2018.04.15: GWnet - New Moon Meeting

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GWnet New Moon Meeting
The tribe is called to meet and give updates as well as get to know the newbies.
IC Date April 15th, 2018
IC Time Evening
Players Billy, Brooke, Darius, Fred, Furio, Isaac, Winter, GlassWalker.net
Location Community Garden - Underground Tech Haven
Spheres Gaian Garou

This afternoon's food is thoughtfully provided by Journey, one table pretty well covered in sushi rolls, shrimp thingies, and more, and of course there's BaconBot standing by to aggressively provide freshly fried pig flesh. As usual, the mini fridge is stocked with a variety of beverages. Billy's here, of course, he'd shown up early so that he could do a little uploading of stuff to the Glasswalker.net, and with the start time of the meeting drawing very near, he's setting bout pulling some things up for visual aids and the like. When people come down the stairs from the garden up above, he greets with a sunny smile and a, "Hey! Glad you could make it!" (re)

Darius makes his way down, quickly with a satchel over his shoulder, his pistol is in it, and his eyes are hidden behind a pair of yellow tinted shades, and dressed leather jacket, and black jeans simple, as he looks at all the food with a smile, and then he moves towards a chair to slide into it with a wave of his hand.

Furio comes lumbering down the stairs to the tech haven. His briefcase in hand, though the big man himself is dressed down in a simple button-down shirt and a pair of cargo shorts. "Hey, paisanos," he rumbles by way of greeting. He looks worn and tired, but also satisfied. He goes to find himself a corner to occupy, setting his briefcase down and flipping it open. Out comes his Hypertech laptop--a cyberpunk's dream deck, sporting a thin clear glass display and an equally thin CPU--about the thickness of a hardback book cover. Once he's situated, he goes to avail himself of the food, piling a plate high with nibbly things and snagging a beer from the mini fridge. "How's everyone doin'?" he asks as he goes to settle himself down.

Brooke has been sitting at a table, working on her tablet, waiting for the meeting. She comes out of her concentrative state as people start arriving. "Hey guys! Good to see you!"

Fred comes down the stairs, not far behind Darius and Furio. Like Russian nesting dolls, the people who come down the stairs seem to go from smaller to larger. Furio lumbers down and then shortly behind him comes Fred, who tries not to lumber but when you're his size that seems to come with the territory. "Howdy." he greets cheerfully, a grin on his lips.

Billy beams at everyone and looks truly happy, answering Furio, "I for one am doing fantastic, especially seeing all these beloved tribe mates in one place, ready to make a difference and advance locally!" He sounds a bit like a hokey school teacher, but he honestly seems to mean it. "Grab some food, don't be shy, and sit wherever you're comfortable. We've got some new faces today, so we'll start from the top with some personal introductions, and I'll give an overview of what it is we're doing here while everyone's getting situated. My name is Billy Bojangles, rite named Very Good Boy of the Glass Walker tribe, I'm a lupus born Philodox, Athro in rank, and a proud member of the City Farmers as well as a member of the Zephyr's Hand pack under elder Journey 'Shaderunner' of the Silent Striders. I'm a Vietnam war veteran, I like making robots and other tactically lethal art, gardening, and ducks, even though I can't get very close to them."

Darius nods slowly, at the others and then he speaks slowly, that African accent mixed with the French."Darius Yates, Glass Walker kin, new in town. I'm doing good."

Fred ducks his head slightly towards everyone and offers an openly warm grin. "Howdy." he repeats, then adds, "I'm Fred McCraig, a kin to the Glass Walkers and also a bit of a city farmer myself. Been in town for a bit, meeting folks as I can."

Brooke takes her turn, "I am Brooke Farman, rited Hushed Blaze, Adren, Galliard Glass Walker of Homid birth, Beta of Terminal Velocity, Children of Merlin, married to Michael Farman, Glass Walker Kin, and..." she places a hand on her little bump of a belly "...soon to be mother of a son. If you have any computer needs, especially hacking or programming, see me. I am happiest with a computer at hand. It is good so many of you could come today."

