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Well-behaved women seldom make history...

-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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Changeling Beautiful, wonderful people. Some of you have a bit darker sense of humor than I'd like, but, you're in every major culture I've dug up. Don't eat my dreams, I NEED them.
Mage Ahhhh, my Sisters and Brothers. We're all in this together, my friends. Let us make the most of what time we have left, and find a way to reopen the Gates. So many of us are trapped out there, amongst the stars..
Mortal You Sleep. You Dream. If only you would Awaken, oh, the wondrous things I could show you..
Werewolf No, I absolutely do not know anything about the Garou Nation. This is not the caern-raping Mage you are looking for, carry on, soldier.
Wraith Just how is it that you've been caught in THAT particular phase? Did you mess too heavily with Entropy? Inquiring minds want to know!
Vampre Do I know about you? More than I'll ever tell you. Can I trust you? We'll see. I might need your help, and it's a long story..
Demon.png I'd like to say you're all space aliens, from the furthest reaches of Deep Etherspace, but recent data indicates otherwise. *narrows eyes* Now which one of you can I trust, if any of you?

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RP Hooks
Chantry: The Adventurer's Guild was Adora's father's pet project, before he passed away under questionable and mysterious circumstances. Recently, Adora has resurrected the idea. It never was a BIG Chantry, but, with strong ties to the Sons of Ether, knowledge and tools are still available. Are you a Sorcerer/Psychic or Mage? No matter your experience level, talk to the members of the Chantry OOCly, see if your character would be a good fit. We've a mind to help people with learning and character growth, IC and OOC as needed, so our characters are not at the mercy of the randomity of the grid for directions we wish to take them.

Science: Do you love technobabble? Do you love to technobabble? Look me up.

Space: Adora's on a mission. Does space intrigue you as much as it intrigues her? It's her obsession.

Tinkerer: Is it in any way mechanical? She's obsessed with it. From giant robots of doom, to restoring old cars, Adora's passion for mechanical things is second only to her obsession over space.

Vampires: Not that she'll tell her fellow mages, but she's looking for them. Why? Well, it wouldn't be a hook if I just TOLD you, now would it?

Resonance QUICK: Love fast cars? So does she. In fact, most any vehicle that goes fast, she loves.

Sensationalist and Curious: Horrible, horrible flaws to pair. It means, for any reason under the sun, she could be anywhere in Prospect, doing just about anything she wants, regardless of socioeconomic assumptions standing or sphere. Because, you know, why not? (EDIT: Adora still possesses these lovely personality quirks, but I am no longer slave to the dice.)

Filthy Rich: The Goldhart family has homes around the world. Heiress to her parent's fortune, and her own, the darling blonde doesn't need to work. Got a project? Maybe you need backing? Adora will hear you out.

Prospect Native: She's been away for quite some time, but her family's home is a Mediterranean mansion tucked away on the edge of the city and has stood for quite a long time.

Mage: Her father was a well-known Sons of Ether. Her father's best friend, the Professor, her mentor, also a Sons of Ether. Though a bit of a novice, she grew up not experiencing a normal Sleeper's life. Are you a Mage or Sorc/Psychic new on grid? Adora can be found lots in Prospect Roaster's. She'll help you get introduced to the right people.

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Properties and Pretty Things
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Sumter There are not words enough, in all the languages Man has invented or will invent, to express the depth of love I have for you and all that you are. Namaste, my dearest darling Joshua. The infinite in me honors the infinite in you. <3

Chandler You're an absolute treasure, peach. Passion for healing runs as deep as your passion for all things mechanical. The heart wants what it wants! Your Avatar would never lead you wrong. One step by one step, you've good friends about you, we've all got your back. My house, is your house. Come anytime, Joshua and I will be waiting.

Carver Sunshine. I like you. Below the thin veneer of 'fuck off', you've got wit and curiosity that I find refreshing, to no end. I look forward to more conversations with you into the wee hours of the morning. It's rare to find a mind who can keep up with me, let alone challenge me to challenge my own preconceived notions of what was, what is, and what could come to pass.

Dexter .. as fast as you appeared, as much as we shared, you broke my heart, and left me wanting. And for what, work? Or was it fear of what we could have been? You'll never know, and neither will I. So much for wishing upon a star, eh?

Atlas Such mystery, yet, such a gentleman. We share a common passion.. I'll have to seek you out once more, no? Perhaps without interruptions, next time.

Brandon Love your books, but goodness gracious, you're such a rakish brat! How does Atlas deal with you? How does your conveniently not mentioned girlfriend put up with your antics? Do you slip your leash often? *grin*

Heathen Charming young fellow who sees the world through the starry eyes of a dreamer. Don't suppose you'd consider letting Harvey stay with me, now, would you? *grin*

Sharpe My, my, my. Handsome, skilled, talented, connected, and bold. Did I mention modest? A girl's got to admire a man who knows what he wants, and pursues it. Even if he's got ROTTEN taste in women -- stop chasing the blondes, we're the worst sort of trouble!

