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Alec Willings

"America's present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration."

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RP Hooks
  • Kinfolk - He is Kin. Specifically, his grandfather was a Child of Gaia Theurge. He sadly did not live long into his thirties, as most Garou do not live long and fruitful lives. Still, he was alive long enough to pass on the blood that made Alec and his siblings and mother Kin. He did not really deal with Garou and such until his early teens.

  • Hands - He loves working with his hands. Specifically, he gardens. He cooks. He paints a little, and draws a bit. He makes a living as a carpenter, however. Furniture, houses...whatever. He does it and he does it well.

  • Kind - Alec is a genuinely good man. He is gentle, and warm, and accepting. He would martyr himself for somebody without drawing attention to it. He does not seek a pat on the back or praise for helping others.

  • Dreams - Alec's uncle was a powerful sorcerer, and he trained Alec as he grew. Specifically, he taught him how to enter and alter dreams. While Alec usually uses it for healing, helping (And sometimes naughtier things...) he has never used it to cause nightmares, though he could.

  • Healing - While he has learned sorcery, he was born a psychic. While he still has a lot to develop, he is a psychic healer.

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Apparent Age: Early 20's
Hometown: Leadville, CO
Occupation: Carpenter
Demeanor: Celebrant
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Race: Kinfolk

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Notable Stats

Appearance : Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png

Athletics : Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Empathy : Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Awareness : Fdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Occult : Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Crafts : Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png
Cooking : Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png

Mana : Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.png
Pure Breed : Fdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png

Oneiromancy : Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.png
Psychic Healing : Fdgrndot.pngFdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.pngEdgrndot.png

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