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Fujimoto Akihiko

"Things will never be as you imagine, so you're better off not seeing them."

Japanese Proverb

Date of Birth: December 10th, 2000
Apparent Age: 23
Occupation: Traveling Sorceror
Species: Kitsune
Breed: Roko

Path: Doshi

Kitsune: He's a proud member of Gaia's favored and youngest children. He technically serves as an envoy for the Jade Empire, but tends to get too distracted to really do anything official.

Excitement!: He adores excitement of any kind, really.

Curiosity: Akihiko is far, far too curious for his own good, and it can often get him in trouble.

Mystic: The Doshi are often seen by other Hengeyokai as dark mystics, using the weapons of the Wyrm against itself. They are feared, but seen as a necessary evil.


The Emerald Mother's Children

My Friends And Family

The Others


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