Furio tucks into his plate, munching with an appetite. When folks start giving their introductions, he licks some cocktail sauce from his fingertips and straightens in his seat. "Furio Cabrini," he says. "But folks just call me Fury. Glass Walker Kinfolk, an' one o' the Kin magi round here. How you's guys doin'?"

"It's great to have you all here!" Billy says with a sunny grin, it includes everyone but is largely aimed at the two newcomers, Fred and Darius. "With introductions taken care of, let me tell you a little about this place. The garden up above is a City Farmer project, we grow a lot of food and herbs as well as some flowers, there's ducks that are let out a couple times a day to take care of bugs in the plants and keep the place pest free. Their eggs are used to make pasta, which along with the fruit, vegetables, and herbs, is sold very inexpensively and sometimes even just given away for free to the local homeless, with a focus on the tent-city down the road, in an effort to improve quality of life and ensure that no one's going hungry if we can help it. There's a little spot out by the back shed where offerings are made to local rat spirits to help keep the umbra in shape and avoid over saturation of the weaver.

This underground space is open to any of you at any time you need it, for any work you might need to do, be it computer or hardware related. There's 3D printers, an auto lathe, and just about any tool you could want. There's some small sleep rooms if you need a nap while waiting on something to finish, can't get home, or for whatever reason. The mini fridge here stays stocked, and there is of course fresh stuff up above if you prefer. Obviously the main rule outside of 'pick up after yourselves' is that this is a tribe space for the Nation, so no blabbing in public about it. Any questions about the facility or anything before we scoot onwards?"

"No....questions." Darius is shocked by the list, and his eyes are wide as he gulps down a sip of a water, from his canteen, and then he looks at the others, and his eyes wider, as he looks around taking it all in for the first time, it seems he had been here before, but the dots had not been connected.

Fred shakes his shaggy maned head slowly. "I'm with ya so far." he says agreeably, as he loads up a selection of the foodstuffs on offer onto a plate. Heaping it high before seeking a seat to sit with an attentive look, while sampling his selection of munchies.

Brooke smiles, nodding her head in support of Billy. "Do not forget, there is a steady supply of bacon around." She grins at Billy. "Also, do not forget that we are here to help each other out. We are a tribe, and here to support each other."

Fury listens quietly nodding his head and eating hungrily. He's well familiar with the facility and its needs. He nods upward where he's sitting. "I put an ionizer up top in the ceilin' here. Although I think I'm the only one here who actually smokes," he says, looking a bit sheepish. Exiled to his own smoker's corner of shame.

Billy nods at Brooke, tapping his nose at her important comment, at which point he gestures at the Terminator style robot by the table (whose description can be found in the Extras! object in this room), "Let me know if BaconBot malfunctions at all and I'll get him spruced up right away. Usually he's out of the way at his charging station in that supply closet over there. As Brooke also mentioned, we're a tribe and we're here to support each other, which is the point of these meetings. They're held each and every month on the new moon here at this place, and the purpose of these meetings is to cover any business anyone has that might need some help, as well as to discuss Nation business."

He pokes the bigass display screen on the wall near him to bring up http://coh.spork.com/index.php?title=GlassWalker.net "This place is our tribe's local hub, and this here is our local corner of our tribe's global network. You'll find information on current projects here, lists of things that we need, contact information for your local tribe mates, and access to the global tribe should you need to make contact with anyone outside the city. Now, this whole thing operates a bit like a business, but we try to keep it as democratic and agreeable as possible, so if you have a problem with something, don't agree with something, whether you're kinfolk or Garou you need to remember that you're always welcome to voice your concerns and know they'll be heard. If it's something a bit sensitive, Brooke and I are available to talk to any of you one on one about anything that's on your mind.

