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Information Snapshots

Full Name: Abbigail Muriel Holfdanardttir
Rite-Name: Whispers short for Whispers-Softly-Carries-BIG-Boom
Birth Date: Oct' 31
Apparent Age: Early-20s
Place of Birth: Bergen, Norway
Height: 5'4"
Weight: approx 105
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black/Purple
Demeanor: Explorer
Nature: Confidant
Played by: Neila Fynn


Appearance ● ● ● ●
Strength ● ●

Other People's Secrets ● ●
Banality ● ● ● ●

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Story Hooks Quotes
  • A bit of a bookwork - Abbi seems more than a little bit of a bookwork. Odds are once she's settled someplace a book or some other sort of reading material will appear in hand.

  • Always the one to step up - Some might way that Abbi has a bit of a confident issue, she's got WAY too much of it.

  • Information - Abbi seems to like to be in the know. Are you one seeking more information, or perhaps one seeking to sell a little information. Either way she might be your girl.

  • Notoriety - In certain circles, this girl is listed as BAD news. Yes, most of those are Eastern Block, but still.

  • Fera - Yes, Abbigail is one of the Fera.

  • Somebody's out there - Someone, alright more than one someone, is more than a little irked at Abbi. She got her hands on a little black account book of an Eastern Block's Mob. They want it back BAD!!! Do you work for them?

  • Rawrk!! Never more.. Nevermore.. *sigh* Are you kidding me? I never said that. And if you compare me to the Swedish Chef again, I'll cut you bad, man.

  • You want me to crack WHICH system? Oh, honey.. I hope you have deep pocket books.

  • Windage is at .5 kph, elevation 300m, distance to target a scoash over a klick. Yeah, this'll be a piece of pie.

Known Associates:

  • Mynishka - Mini-me... Friend, companion, perhaps more?
  • Reagan - Skeeeeery!!! But he might protect me if I asked nicely.
  • Lihi - Friend, Tony Hawk's illegitimate daughter? Well, maybe not. But she skates better than him. ;P
  • Phil - Darts, right? Pool, sure. A piece of clothing a ball?? Well, maybe I'll leave you your jockeys.
  • Chuck - Weird pet store owner. But he may let her decorate the roof of his shop, so probably not too bad.

RP Logs

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