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"You give loyalty, you'll get it back. You give love, you'll get it back."

---Tommy Lasorda

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RP Hooks
  • Boston - The girl was born and raised in Boston, and she has the accent to prove it. The accent can vanish in a whim, though.

  • Catholic - She's a Catholic! She even attends Midnight Mass quote often.

  • Kind - She tries very hard to be a good person, but both her duty and her Beast make it difficult. If ordered to kill, she will kill. She will not torture, though. She also believes in charity, and numerous other teachings of Christ.

  • Sense - The girl has amazingly acute senses of hearing and scent. When she combines them with her Auspex it becomes truly supernatural and insane. Even normally, though, she has sharp senses.

  • Code of Honor - She takes her code of ethics very seriously. It is very hard to get her to betray someone she's sworn to serve or protect, and she will not kill the innocent, or the helpless. Enemy combatants, however, are fair game.

  • Assamite - Back in the 60's she was hitchhiking across Europe and the Middle East, wanting to see the world. An Assamite accidentally drained her dry, and not wanting to end an innocent life, he Embraced her. Thankfully (For the both of them) she turned out to be an EXCELLENT candidate for the Embrace. She served the Clan loyally until 1998, when everything went wrong.

  • Ur-Shulgi - In 1998 an ancient Assamite awoke, and he began a genocide of all Clan members who were: A) Female, B) Held any religious beliefs, C) Not on path of Blood, D) Foreigners. She was fucked. With numerous other members of her Clan, she fled to the Camarilla.

  • Deputy - She served as the Deputy of Seattle or several years. Maybe we met?

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Race: Vampire
Full Name: Aileen Walsh
Date of Birth: December 20th
Occupation: Loyal Schismatic
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Camarilla
Apparent Age: 18ish
Height: 5'3"


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