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Screaming Hissy Fit
Marshall meets a 'friend' at Maple Park while a talking snake corners a local girl.
IC Date August 30, 2012
IC Time Night
Players Sentinel, LaVey, Marshall, (unknown garou)
Location Prospect, Abandoned Apartments
Prp/Tp PRP-Orphans
Spheres Vampire, Mortal+, Garou
Theme Song

Maple Park

Summary: Marshall arrives to the park to meet a new 'friend' that he met online. He and the 'friend' wander down the trail and into the woods. Ten to fifteen minutes after they vanish from sight a scream breaks the peace and relaxing atmosphere of the park. LaVey (obf'd), Sentinel and an unknown garou bound down the trail to investigate. They first come across Marshall and a young, college-aged man locked in a passionate embrace - nearly ignorant of any scream or anything outside of their own reality. The trio then hear the scream again, closer and this time most definitely female and head further down the trail to see what it might be.

The trio discover an enormous snake that's over fifteen feet in length and as big around as a man's calf. The snake has cornered a woman up a tree who was screaming for help. Sentinel grabbed the snake and threw it back a bit. The snake rared up its head and flared out its hood like a cobra and hissed a warning to any who would take its prey. A fight ensued between the snake and Sentinel allowing LaVey to spring from the shadows to sink its dagger into the snake's flesh. The snake turned and darted for the protection of the trees further into the park as Sentinel witnessed an inky patch of darkness move through the trees as though the absence of light were protecting or concealing something within it.

The snake escaped. Sentinel left to follow the snake (?) and LaVey retreated back to the shadows leaving the girl to scream her head off in the tree.

(OOC: The garou player had to leave so was assumed to be either back with Marshall or having returned to the main park area).