughts and the wind racing past... there are reasons why foight is such a popular dream."

Fred comes in from Comet St. and Ash St.

Lexi grins ear to ear at Richard and swoops her iPad out of her bag like a gunslinger drawing down on the bad guy. She tappataptaps and turns it around to show Richard. "59 6f 75 20 6d 61 79 20 62 65 20 6d 79 20 6e 65 77 20 68 65 72 6f 2e" Nerds. Oh, god the nerds. But ... wait. There's serious stuff going on and that smile fades just a little bit. Crime? What?"

Faith moves closer to richard, making more room for Lilian at the table - because, propriety! She even manages to smile at the woman, "I'm Faith.. I don't think we've actually been introduced." She even offers her hand to the new arrival.. "I remember you though, I'm just not quite the walking catalog of facts our mutual friend here seems to be." She nudges Richard with her elbow, and then comments to him with a grin, "You do realize that if you let a little of the data leak, you might find room to have more fun... like.." she nods toward Robert and exclaims, "Hang gliding, let's do it!"

There's a lot going on here. There is the hexadecimal presented to Richard by Lexi, which causes the former to wave his hand and shake his head with some perfunctory smile. He does turn his napkin over, and pick up his pen. When Faith moves her chair closer and addresses Lilian, he has to acknowledge the both of them. He supplements Faith's invitation with, "This group seems to be inclusive, join in." He picks up his pen, but then has to refer back to the newest of invitations. "One out of 116,000 hang-gliding flights results in a fatality. Not a mere accident. Fatality."

Lilian holds out a hand back, "Lilian, and nice to really meet you." with a smile for Faith. Then looking over Richard she chuckles, "Well some people are just good at what they do." then back to Faith. "Ohh sounds risky there the hang gliding."

Fred comes into the cafe, ducking so the top of his shaggy haired head clears the door frame. A grin curves across his lips as he glances around and even catches sight of the crowd around the special table. Apparently he recognizes one or more people there, because he lifts a hand in a friendly wave on his way towards the counter.

Robert watches Lexi type all her stuff out, and may be educated, but.. does not wuite qualify for that level of nerdhood. Oh, and new arrival and he gives her a grin. "Robert. A pleasure." and he gives Richard a lookover. "Still safer than deal with unsedated predatory animals that mass double my own or more, but I do that too." Chest thumping, med shook style.

Paul says, "I don't like being up in a plane, much less jumping outta one," he states, balling his first sandwich wrapper up. He starts to unwrap the other one, rolling his eyes at Robert again at his bragging. He grins and says, "I'm Paul," glancing to Lexi he adds, "the man, Paul, not the snake.""

Lilian nods "Hi Robert, and nice to meet you too." settling in with that big purse of hers and moving to take a sip of her coffee again. Then looking to Paul, "I sort of agree there Paul, Squish and spalt are not fun ways to die. Then there is fire, and water crashes too."

"No jumping out of anything for me. My doctor freaks out if she finds out she's been on a ladder." When Fred waves to people at the table, regardless of whether she knows HIM or not, she waves him over. "Come join the party."

Another laugh for Robert and Paul.. and then there's "Fred!" Faith waves to the giant of a man, "We were just making room for more ego at the table, definitely, get over here.. Fred this is.. Lilian, Robert, Paul, Lexi, and Richard..." in case there's anyone he hasn't met yet. "Fred is my new live-in handyman and domestic servant." She half-ducks behind Richard's shoulder with a smirk as she wink at the large man.. but she looks up at Richard and tells him, "Now quick - how much more likely am I to die at work than hang gliding, taking the number of hours of participation into account, and adding safety factors such as wearing my tactical gear.. go!"

Richard looks back over to Robert, and adds, "You may be right. All I know is that the American Veterinary Medical Association, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have not opposed private ownership of hang-gliders compared to exotic animals, which includes the large, predatory kind. However, said animals still require treatment and the right amount of caution will leave you safe as always." He turns to Faith, "Do you work alone often or in a group?"

Lilian looks at Faith, "You really do not want to know those odd do you?" looking at faith, "Once you know those you narrow your options because they set in your head, harder to change course for some people."

The newest arrival takes a moment to go to the counter and order two double large coffees, just coffee though. None of the frothy, milky, double whatevers. One in each hand, he wanders back towards the gathering and flashes a grin that shifts to a smirk as he looks to Faith. "Oh, is that what you're saying now? I'll remember that when you try and talk me into setting up the back yard..." he snorts in amusement, before setting a cup down so he can pull out a chair and gingerly take the undersized seat which creaks under his weight. "Howdy folks."