As a tribe, we've been very spread out and somewhat isolated, and we're striving to change that with what we're doing here each month. As a tribe, we have a responsibility to the city, the people that live within it, and to the Nation, so we need to organize and put ourselves to our Gaia given purpose of safeguarding our city, connecting others, and bridging the gap between the city and our wilderness siblings."

He grins at Furio and says, "I do, but usually only when I'm stressed out or thinking *really* hard."

Darius nods slowly with a little chuckle."I smoke like a banshee, and I will be using it, it helps me think." His voice is dances over the words, as he listens now, and taking it in, with wider eyes.

Fred's quiet, listening and nodding but not saying anything that might draw attention to himself. Instead he eats and focuses his attention on whoever is speaking at the time.

Brooke looks between the smokers, and simply adds, "It isn't good for the tech to have smoke in it or ashes. Thank you Furio for installing it, and using it. I appreciate everyone that can respect not only the tech, but my needs of not having that around me considering." She could go on, but doesn't as this is a civil meeting and she wants to encourage them all.

Fury chuckles at Darius and nods. "Well. This table right here I'm at? Perfectly safe to smoke at," he says. "My ionizer's got a little bit more oomph than most ya get on the market. Pulls it up an' neutralizes it completely, so it don't get out an' affect the tech. Or anyone who's carryin' a future member of our Nation." He nods to Brooke. As Billy brings up the wall screen, he turns his attention to it. He nods his head with each point being made. He lifts a hand and points out one of the projects as they scroll boy. "I'm gettin' -real- close to bein' ready to release," he says. "I just wanna do one more round o' heavy-duty stress testin'. I'm thinkin' end of the week."

Billy smiles with a nod towards Furio, and reminds, "Just remember to blow upwards not out to help the ionizer along and keep equipment and pregnant folks nice and safe if you can't otherwise get up to the outside space." When Furio's update comes in, he grins encouragingly and says, "Outstanding! Let us know if you need any extra phone models or anything, and keep us posted!" He then fills in the group at large! "Furio here is taking care of our first local project here, creating a chip that'll get installed into everyone's phones so that the camera, microphone, or stored data can't be accessed by outside sources, be they Weaver or Wyrm. Security for the local Sept!"

"That is bloody awesome, and that is grand." Darius leaps to his feet excitement all over his face, walking to the table with the Fury at it to sit down with the man, as he digs into his jacket to pull out a cigs in a gold case, hand rolled mixture of herbs as well as tobacco offering one to the man."It grown by friend in African, he rolls them with herbs a little other things, wish to have one."

Fred chuckles, a deep bass rumble low in his chest as he flashes Furio a bright smile, "Now that's a handy thing to have." though it could be towards either the ionizer, or the project, or both. Then his attention is drawn back to Billy's explanation.

Fury blushes a bit under his beard at Billy's excitement over his project. The big man himself looks more relieved than anything to have it over and done. When Darius joins him at the Smoker's Exile, he shakes his head with an indulgent chuckle. "Nah, 'preciate it," he says. He digs one of his cigars out of his shirt pocket, taking his time with the ritual of inhaling the tobacco and clipping the end. "Wealthy businessman. I got an image to maintain," he says with a grin. He looks back to Billy. "Once I'm done with the encryption chips, what you want I should be doin' next?" he asks.

Brooke takes in a breath and lets it out. She keeps her hands on her tablet. "We need to get an idea of what other projects we want to work on, as well as decide more on the influences we wanted to build up within our tribe."

"Glad you asked, Furio. We've got a few different things we need to start some work on." Billy says, and then brings up the 'Home Base' section of the page with another agreeing nod to Brooke. "The first thing I want to address is our city influence and foot hold. Right now, *some* of us might have the ability to affect something here or there, but as a tribe we don't have much to speak of. Last time we talked about this, I believe Brooke and her Walker kin husband Michael are going to put their efforts into establishing Political influence within the city, which is really going to help. I was hoping we'd get some Theurge's in today, but since we didn't, Furio I'd like you to team up with me on establishing a spiritual information network. Darius and Fred, we'll need you two to team up together as well, and decide on what you both can bring to the table regarding this. Whether it's some kind of influence, a small army of kinfolk, money, useful contacts, whatever, as long as you both agree on it and work together. So spend some time together and talk whenever you're able."

