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Alaïs Baer


I'm a student at UCP

Alais is a freshman at UCP. She's new to town, relatively, and enjoying life out from under the thumb of her overprotective parents.

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Newbie - Alais isn't from around here. Maybe she'll take a wrong turn while trying to navigate the city and end up somewhere new?
UCP - She's actually a pretty good student, and does a little tutoring on the side.
Scene - Alais is new to being a scene girl. She doesn't quite talk the talk yet -- even if she does look the part.
Dancer - Alais loves to dance. She's taking several dance classes, and can often be found in the campus studio practicing.
Clubber - Dancing + Loud Crazy Music = Fun Fun! Clubs, raves, parties - these are all places she likes to hang.
Shopper - She may not be rolling in dough, but that doesn't mean she can't window shop like the best of them.
Cheap food
- Greasy, cheap food is where it's at. Food courts,cafeterias, fast food, and cheap dives are places she heads to grab a bite to eat.





Anun Anun - Sometimes being fashionably late to the party is a downfall.
Believe me, I wanna be your friend.
And I wanna be with you.
Cause I want to understand you.
I Want to Meet You - Kiana
Nicolas - You're just wicked enough to get me in trouble.
When you came in the air went out.
And every shadow filled up with doubt.
I don't know who you think you are,
But before the night is trough,
I wanna do bad things with you.
I Wanna Do Bad Things With You - Jace Everett
Vandorean Vandorean - Asshole.
"Oh there must be a way to understand the things you do,
Without getting too close to you,
Oh I can't find a reason why you wasted all our time,
Who'll get, who'll get left behind oh,"
Brother Song - Circa Survive

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