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Necessity is the mother of taking chances.
--Mark Twain

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Nikodin - Supplier of odd jobs.

Wyck - Broke and young, just like Aiden.

Lihi - Quiet little thing.

Mia - Cute little chica, definitely on my 'to do' list.

Cross - Runs St. Benedict's, seems like something of a hard ass.

Arec - Resident at St. Benedict's. Mostly harmless.

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RP Hooks
  • The Institute
Do you know it? Does it know you? Aiden is Institute_OK!
  • City Streets and Urban Areas
Do you find yourself hanging out in urban parks, shady alleyways, and dilapidated buildings? Maybe you'll run into Aiden when he's slumming it, too.
  • Skater Park
Or maybe you're a skater? Aiden's not, because he sucks at it, but he tends to get along with the skater crowds for some reason.
  • Odd jobs
Need a sketch of someone done for a present? Maybe your computer's on the fritz and you need someone to fix it. What about just plain old gruntwork? Aiden's often looking for odd jobs to do for a little money.
  • Computer repair
Got a broken laptop or computer? Let Aiden fix it for you on the cheap!

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Full Name: Aiden Sigler
Occupation: Odd jobs
Date of Birth: September 26th, 1997
Race: Mortal+ Psychic
Merits: Weather Sense
(awesome, I know!!)
Essence: Dynamic
Height: kinda short
Weight: kinda skinny

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