OOC: This is a matter of spending XP on the Home Base background and chipping in to the tribe-use pool of Useful Stuff. If you're unsure of how the Home Base system works, I can get together with you later to explain it in better detail. Simple explanation is it's group-shared backgrounds as opposed to the personal backgrounds on your sheet.

"I have money, I have lots of money that I do not know how to use." Darius nods slowly with a little chuckle, as he watches them with a little blush in his checks."Being a dj, and a reality tv star, had it perks mostly in my bank account, and I think that is now the nations, and I have combat skills as well."

Fury sets his cigar in his mouth, digging into his pocket for his Zippo. He nods his head as he listens to Billy, thumbing open his Zippo and firing up his cigar. Sure enough, the billow of smoke he puffs out starts swirling directly for the ceiling, drawn through the subtle pattern of vents that blends in well with the ceiling itself. He settles himself back in his seat, looking over the various bullet points for Home Base. "A spirit network, ah?" he says, looking thoughtful. "Yeah, I can do that. I can make fetishes too, like I toldja. Just need to find the right kinda spirit an' figger out what kinda chiminage to do." He glances over to Darius with a grin. "I own a bankin' company," he says. "You need help with ya finances, I'm ya guy. Gimme a holler some time."

Fred glances towards Darius and chuckles, "I ain't broke, but I don't have a lot to throw around either... but I'm sure we can come up with something." he says.

Brooke watches the smoke go up and away. She listens to Billy and nods her head, "Yes, we are working on that influence currently. We should be looking into bureaucracy, and law as well. Possibly others."

Billy nods his head to Brooke, "Those two would be *immensely* helpful, yes. These influences aren't about income or status, see, but about change. With political influence, we can help make sure corrupt politicians are slipping into office somewhere around here, or help ensure that certain bills pass within the city to promote various repairs and cleanups, green initiatives and constructive ordinances. With law we can help out our kin being busted for unavoidable crimes related to the Nation's work, help ensure due process and keep an eye on guilty and innocent proceedings. Bureaucracy will allow us to stick our nose into the world of red tape, building code and leasing, sift through the paper work that reveals false trails, and find out who's hiding what, or even hide things ourselves. But as a tribe, not as a single individual. And of course there's a lot of other things that can and should be done, there's a lot of things that would be very helpful, the trick is just coming together as a tribe to utilize those things. Now, as for magic items..."

Fury puffs steadily at his cigar, the smoke steadily rising to be drawn into the ionizer. He nods his head along with Billy. "Financial influence I can do," he says. "I was a banker an' financier long before I was ever Awakened. Sometimes it's good to go back to my roots." He chuckles softly.

Darius nods slowly, as he listens and then he exhales the smoke into the air towards the device."Now then, what do you need from me, and I can try to help, not sure how to be honest so new here."

Brooke takes notes during the talking, and updates the website as they speak. She nods to Furio, "Excellent - I'll note that." She waits to hear what Billy will say about magic items, but also notes Darius' offer financially and willingness to help.

"Right, but I need you to help me with the spirit network." Billy says to Furio, "There's no one else for me to team up with on this since there's no Theurge's attending any of these meetings. I mean if you'd rather go in a different direction then that's fine, but for both of us we'll be stretched thinner and our reach won't go nearly as far. Give it a thing, you and I can sit down together later and chat about it before we settle on anything." He seems pretty easy about it in his usual kind of hyper organized way.

"With items, I'm not sure who all knows how to *make* things aside from Furio and I, but if you have any Fetish or Talen making skills, pipe up and we'll get you started on something. I had some ideas on things most of us need and I think it'd be a good idea to stock pile. Firstly, ammo. A lot of us are firearms users, but we're limited to generic ammunition. I propose making various elemental bullets, such as fire and electric, working on a bullet version of a Bane Arrow, some nice tracking bullets might be good as well, and there's probably some other fun stuff we can make."