Paul swallows a mouthful of sandwich, and nods at Fred, "Hey there, nice to meet you, Fred." He shakes his head, "I don't wanna know odds, but don't need to make it easier for the death to come knocking at my door by jumping outta a plane or something. I saw some people gliding behind a boat once. Wouldn't mind trying that. I mean, there's water below."

"I do.." answers Faith to Lilian, and then adds, "Only time I am ever saying that to a woman.." She then lifts her coffee to Richard, "Eighty Group, Twenty Solo... and extra credit if you can calculate the shift if I move to IA from the Gang Unit." Her gaze flutters to Fred and the woman bats her eyes in an exaggerated manner, "Well, someone has to wear the pants in the family."

Lilian looks the woman, "Full name, date of birth please." and move to get out a pad and pen from her big satchel styled purse. "Again somethings are better when you make your own future and choices. Last warning." lowering the sun glasses enough to look into Faith's eyes.

Robert shrugs and nibbes on his muffin. "Could go with one of those big simulator turbines. All the fun of floating around, but just a few feet off the ground,"

Fred settles in his seat and then tears open the tab on the lid of his first coffee to take a drink before refocusing his attention on the others at the table. "Hey there." he grins to Paul, before smirking once more at Faith. "They should put you in one of those old style meter maid skirts at work then." he says, a good natured humor in his tone and his amused smirk. "Pants are going to your head it sounds like... " Catching on some of the conversation going on. "Paragliders look like fun, but they're so tiny."

"The odds are better than 1 in 116,000," replies Richard as he reaches for his coffee again. That is when he sees Fred, or rather, the large humanoid that has joined them at the table. He will lift his cup in greeting, but doesn't seem to grasp the jokes regarding the domestic service. To avoid looking too long at Fred, he'll look askance to Faith once more. "The odds are in your favor. Only 1,634 police officers have fallen in the state of California across all precincts for all time. While there are only roughly 75,000 officers in the state of California and over 750,000 officers nationwide, the police are not in the business of being killed in the line of duty. Back of the envelope math? If you don't take unnecessary risks... my guess is in the millions. We're not using a lot of data points which clouds the numbers heavily." He'll then sip his coffee.

Lilian stops her self from writing and smiles, "He is good." with a smile as she sets the pen on the pad, and takes up her coffee to sip some more.

Paul looks around the table with a mystified expression on his face again as he listens to all these statistics and such, and just shakes his head then, and starts to devour his second sandwich.

"Faith Anne Donahue.. I'm twenty two.. and no one needs to know my birthdate." The woman answers Lilian as she looks back towards her, "Are you in actuarial sciences too?" She glances over at Fred and raises a hand, "I don't even own a dress.. maybe that's what makes me so cranky.. but no, I think you're in good company here. The brain power and scientific prowess at this table is more your ally than mine.. I know you're not a geek, but the work you do takes a hell of a lot more know how than point and pull." She gives Richard a broad smile then and shakes her head, "He is.." she answers Lilian while watching Richard, before adding, "But he doesn't take environmental factors into account - the stats are impractical. I'm totally going paragliding in the desert next weekend."

Robert gives Paul a nudge. "What do you say? You going to strap in and jump off a cliff too?"

Lilian chuckles, and to Faith "No I do things like forecasting of trends, markets, fluxes in rates, and such for various businesses. It is a mix of allot of statical research, and projective math with a little intuition over the harder base figures past numbers of an Actuary." with a wry smile. I guess you could say I get paid to make educated guesses." Then to Fred, "Hi again how are you?" as she takes down the woman's name, and age and coverts it all to numbers she begins playing with, "Numerology is a hobby of mine."

Fred settles back in his seat, which creaks faintly in protest to the shift of weight. Grinning at Faith he adds in an offhanded way, "That explains the extra boxers in the laundry basket.." he says with a chuckle, before taking another drink of coffee. He nods to Lilian, offering after he takes his drink. "Not bad, still waking up."

Richard begins to scribble on the napkin once more as he looks between Faith and Lilian. "I never said you couldn't do it. Statistics allow you to make your decision knowing the potential outcomes. Most of the time, said decision is rational. I cannot account for a seemingly irrational decision." He finishes writing on the napkin, then holds it up for Lexi. This time, it's: 4E 4F 20 48 45 52 4F 20 4A 55 53 54 20 41 20 4D 41 54 48 4C 45 54 45.

Paul nudges Robert back a bit hard, "Not in this lifetime, look me up in the next," he tells the other man teasingly. "Am I the only one at this table that don't speak in numbers?"

Faith laughs as she glances sideways at Fred, her cheeks actually turning red, and highlighting the scars in a fibrous white. "They're called boyfriend shorts." She pulls the cup to her lips and glances over at Richard before looking back at Paul with a grin. "You're an EMT you just use a different language for your numbers.. it's like.. French versus Spanish."