Furio You know, I'm not sure what to think of you. I reserve judgment, maybe it's just a cultural misunderstanding. But, from where I'm from, we don't sit ourselves in the middle of a lady and a gentleman sharing an expensive drink and quiet whispered words and poke fun at her name like a teenager. Find your manners, good sir, and we can talk shop.

Lady A curious sort of girl... and you're on a respectable quest. I admire dedication to duty.

Thana A lost little poppet. I do hope Prospect takes better care of their prospective... students. She's a bit out there, but she's got a good heart.

Patty Elle, my dear, I did not mean to make your fellow there stare. I just wanted waffles. I saw the spark in your eyes, darling, shall we talk shop over cars? Let me know when you ditch the mister, sister. *wink* I might not swing that way, but cars, dear, cars.

Ersatz Manny, you poor soul. A man's eyes are going to wander, it's only natural, and Elle's a bit of a live wire, she is!

Tavia Such a helpful beauty -- I never seem to catch you in time to say hi, myself, though.

Wichal *raises an eyebrow* I was unaware a Federal Agent working in conjunction with Interpol would announce himself so boldly. I'm half-tempted to report you to the Shadow Ministry, good sir, you might be a danger to the secrecy you're supposed to be working with!

Eloise The woman herself! You're the very quintessential picture of mother and giving, I couldn't picture a better Herald. I'll keep shuffling lost little poppets and puppies your way as I find them. I've absolutely no idea who ate all the cookies, but they were delicious.

Nash Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes, cowboy.. bet you drive the ladies mad.

Branton An artisan through and through. Your reputation in the Sleeper world proceeds you.. refreshing to find out you're one of us. I look forward to seeing what your real work is like.

Salimah *raises an eyebrow* I don't think I've had anyone ignore what I say multiple times so MANY times in a row since I had to defend any of my theses. RIGHT. Order of HERMES. That explains it all. Perhaps you should ask the Monoliths themselves if the humans who build them suffered, as once the soul passes to the Shadowlands, the soul's memory and view is... skewed. I look forward to meeting your mentor, but I daresay she's probably just as set in her methods of thinking. That's why there's Nine Orders, and not one.

Gwydion "When gentlemen offer to show me their sword, they're generally more of, oh, I dare say.. being about as serious and literal as Shakespeare was, anytime he wrote of swords in his plays. I'm not terribly sure what I expected of a Master of Nine, but a Paladin with an actual Holy Avenger was quite the pleasant surprise."

Dantes One part manipulative manchild, one part crazy. How on Earth did the City ever hire you?

Harikumo A violet-eyed svelte vixen with a mind of honed steel. SUCH fun speaking with her. I'm not TERRIBLY sure what a peach like her is doing with a crazy man, but, we all have our vices? To the finer things in life. *raises a glass in toast*

Phydran My word.. a gentleman, with manners, and a brilliance that might outshine mine.. I never expected the Fun Police to be so... so... human, handsome, and tempting. We'll definitely have to meet up again, Doctor.. you tongue-tied me a bit, but it was simply amazing to meet you.. I do wonder just how much more we've got in common.. only one way to find out.

Oren Charming young gent who runs his own band. Love the ink, too. One has to admire that passion to inspire others to happiness.

Mila The pinnacle of picture perfect punctuality in an orderly, precise, and timely manner. My dear, I did not catch your name, but your movements are more subtly exacting than a ballerina dancing atop a music box. Simply beautiful.

Richard Cromwell Efficiency in motion. Thank you for the tip-off on where to find yet another copy of Principa Mathematica to add to my collection. It's nice to see refined, educated minds mingling about in Prospect.

Stryfe *squints her eyes playfully* Can't tell if actual Sith or cosplaying Sith...

Phil PHIL! Alright, so, I'm rotten at staying in touch with people. Next time I catch you in the pool hall, I'll be sure to lose to you miserably.

Priest *raises an eyebrow*

Brohain You are the Fallen my mentor ALWAYS warned me about.

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Adora Goldhart

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Name: Adora Goldhart

Birthdate, Age: September 15, 1989. 28

Apparent Age: 19-20ish, maaaaybe 21.

Occupation: R&D Specialist, SpaceX

Height: 5'3"

Weight: >:/

Hair: Natural blonde, curly

Eyes: Blue-green

Demeanor: Visionary

Tradition: Sons of Ether

Resonance: Quick

Essence: Dynamic

Hobbies: SCIENCE! ... what do you mean that's a job?

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Played By: Scarlett Johansson