Darius nods slowly, as he looks at the others."I would like to learn how to do such things, if anyone is willing to teach me."

Fury nods to Billy. "Of course, paisan," he says. "I was just puttin' it out there, that I can help with finances. But yeah, a spirit network would be useful. We should prioritize that." He looks to Darius with a sheepish smile. "Sorry, buddy. But you gotta be Awakened to do things the way -I- do. An' I don't think Kinfolk can learn Rites." He pauses, then looks over to Billy and Brooke. "-Can- they?" he asks. "Havin' some folks who know the Rite o' Cleansing at least would be useful. I'm still unclear if I can replicate it with my Code. An' I'm still not sure I should even try. Best to stick to what we -know- works, ah?" He reaches over to tap the ash from his cigar.

"Some Kinfolk know how to do enchantments with that other kinda magic..." Fred says, glancing up from his food once more. "I don't know how to do it myself, I can just kinda see things.." he shrugs a little. "But you might want to try talking to Branton.." he says that towards Darius, "I know he can make items, maybe not Fetishes bound with spirits, but they're pretty handy. Don't know if he's looking to teach, but he'd be a place to start. if you're really looking to learn."

Brooke shakes her head, "No, I do not believe that kin can learn rites. Gifts, some of them, yes. Um..I think if he was like you Furio, or possibly like Vesta, then yes he can help making some things. I'd consult with Vesta about that. Or Branton. He is a good source as well."

Billy nods his head at Brooke and says, "If you don't know how to right now, I'm going to suggest that you guys go say hi to Vesta, my alpha's mate. She's a very accomplished sorceress and can either teach you the art of enchanting and how magic works. Using what you learn from her, you can also learn about magic from Furio as well to help apply when you're learning to the technical variety. It's not *exactly* the same as what we Garou would be doing, but it all leads to the same helpful place in the end."

Darius nods slowly, with a little sigh."Okay I can do that, you know it seems like a good plan." His voice is soft now, and he is thinking of it all taking it all in."I will talk to Vesta, I have spoken to her before."

"It's probably better even, if it's done different than the Garou would do it, uses up different resources to get to a similar end." Fred says with a nod, before popping another tidbit in his mouth.

Brooke hmms, "Would be nice to meet Kevin sometime. I've been here since September, and never saw him. Maybe you can bring him by sometime, Furio?"

Billy grins at and gestures to Furio, saying, "I'd like you to get in touch with Vesta as well, purely for the sake of collaboration and appropriation. She's been making things for a long time and from what I've seen has a pretty endless list of interesting and helpful enchanted items. Her designs could, with her permission of course, he used by us to make more technical versions or as ideas to grow off of. Like the phone chip, actually, as she has a small scale thing that she uses that's fairly similar to what you're creating, while yours is more of a large area net. Her's are made individually while yours are sciences out once and then fabricated en masse. Journey's fetish designs have also been offered so if you could talk to him as well I think you'll crowd source some pretty great ideas to base some fetishes on.

Another thing I'd like to look into are rifle scopes and glasses capable of seeing other planes. The umbra, the dead lands, things like that. Branton has a blade designed to stab anything a person can see, regardless of what realm it's in. I'd like to appropriate this design for firearms ammo and knives as well, but we'll need the ability to see things if it's going to be useful, so some sort of spirit-sight based glasses and scopes I think will be our best bet." He grins and nods to both Darius and Fred, "Excellent, yes. Variety is good for us, and it's going to make a really solid foundation for us to branch in to all sorts of different directions rather than being limited to just one. A garden rather than a single tree."

Fred's brows twitch and he gets a thoughtful look on his face, then he shakes his head. "No... no. That'd be crazy." he mutters under his breath before grinning. Amused at his own thoughts it seems, as he settles back with a drink. "I ain't really set up to be able to help out a whole lot, but I'm working on that." he admits.