Lilian looks at them and nods the numbers. Then to Paul, "Do you sing or dance, that is a type of math translated into motion, and Language. You might use allot of numbers and never realize it." as she keeps going on her number chart for just fun now.

Lexi has just been listening and plowing through the food that she's ordered. It's a lot of food. She pauses as Richard shows her the napkin and she wipes her fingers and dots at the corners of her mouth and pulls out her iPad and slams down more numbers before she shows it to Richard with a grin, still chewing on a mouth full of food: 49 27 6d 20 6a 75 73 74 20 61 20 6e 75 6d 62 65 72 73 20 6e 65 72 64 2e 20 20 4e 6f 74 20 73 74 61 74 69 73 74 69 63 73 2c 20 6a 75 73 74 20 74 68 65 20 6e 75 6d 62 65 72 73 20 74 68 65 6d 73 65 6c 76 65 73 2e 20 47 69 76 65 20 6d 65 20 62 69 6e 61 72 79 20 6f 72 20 67 69 76 65 20 6d 65 20 64 65 61 74 68 2e 0d 0a

Lilian looks to Faith pulling out a card, "Getting called away so need to go."

Robert waggles his finger at Lexi and Richard. "You two are foing to make me oull out my phone and start translating, aren't you?"

Lilian goes home.

Fred makes a skeptical sort of mmmmhmmmmm sound as he eyes Faith, before waving to the departing Lilian. Glancing back and forth across the table at the people who are as far as he can tell just showing numbers to each other. Instead of trying to figure it out though, he just takes another drink of coffee.

Paul says, "I can speak a couple languages, but that's nearly as bad as looking at Japanese to me. Just looks like some code, like 1=A or something.""

Richard sets down his pen, glancing over to Robert. "It is rather rude. I apologize. Just ASCII in hexadecimal notation, and a rather long-winded way of communicating. If it's any consolation, we weren't speaking poorly of anyone at this table or not at this table."

Faith takes the card from Lilian and sticks it into her pocket, catching the look from Fred and giving a little cough. "Man I think I checked myself into the dog house.." She turns her gaze to Robert and asks, "Am I gonna need to get kennel shots?"

Lexi grins at Robert and Paul, not at all ashamed. "He said hello. I said he may be my new hero. He said not a hero, just a mathlete and I said ... something ... about... give me binary or give me death."

Catherine yawns her way into the Roasters, heading for the counter to place her order. Fred, Faith and Richard get a wave in passing but coffee is the most important thing at the moment.

Richard absently lifts up his napkin to show off the 'HELLO' and 'NOT A HERO JUST A MATHLETE' in hexadecimal representation of ASCII when Lexi speaks. The numbers are spaced out enough to indicate that the pairings each represent a single character. 'HELLO' is easiest to spot as the L's repeat.

Robert smirks a bit at Faith as she claims to be 'in the dog house'. "Well, I could get you a fleabath. But you'd need to get a volunteer to scrub you." and shakes his head a little at the nerdtalk. "It could be worse, you could be speaking Dothraki."

Faith is seated next to Richard, with an empty chair beside her and everyone else around the table. There appears to be food, coffee, and conversation without blood or bullets. She tips her head back as Catherine waves and then snaps her head back to look at Robert with a slightly mortified expression, "Pass!"

Fred has finished the first large coffee he purchased and is starting on the second. For once he's not eating, just consuming caffiene. Glancing at Robert, he laughs, "Well, there's always the garden hose."

Catherine retrieves her coffee and heads to the table, taking the seat by Faith. "Changing shifts is horrible," she mutters to Faith.

Richard picks up his coffee again as he nods his greeting to Catherine. Head nods and glances make for a great deal of nonverbal communication in a Roasters crowd.

Wilder comes in from Comet St. and Ash St.

"They're picking on me.." Faith announces to Catherine as the woman approaches, her expression probably indicative of the fact she started it. Her coffee finished, she rises from the table and nods, "Seriously. I've had about ten hours sleep in five days?"

Robert steals one of Paul's muffins, having finished his own, "We are, terribly. Threatening to bathe her and everything."

Paul looks at what he is shown, and you can see in his eyes that he is making the attempt to understand. His eyes are bright, intelligent, that is just not an area that he has ever been instructed in. "That sounds abit like some of that computer code that Bobby talks sometimes. I just know know, hit power button, move mouse thing around, and then click. But eh... when I do bad things happen, so I let him do that. I just look at the screen then. Safer that way" He grins at them then. He rolls his eyes yet again at Robert, letting him snitch the extra muffin. "You outta leave the Lady alone about that, she don't smell bad, and you ain't give her fleas yet."

