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Contract Job
Marshall hires Stone to help investigate the basement of an abandoned apartment building.
IC Date August 31, 2012
IC Time Night
Players Stone Richards, Lara, Marshall,
Location Prospect, Abandoned Apartments
Prp/Tp PRP-Orphans
Spheres Vampire, Mortal+
Theme Song Basement-01.jpg

Abandoned Apartments: G St. & Ash St.

A rather shabby looking and broken down, brick apartment building looking to have lasted from the early 1800's and still have managed to stand throughout time as a fixture within the Downtown area of G street and Ash.


Marshall, investigating rumors that people were killed in the Abandoned Apartments in a particularly savage fashion, contacts Stone to assist him in searching through the apartment's basement. Accompanied by his assistant, Sam, and his newly hired driver, John, Marshall uncovers a service entrance to the basement in the rear of the building while Stone and his girlfriend Lara arrive.

John, hauling a large duffel bag and carrying an 'x-files' flashlight, pauses by the service stairs to ensure that the group will not be taken unaware from anyone following them. Sam, with Marshall, investigate the basement until they discover a metal door set into the rear corner of the room. The door is marked 'Utility' but they notice that there's a bloody hand-print on the door knob. As the others fan out, Marshall asks Stone to use his 'talents' to see if he can tell what might be in the room before they open it.

Stone concentrates on the door while Lara and John watch the service entrance just in case whatever left the bloody hand print returns.

Stone makes contact with the 'somethings' within the Utility room and scrambles back to get away from the vision. Having his suspicions confirmed, Marshall instructs John to pull out the gas cans from the duffel bag and pass them forward. Sam was instructed to offer Stone the promised contract fee so that they can leave while Marshall pours gas around the base of the utility-room door. After both jugs are emptied, he backs away and tells John to give Stone the flare so that he can light it - while they start to leave the basement.

Perhaps because of the scent of the gasoline or the movement in the basement, the 'somethings' start to bang and claw at the inside of the steel door as Marshall and the others clear out. Stone lights the flare and tosses it to the puddle of gasoline and stumbles his way up the stairs while the screams of whatever may have been in the room fill the concrete basement.

Without much of a conversation Stone and Lara depart from Marshall and his crew.

This wasn't personal...this was just a contract job.