The group is gathered and discussing upcoming projects. Brooke takes notes on her tablet, while GlassWalker.net is on the screen for all to see and Billy to point at. Darius and Furio are in the corner so they can smoke and utilize the ionizer, and Fred is here (sorry, not sure where to place!)

Fury puffs thoughtfully at his cigar. "Well," he says. "I can make Gadgets. Think of 'em as Talens, only instilled with a line o' my Code rather than a spirit. They's single-use items, but anyone can use 'em, even without bein' Awakened." He considers, studying the coal of his cigar as he rolls it between his thumb and forefinger. "I -can- make actual Devices that the unAwakened can use. But... that's a -hell- of an undertaking. On me personally, as well as in actual time an' resources." He looks over to Fred with a grin. "Aww, c'mon buddy. No idea is too crazy. Trust me, not with -this- group. Or didja not notice the killer bot that dispenses coronary-inducin' amounts o' bacon?"

Fred looks over at Furio then grins, "Oh, this one's be pretty crazy though. A blade that can cut anything you can see? What if you can see somebody from miles away like you were standing right next to them? If /that/ worked? It'd be pretty out there. At the same time as bein' kinda literal use of 'anything a person can see'."

"He's got a point. Imagine how many man hours went into making a terrifying robot whose only function is to make bacon." Billy agrees with a grin. "I still want to attach a mini gun and a grenade launcher but... Later. Anyhow, don't be discouraged by any lack of ability to make things, just use this all as inspiration for things you can do in the future, and motivation to learn from any of our sorcerer or mage kinfolk. Brooke, I completely forget whether or not you can make Talens or fetishes. Are you able? If not, I can teach you the rites, and Journey's also offered his time to teaching ritual work and rites as well, so that we can all work on crafting without having any Theurges." He nods to Fred then and says, "That's actually a thing. Glass Walker Garou have access to a few different gifts that allow us to see pretty vast differences. Incorporated into a scope or something like that, it could be possible to make a bullet and a gun that works in tandem with it using additional magics that could bypass obstacles and hit a specific thing with marksman like precision. It'd be a heck of an undertaking and a complicated set of things to make but the theory is indeed sound."

Brooke shakes her head, "No, I cannot .. yet. I want to learn, especially as I'll have to go on light duty in a couple of months. I want to be as useful as possible. As it is, the Theurges in my pack, who should be here as well, have been rather MIA."

Fury grins a bit around his cigar, glancing in Fred's direction. "You think -that's- crazy?" He chortles amusedly as he flips up the glass panel on his laptop. He double-taps the CPU, making a keyboard pattern light up on the sleek matte metal. "Eva, gimme a design matrix," he instructs. The glass panel starts scrolling with neon blue holograms, the centermost being a framework. Fury starts making various gestures, studying the code that scrolls along the side. "Hmm... a simple sub quantum hyper thread," he mutters. "Pair that with a variable-phase exodimension oscillation. An' what the hell, a super quantum hypercharge just for shits n' giggles." He looks back at Fred. "Easy mode," he says firmly, nodding his head. He looks back to Billy with a grin. "I -think- I could make a gun with the same properties as a Fang Dagger," he says. "Just gotta find the right spirit to pester."

A nod from Fred towards Billy, "I can see things from far away myself. Clairvoyance I think it's called? So when you said that thing could stab anything I could see? It kinda made me giggle like a lunatic inside." he says with a grin. "But my thing ain't magic like, it's a whole different thing than something I can put into something. But those little..." a pause, "Gadgets sound mighty handy if you don't have to have anything special to use them..." Hearing Fury's response makes him chuckle, "I didn't follow any of that. But it'd be a handy trick to have on tap."

Darius listens now, and so much to take in, and his eyes wide as hell, the cig is put out in the ashtray, and then he places it in a little plastic bag, as he listens.