Everyone except Catherine is parked at the owner's table. Catherine might be on her way though. Lexi is happy as a pig in a pile of poop with all these people just hanging out and having perfectly normal conversation. Her phone starts to beep and she turns it off, then digs into her bag, pulling out a pill case and popping.. four... five... six.. eight? Eight different pills... into her hand. She double counts and then slurps down the whole handful with a little swig of water.

It's a bird, It's a plane.. It's a fucking RV? Sure enough it was, the large thing emblazoned with the logo for wilder creations rolling up outside the coffee shop coming to park near the doors. The back door swinginging open a few moments later to reveal Wilder as the man hops out, pushing the door closed behind him with his foot before he heads for the shop, the inked man having received a text from the Queen of Noms to head down to the place. After a bit of hesitation near the door finally its opened by Wilder as the inked man steps into the place looking it over in silent search. His jaw tensing just a touch spotting at least one of the customers.

"You should get some sleep," Richard points out to Faith. "Sleep deprivation makes you irritable." Whether he speaks about Faith specifically or people in general is left for the courts to decide. He reaches for his coffee for the nth time, shaking it to test just how much of the contents are left.

Catherine looks up at Faith. "Where're you going? And I'd be willing to bet you started it." She's just now registering what's going on.

Paul says, "You already going?" He asks Faith, "You know, we outta sit down and talk sometime, just not numbers." He gives her a grin then but nods his head, "You outta rest though too, I'm just messing with you. It was good to see you.""

Fred nods to Catherine, "She did start it. But she's scared to finish it, I think after I mentioned the laundry basket." there's a mischevious quirk to his lips, before he takes another sip of coffee and lets his gaze flick around. Most of the conversations seem to go o ver his head, which is impressive considering his height. His head turns slightly as he glances towards the new, wild, arrival curiously.

"Coffee will fix everything," says Faith to Richard. Then she indicates the counter to Catherine. "Again, coffee." but she's been paused in her trek, watching the vehicle pull up outside. When the owner walks in, she gives Wilder a slight nod, and a small smile that's hesitant at best. "Good to see you." On catching Fred's comment she turns her head away from Wilder to address the large man. "I did.. I am.. but hey, if anyone wants to take a swing, I can step outside so they don't get in trouble with Eloise?" Her smile's only about half formed this time. "LIke Richard said, I'm kinda of a dumb bitch when I get extra tired.. so.. you know, whatever it takes to balance the equation." With that, she glances back at Wilder if he's still in the same spot.

Catherine sips her coffee, letting the caffeine take effect so that she can uncross her eyes. "Laundry basket? She throwing dirty laundry at you or something? That's just gross Faith. Oh, going for coffee...that makes sense." She follows Faith's gaze to see who she's looking at and looks Wilder over.

When Wilder comes in his eyes settle briefly upon Lexi, A small smile offered to the woman before he catches that look from Faith. A slight tensing of his form as his head dips to her before he is heading through the shop to head for the table of people where Lexi is situated. The words overheard from Faith have the man's head giving a small shake as his lips open and close as if he had something to add but thinks better of it. When he nears the gathering at the table his right hand lifts as he looks the group over only to refocus on Lexi. "Causing trouble?"

Paul waves to Wilder, "Hey, you make sure you let us know where you gonna park next, okay? I ain't had any of your food in a while, we been out of town."

Robert looks between Wilder and Faith as she excuses herself, and then nods his agreement with Paul. "Yeah, we've been out of town abit lately and are due back fo a swing past your truck."

"Irrational," Richard reminds Faith as he reaches inside of his suit jacket. He retrieves his smartphone, and sets it close to him on the tabletop. His body then twists to get a better look at whom is coming next to the cavalcade.

Faith carries herself over to the counter, ordering some more coffee. Her right hand raising to rub at the scar across the bridge of her nose. When she gets the cup, she starts back to the table where everyone's gathered, specifically the empty chair between Catherine and Richard. "Rationality isn't the only value that we need to have as human beings." She slumps back in her seat and blows on the top of the coffee. "You're more than the sum of probabilities, Richard.. like what Wilder here does with food. I could put the same ingredients into a bowl and I'd never hit the mark."

Lexi grins up at Wilder as he wanders up and she turns a little in her seat. "My new best nerd friend, Richard, is passing love notes to me in hex code. Faith is going to get hosed down with a water hose for fleas. That's Paul - not the snake, and his buddy Robert. Lilian already left. And I'm not sure about this big guy. What I AM sure of is that I've almost made my way through the entire menu in the last week and I need to get some exercise before I absolutely explode - or get fat." Slim chance of that, since she MIGHT weigh a hundred pounds. Maybe. "And look. New bruise." She holds out her arm for Wilder to see. "Dunno where that one came from. Are you hungry or you need to get to work?"