"Excellent idea, Furio." Billy says, and notes to Brooke, "Put 'Fang Gun' on the list, and we'll see if we can figure out how to make that idea a reality. It's going to be pretty rare that something's too 'out there' or 'crazy' to the point that it simply can't be done. Anything you can come up with is a real possibility for an extra edge, whether we're talking about combat, social skills, dealing with spirits, or who knows what. An idea might have to get tweaked around a bit to work, but anything's possible. Keep that in mind, and when you're out there in the world and get an idea for something useful, jot it down and bring it up when we get together, we can figure out how to make it work. Brooke, we'll get together some time after the meeting and talk about those rites, get practice going and see if we can't get you nice and proficient."

Oh, hey, when did Isaac get here? Some time, anyhow. "Yeah, anything gun-related? I'm too squishy for front-line combat," at least against most of what the shifters go up against, "but I don't mind manning a ridge if one's handy."

Brooke makes those notes. "Will do." She types and adds those notes, updating the website.

Billy gestures to the stealthy new arrival, Isaac, "Yes sir! We've discussed bullet Talens of various elemental and tracking varieties and coming up with a bullet version of a Bane Arrow as well. The details for those as we get them out of the concept stage will be posted onto the GlassWalker.Net board, here, and you can look in on the progress at any time. We also discussed rifle scopes and eyeglasses to see the spiritual planes, as well as appropriating other sorcerer designs and coming up with a way to apply them in some sort go ranged, gun based form. If you yourself come up with any interesting ideas, feel free to voice them, or you can send them to me and I'll work out who to take them to for fabrication. Um, lemme see... Oh, emergency beacons came up while I was talking to someone recently. Be it for bawn patrol or people in the city. Given the recent abduction of one of our kinfolk that took place, we may want to design a Talen that can alert others of impending doom. Whether they're outnumbered and know they're about to be attacked, on the run, or in whatever kind of trouble, we need to make sure someone can get to them ASAP."

The GlassWalker.Net site is up on a bigass display on the wall, Brooke's sitting and keeping things updated during the meeting with a tablet. Furio and Darius are at the Smoker's Corner Of Shame under the hyper-ionizer, Furio's got his sweet laptop out for mid-meeting design work, and Fred's lounging about and eating all the things. Isaac is recently arrived and picking a nice place to settle in. Speaking of food, there's a table covered in sushi rolls, shrimp thingies, and other interesting Asian food, provided by Journey, and BaconBot is standing by to thrust strips of crispy meat at anyone that wants it. The mini fridge is stocked with drinks and there's plenty of seating in the work shop.

Late, Winter hustles in half hopping. "Sorry, sorry! Had to close up and then my foot got stuck getting out of the car and I half popped it out of the setting and the shoe insert is all crooked." She huffs and leans against a wall inside the door to adjust things with a wild curls all over as she twists and pops her leg back into place. The shoe she's given up on for now.

Billy smiles at the new arrival and says, "Hey! No problem, stuff happens. You probably heard the update that I just gave our friend here," he gestures to Isaac, "And anything else you might have missed will be noted on the site in a bit, Brooke's keeping things updated. Can I get you some precision tools or help with a quick repair?" he asks with a point to Winter's awesome leg.

Brooke waves to Winter, and keeps on typing and making adjustments on the website. "Hi!' she says to the new arrival.

Darius nods to everyone in the room, with a little chuckle."For those that did not know, I'm Darius Yates, kin to the Glass Walker, brand new in town." He stands up, his African accent mixed with French, as he bows to each of them before sitting again.

"It's cool, Billy. Just have it locked into "sit" if I really mess it up I'll beg tools off ya." She comments and smiles to Brooke before eying Darius. "Oh yeah, you're that guy." She tells him and then lifts a hand. "Winter Quinn, manager at Hunter's game, Kin." She smiles tightly and looks back to Billy. "You had me at bullets and scopes. I don't have much to add honestly. Look at all these walker folk about though!"