Fred's quiet again for the moment, letting the chatter roll around him with a hint of a grin curving his lips, but he's got his coffee and is enjoying that so all is well.

Paul chuckles as Lexi introduces him to Wilder, "Oh, he knows me, Ma'am, hard to forget somebody that tries to eat up all your groceries in one sitting. And that drags everyone he knews over to the truck anytime he hears about it."

"The Tao of Donahue," Richard intones as he casually peels at the heat protector on his travel cup. In another instant, it comes apart and falls down on the tabletop. He looks over to Lexi when he hears his name, or rather the accusation of love notes. The look on his face, devoid of any blush or smile, suggests it was nothing of the sort.

The words from Paul and Robert have Wilder giving a small nod as he waves to the two men, "Will do, you both missed a bit of a feast out at the cove last night. But yeah, I can let you guys know where I park the truck next. Number still the same yeah?" The inked chef asking the pair before his focus is turned towards Faith hearing her words on cooking the man seeming conflicted briefly before he nods glancing back owards Lexi finally as her comment on exerccise and getting fat has the man laughing, "Lex, If your ass ain't gaining an ounce off all the cooking of mine you've been eating up think your safe with a few things here." A wink given before he nods looking down at the new bruise, "Bump into something?" The mention of Hex code has the inked man glancing over at what she mention of love notes and the code, "Oh? To hex or not to hex eh?" His gaze turning moments later to Richard. "Not sure that one will sell very well." The man offering in response to the comment of the Tao of Donahue.

Catherine looks over at Richard, "Tao of Donahue? What in the world is that?" She's still not firing on all cylinders this morning. "I was writing reports on that crime scene until about an hour ago,' she tells him.

Samara comes in from Comet St. and Ash St.

Robert gets a text from somebody, shaking his hesd a little. "Duty calls. Gonna need the car. Paul, I'm sure you know enough people out here that'll give you a ride." and he heads out the door

"Hey.." Faith says as she looks up at Wilder.. "They successfully market self-help suicide kits on the internet, we could push it there." There's something of a cynical sadness resting on her features for a moment before she obliterates expression completely - perhaps mimicing or mocking Richard, since she adds as an aside to him, "I think secretly coded love notes suit you just fine, but.. then we just discussed what my wisdom will buy you." She give Robert a wave goodbye and then motions to the seat as she tells Wilder, "You should join us.." Finally she looks at Catherine's comment and nods, "Right? You need a day off lady."

Paul says, "Or I'll walk to the pet shop from here, 'n you can swing by there to pick me up.""

Lexi grins ear to ear up at Wilder and she scoots out of her seat. "Richard, thanks for the notes. You kind of made my day. Paul, it's nice to know you aren't a snake. Get my number from Robert and we'll go on a Vegan Tour Of Prospect soon. Robert, you can come too. Faith, make sure you hold your breath when you get dipped. Big dude.. um... stop growing probably or your back is going to hurt like hell and you'll probably get a concussion. Other chick, hi. Drink more coffee and you'll be fine." To Wilder, she asks, "Did you feed Sir Spazzo McFluffertootle Cutie Pants the Third, Esquire before you left?"

Another day, down in Prospect. And Samara to at least enjoy it. She is wearing tennis shoes and high socks as she enters. That and a short sleeved spring wetsuit in teal and black, over wich she has a pair of black shorts. Her eyes dart as she moves in further, a quick glance around the room, before a hesitant raise of her hand towards the counter. "Ummm, can I get a mocha, just a medium, and... a muffin?"

"That's what I told the captain," Catherine says. She notes the newcomr, shrugs, sips coffee, and hmmmms, and looks again. "He told me stop getting beat up by perps and he'd consider it. He had some really unkind words for me about mishandling evidence after last night."

"The Tao of Donoahue is the philosophy of Faith," answers Richard to Catherine's question. To the possessor of said Tao, Richard replies as he picks up a second napkin to write on. "Wisdom is one of those things that are beneficial to everyone regardless the origin, right?" he asks of Faith while scribbling three letters on the napkin. He holds it up to Lexi so that she can read it. 'BYE' is written in plain english. No hexadecimal, this time.

When Robert gets the message and leaves so quickly the inked man watches after him a few moments before he is glancing over towards Paul. "Nothing else call later and if me and Lex aren't busy can give you a ride somewhere." The man's focus then turning to Faith hearing her mention of self-help suicide kids on the market. "What? Figure need to ruin shit for people in mass production?" The question asked as he watches the woman clearly still unhappy with her over something before he is looking back towards Lexi. "Yeah I got him fed and last I saw he was chilling on the bean bag.. Even got himself a bit of salmon so I figue he is in kitten heaven." When Catherine mentions mishandling evidence his brow raises as he looks to her, "Crime tech or cop like this one?" His head dipping off in Faith's direction.

Catherine lifts an eyebrow at Richard, and shakes her head. She's not ready yet for that sort of answer. "That made my head hurt," she mumbles into her coffee. She looks again at Samara, finally placing her. Her eyes unfocus a little, as if she's mentally picturing something. She shrugs, nods at hte woman, and goes back to her coffee.

Fred looms over the table he shares with several others, but he's not talking for now as he listens to the conversations taking place around him. Turning his head slightly to look at the newest arrival curiously, but he's keeping to himself for the time being.

"I am sorry you had such a stressful evening," says Richard to Catherine, shifting the gears of conversation. "But a few hours of reports is worth assigning priority to the investigation and finding those responsible for such a spectacle."

Samara lifts one of her legs backwards as she waits for her order, catching her ankle by the hand and giving it a sharp pull upwards to stretch it. Her head turns, giving the room another look before she spots Catherine looking and nodding her way. And for a good twenty seconds she freezes. Her order arrives, Nina looks at her funny, and then she takes several one legged hops further down the counter, as if that was going to hide her.

Paul glances over at Lexi as he wads up the wrapper from his second sandwich, and gathers the trash off the table. "Lookin' forward to that, but I'm not a complete vegan, I love eggs, seafood and other stuff, just don't eat the meat from mammals. What kinda poor little animal you give such a long name too?" He grins at Wilder, and nods, "Thanks, appreciate it. I bet Bobby had to take off again because of the tigers. They come up from Mexico, thanks to Miss Amberlee's help, and they didn't do real well while we were outta town. They are having trouble adjusting. Poor things, they been through a lot." He stands then with the tray of trash, "Anybody want anything? Going to need one another muffin, 'cause Bobby took my other one."

Lexi pauses and GRINS at Paul. "You'll eat bugs with me?" She gives Wilder's arm a SQUEEEEZE. Tension? What's tension? "Paul will eat bugs with me." She whips out her phone as she turns it around and shows Paul the CUTEST fucking little bitty kitty cat EVAR, draped over a hand, on its back, looking right into the camera. "THAT is Sir Spazzo McFluffertootle Cutie Pants the Third, Esquire, First of His Name." But.. isn't he.. the.. third? "My love, my snuggle bunny, my kitty."

"No, you were a special case.." Faith responds to Wilder with a slight bite to the retort. "Because you know.. fuck friendships." She turns her attention back down into the cup of coffee, missing the exchange between Catherine and Samara.. all but ignoring Richard's questions about Tao, and reaching up to rub at that scar across her nose again with a grimace. "You don't happen to have any ativan in your pocket, do you Paul?"

Wilder relaxes slightly feeling that squeeze of his arm from Lexi as he looks to her giving a nod as he grins, "Well could try and bake some up for you both sometime. Never much cooked with them but figure I could get the hang of it.." When he hears those words from Faith he tenses slightly slowly bringing his eyes to settle back upon the woman. "Oh I had figured you said that when you proved your word was shit Faith and you couldn't much be trusted with.. well anything at all." A shrug given before he adds giving her a finger wag, "Have a good day officer, No threatening to shoot me or anything when I turn right?" His brow raising as there is seriousness in his tone before he looks to Lexi, "I'll be out in the RV. Don't tell that one shit." His hand motioning to Faith before he steps awya and turns to begin heading for the door.

Fred finishes his coffee and gathers up both of his large empty cups before herises up to his feet and nods to the people around the table and nearby. "I'll catch you folks later maybe, time for me to get moving now that I'm awake." he rumbles with a chuckle. A slight furrow to his brow as he catches some of the byplay, but he keeps his thoughts to himself.

Paul chuckles, and gives Lexi a nod of his head, "Sure I'll eat bugs, had chocolate covered ants once, and rattlesnake chili back in Texas." He looks at the picture, and his whole face melts into a smile. "Oh, he's great, such a little brat! But such a long name for such a little kit." He quickly pulls out his wallet, like a proud Papa to show her a photograph of an Egyptian Mau kitten. "This is Khalid, maybe when we go out eating up the city we kin let them play together." Hearing Wilder he gives the man an odd look, then looks over at Faith. "Eh...."