"Not a problem!" Billy says, and just in case she wants to fiddle with it, be brings Winter a case of tools to work on sensitive prosthetic bits. "Speaking of the Hunter's Game, I'd suggested it to Darius last night but I'll throw it out to the group as a whole, we should make an effort to get out there once a week or so in order to practice with a variety of firearms. Aside from keeping in practice, we might find some inspiration for modifications, both magical and non, and put ourselves in a position to teach others how to safely use firearms as well."

Fred is just another hulking brute sitting with a plate of tidbits that he's mostly emptied by now. For the time being remaining quiet as he listens to the others. Though at the introduction from Winter he offers a grin. "Fred McCraig, kin myself." he offers.

Darius nods slowly, as he looks at Winter, with a smile, and then at Billy."Yeah I wanted to try out this new gun, I got from this thug, and maybe do some work to improve it, you know. I wanna be able to protect people, and I can't get all fury, but I can shoot."

Brooke adds in her own bit, "And I'm Brooke Farman, rited Hushed Blaze, Adren Galliard, Beta of Terminal Velocity, children of Merlin. Nice to meet you."

Billy gestures to Winter again, poor new arrival gets all the questions! "We were talking earlier about creating a tribe-wide base of influence and other useful resources. For instance, Brooke and Michael are going to be creating a network of political influence for the lot of us as a whole. I was talking to Furio about having him work with me on establishing a city-wide spirit network, but he really *is* better suited to gaining influence in the Financial sector. You, though, you're a kinfolk with Gnosis, the spirits actually recognize your existence and all, so maybe you'd be better suited to help me with the spirit network instead. Interested?"

"I'm ex-Army, I worked close with special forces. If you want pointers working with higher caliber weapons, ask, I'm happy to share." Winter says and adds after a moment with a look at Darius. "Anything that isn't registered will have to come through after hours. I have a permit to maintain and I won't get Journey's business in trouble." She ends up rooting through the tools to fuss at her leg idly. Looking at Billy, Winter nods. "Yeah. I need to learn, but I have time. Dex is pretty busy lately, so uh-put me in coach."

Darius nods slowly, with a little chuckle at the moment of war."I have many needs for legal weapons too, and right now it is not registered, maybe someone can show me how to get real gun right way."

Brooke takes note of that from Billy and Winter.

Fred fades quietly into the background. Likely wandering off to the restroom soon.

"OH, one more thing." Billy adds, yet again to Winter, "There's been a lot of talk about getting everyone outfitted with a ranged weapon. Some people, like the Terminal Velocity pack, have gotten set up with bows and arrows, I was wondering if you would be able to spread the word and offer about that? Journey's fine with setting people up via the Hunter's Game, but I don't know how well the word on that or the need has spread, so since you manage the place, I figured you'd be a good person to promote that sort of thing."

"If only someone worked at a store that sold guns, hunting gear...some sort of game store..." Winter presses the back of her wrist to her forehead with a sigh at Darius. She looks at Billy and nods. "I've had some business uptake in bows. Kira's been through. I'll be a little more noisy about the Game if you like." She puts her leg on and locks it into place with a click.

Brooke nods, "I need to come by myself, with my husband. We keeping having other things come up. If you want, we can at least put some information on Hunter's game on the website as well." She notes about Kira, but does not add.

Billy snorts a laugh at Winter's swooning all in mock purple prose. "Yes, please do. We tend to get caught up in our claws and teeth and sometimes forget that things can be out of reach, yet still need to have holes put in them. Guns, bows, whatever people can stand to equip themselves with." Addressing everyone in general, he says, "Alright, so we've gotten through a ton of stuff today, anyone that might have missed part of the meeting or were busy thinking about other things, you can find all the info on the GlassWalker.Net page ( http://coh.spork.com/index.php?title=GlassWalker.net ) so make sure you keep an eye on it for updates and projects. As we start doling out projects to people, I'll make sure you get a message so it's no surprise to you or anything. And um... Yeah, I think we're alright with bringing this month's meeting to a close! Remember to keep your calendars open each month on the new moon so we can get together like this and brainstorm."

Brooke finishes up with some more updates to the website.