WHOA THERE! Lexi's smile fades and she glances, perhaps slightly startled, over toward Faith and then up at Wilder and then a little slip back to Faith. The amusement is gone and she just looks... confused and she slips her arm back through WIlder's. She looks at Paul's kitteh and she smiles. "Awesome. Very cute. Ado--" And then Wilder's going and she turns to head with him. "Bye guys, nice to meet you. Paul, call me! Kitty playdate and bugs for the parents!!" SHe looks up at WIlder as they go away, voice dropping low. "What happened..."

River makes her way inside with her ear buds in as she hums and bounces to music only she hears. A musical ear might catch she is Humming 'Shook me All Night.'

"On me folks.." Faith says as she swirls the cup in front of her. "This one's on me." She doesn't look up from the cup or add anything more.

First Faith, now Wilder. Richard watches the exchange unfold with a knit to brows over the rims of his glasses. Silence is best served in a situation when the details aren't readily apparent. He, instead, looks back over to Faith as Wilder and Lexi make their way to the door. "He sounds upset. Later on, he won't be."

Catherine was about to go back to her coffee when the little exchange between wilder and faith occurs. She whips her head around and looks, a bit open mouthed. "Ahhh," she looks over at Faith then back at Wilder, back at Faith. Catherine whispers to Faith, "You are just a trouble magnet. Are you irish by chance?" THe words are not said unkindly, more in amazed sympathy."

Wilder offers a small wave to Paul giving a nod before he looks to Lexi as he heads for the door with her. The man's own voice dropping lower as he answers her, "Childhood friend or so I thought, went around and tried getting me in trouble after threatening to shoot me." A small shrug given as he moves for the door with her. "Watch out for that one, And remind me to tell the street kids and others the same and not to work with her ass." The man adding lowly as he pushes open the door holding it open for the woman with his free hand.

Paul goes quiet then, but nods a goodbye to the couple before slipping the picture into wallet, and then wallet back into pants. He picks up the tray, moving to the trash can with the contents before he heads back to the counter, murmuring to himself, "Oh well, maybe catch a ride later. I got feet."

"You can come with us, Paul," Lexi calls out, glancing up at Wilder again and she nods, slipping out ahead of him into the street.

Faith inhales.. and then exhales as she glances up from her cup. "I can give you a ride Paul.. pretty sure I won't threaten to shoot you. You don't seem like the kind to lace my food with drugs." She tips the cup up and chugs the rest of her coffee, setting it back on the table rather fiercely when she answers Catherine's question, "No, just too honest."

"He's the one," comments Richard innocuously.

Paul's shoulder go back though as he overhears a part of something, but he stays quiet. That is, until Faith makes that statement. "Drugs? In the food?" He whispers, and glances toward the doorway.

River waves to Wilder as she passes him and says "Heya." As she makes her way to the counter as she holds up a finger and shuffles her song. She then smiles and says "Coffie, black, ummmmmmmm Turkish blend I think."

Oh good, a distraction. Samara finally lets her foot back down, snatching up her order quickly and beating a hasty retreat from the counter to the couch. She stands besides it, rather than sits, nibbling at her muffin.

Paul adds quickly, and still quietly, "Ma'am, I ain't meaning no disrespect, but I ate a ton of his food 'n never felt like there was anything wrong with it. Who said that?"

Lexi comes in from Comet St. and Ash St.

The words from Faith have the man stopping near the doorway and he glances back towards her, "A single edible getting into the mix of things is hardly lacing your food you dumb cunt. And betraying the trust and secrets of another and threatening to shoot them? Takes the cake anyways." The man looking to her a moment before he is turning to push the door open the rest of the way stepping outside. His phone already being brought up as he begins to make calls. The door falling closed moments later as the man slips outside with Lexi heading for his RV.

Lexi moves to Comet St. and Ash St.

Wilder moves to Comet St. and Ash St.

"He would never do it intentionally.. and definitely never in his commercial practice. It was a harmless dose of a cannabis extract," Faith explains to Paul, but then Wilder finishes it off and she nods. "But as you can see Richard, he'll probably not be calmer in the future.. and Catherine, just because I know you need to write this into a report now.. I texted him that the next time he saw me I wouldn't be drunk and unarmed. That was the exact threat that was made." She brushes some hair from her face again and mutters, "So much for a pleasant breakfast."

River gets her order and walks over to find a spot to sit down in a chair somewhere. She sips her coffie and looks around peering at people as if studying them for a moment, O nobody for to long but she has an inquisitive vibe about her. As she does she continues to hum and sway her head as she enjoys her music.

Catherine sighs and puts her face in her hands. "I'm off duty and you're adding to my paperwork. Oh well, what're sisters for..." She gets up to go get a refill of coffee, wobbling her cup in Faith's direction to see if she needs a refill too.

Samara continues to eat, her eyes moving. People watching perhaps. A shift of her weight from one foot to the other as she tries to make sense of all that just happened.

"That doesn't excuse him to be rude or resort to name-calling," says Richard. He rests both hands on the tabletop, looking over to Catherine. "This is non-critical; I imagine it could wait for your next duty shift if you happen to remember." Back to Faith, "I have some ibuprofen. It's not ativan, but with water it may help."

River looks over to Samara as well she sits on a couch not to far away and is not enveloped into a conversation yet as she smiles warmly and says "Hiya, Im River." Shed offer her hand but they are full at the moment. She does add "I dont think Iv seen you around here before, but then I do not get to speand as much time here as I would like to."

The cup is passed to Catherine, and Faith gives her a slight nod to the other off duty officer, "You're a godsend lady.." She then turns to regard Richard, and her mouth slowly curves into a smile. "Your company beats the hell out of schedule one pharmaceuticals." She rubs her face with both hands, "wake-up-wake-up-wake-up.."

Paul moves on to the counter to get a refill of his coffee, and another muffin. He comes back to the table quietly, and tells Faith as he sits down, "That ain't nothing to tell a Lady, Ma'am, sorry about what he said. It was just wrong." He seems a bit ill at ease now, and busies himself adding a huge amount of sugar to his cup.

Ellis comes in from Comet St. and Ash St.

Samara jumps a little as she is adressed, already on edge. She does however, manage to not get coffee all over her wet suit, so bonus. Her head slowly turns, over towards River. "I ummm, I'm Samara, or Sam." A pause. "I umm, not over on this side of town to often, but I was here last night and." her voice lowers into a mumble, her head shaking some so she can hide behind her hair. "Thereasareallycuteboyhere."

River grins and says "There are a couple of cute guys here actualy." She offers a sheepish grin and sips her coffie "Anyways Im River, again. This sort of a haunt for me I guess."

"Flatterer," says Richard as he turns his own cooled, almost empty travel cup of coffee. He retrieves his smartphone, placing it back inside of his suit jacket along with his pen. "How about sushi as a topic? Did you ever check out the place with the menu that I sent you?"

Catherine takes the two cups to the counter for refills. She waits, patiently for the refills, then goes back to her seat. She glances over at River and Samara as she sits down and hands Faith her refill. "Raw fish," she makes a face. "Though salmon sashimi can be good if it's really really fresh."

"Yeah but ummm, he seemed nice too." Samara nods towards River slowly. "And umm, I am supposed to be dating better people now. And he was...really cute." A pause, and a look to both sides. "He isn't umm here, but now I am trapped."

Ellis is just now heading over, having put in an order, rubbing his eyes as he nudges River's shoulder. "Yeah, I haunt her once or twice a week myself. Aww, I'm not the boy?" he teases, nodding to Samara.

"Truth-talker.." Faith counters to Richard's comment, blessing Catherine with a mouthed thanks. She looks at the.. third? no, fourth, cup of coffee to hit her hands since walking into the shop today. "I haven't gone, no. I've been so busy at work that I really haven't done anything else. Probably just going to postpone the testing." As she's talking, her phone vibrates in her pocket.. insistently, even demanding. Pulling it out, her brow furrows and she pushes back from the table. "I gotta go.."

River sticks her tongue out at Ellis and then grins to Samara as she says "I try not to classify people into better or worse catagories. I think it stops you from looking for the better angels that rest on everyones shoulders."

"Take care and have a good day," says Richard, glancing at his own chronograph as Faith announces when she has to leave. He looks in Catherine's direction, holding up a finger, "Fortunately for us, we live on the coast. Therefore, there's a strong likelihood the salmon sashimi can be as fresh as you prefer. It's not easy or inexpensive to find such a place, but better than if we were in, say, Nevada."

"Oh no, I mean... I used..." Samara shifts in place. "He didn't look like he would leave bruises." Then a few blinks, and she seems to finally notice Ellis, a quick step backwards and a tilt of her head forwards to throw more of her hair in the way. "And umm... you...are a boy? If you umm say so?"

River Laughs and says "Sweetie No man hits a woman. Well maybe one or two cases I can think of, but that involves a psyco bitch weilding knife or something, but i digress. Men dont hit women, or atleast they should not. Point the rude bastard out to me and Ill get my brother to beat nine shades of poopy out of him for you."Hell play your cards right and he might even throw in a bit of verbal humiliation."

Catherine looks upat Faith, lifting an eyebrow.

Faith reaches over and pats Richard on the shoulder as she's passing by him to the door. She gives a wave to the others at the table. As she's walking past the other trio, the woman points her finger at the nerve-stricken Samara and says, "Boo." Not too loud, not too harshly, just loud enough to be noticed before she passes out the door. Because got to go is got to go!