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Holy water cannot help you now,
A thousand armies couldn't keep me out;
I don't want your money,
I don't want your crown;
See, I have to tell you,
I've come to burn your kingdom down.
Florence + The Machine -- Seven Devils

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RP Hooks


He is the epitome of style, founder of his eponymous fashion house. He is an official member of the prestigious French Chambre syndicale de la haute couture, with ateliers in Milan, Paris, and soon Prospect. An appearance at his fashion shows can launch a career. Need the perfect custom outfit to offset your appearance? He is guaranteed to have something. The exclusive list of people wearing his clothes could include you. He always keeps an eye out for a muse, a cause to support, and inspiration.

High Society:
The Fiori name moves in rarefied circles on three continents. An invitation to select, exclusive events could be a great way to rub shoulders now or in the past. He has trashed clubs and participated in international festivals and galas. Were you caught up in the whirlwind when he and an entourage often called The Glitterati stormed the capitals of Europe in search of new delights and exotic experiences? Even today, his international stature opens many doors and wallets. He might be your key in or at your doorstep. It goes without saying he is moneyed and happy to lavish it on a worthy point.


Alesso is highly attuned to supernatural doings. He is not the sort of man to overlook the odd tingle at the back of his neck. You may have heard about curiosity and a cat? Surprise!

An 800 lb. raging Amur death machine devoted to your cause couldn't possibly have a use. It may be an insufferable death machine at times, but it has impeccable manners and style. As much as anyone with dramatic fangs and gorgeous eyes can possibly have.

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The Man


xxxxxAlessandro is the founder of his eponymous luxury fashion house Alessandro Fiori and its sister lines, Atelier Fiori and the ready-to-wear collections branded under Fia. An internationally recognized figure renowned for his brilliant talents as much as his hedonistic lifestyle, he has fueled an entire media empire since his sudden arrival in the fashion world in 2004 with a groundbreaking counterculture collection called Sins of Rome. Taken under the wing of the Gucci fashion empire, he fell under the celebrity spotlight. Famous models flocked to the runways to wear his opulent designs, a notable bevy of starlets and music princesses dropped his name. He staged lavish shows from Milan, Paris, and London, pulling in diverse themes ranging from Mughal India to classic Italian and French tailoring. The fashion magazines proclaimed him a genius, a tyrant, a one-hit wonder.

xxxxxThe constant storm of scrutiny followed him through the parties and nightclubs across Europe. Tabloids had a feeding frenzy every time he bought out a bar with a troupe of friends, his latest partner, and the beautiful people. His meteoric rise met several setbacks along the way, including an arrest for beating up a paparazzo taking snapshots of his then girlfriend, famed actress Chiara Brienza, and Brienza's tragic death in a horrific accident on a shoot in Tunisia. Media reported Fiori turned to drink and drugs, covering up depression in a string of high profile events, including fundraisers for Oxfam, AIDS awareness, and women's rights.

xxxxxGritty photographs that purported to show Fiori using heroin were published in 2007. He won a defamation lawsuit, but his vehement protests fed rampant speculation that he was spinning out of control. He continued to produce extraordinary work that pushed the envelope. Loyal models and fashion critics defended his art while questioning his lifestyle behind the scenes. It's rumoured he went through three bouts of rehab before kicking the habit in 2010. Then he did the unthinkable: he left Europe.

xxxxxAlessandro received a rapturous reception from the gilded fashionistas of New York, but he crossed the continent for the sunny shores of California. The dynamic atmosphere of the rich and powerful absorbed the enfant terrible of Milan with open arms, and have been running in his wake ever since. He is a frequent benefactor of just causes, patron of the arts, restless culture-seeker on a rampage to define taste and redefine fashion to the hungry masses. On only one point is he completely unyielding almost to the point of violence; his young daughter, Nala, now enrolled in a prestigious academy for gifted academics. The paparazzi can capture this gifted style icon, they can enshrine his works or condemn his vision, but they approach his only child at their own peril.

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The Cat

Oh, I'm Shere Khan, who fights alone,
A demon I resemble;
I have no friends to call my own,
I make the jungle tremble!
I'm cruel as the midday sun,
All clad in black and yellow,
And all who see me turn and run;
Though I'm a handsome fellow.
-- The Jungle Book

xxxxxA young man's ambitions to conquer the fashion world were derailed by the primal legacy encoded in his blood, a gift of his forefathers from Kerala and Mumbai. Or less surprisingly, his talent and unmatched ferocity are another offshoot of his forgotten heritage. Alessandro saw the temples raised to mysterious deities and wondered. He drifted among the lotus pools and dreamed. He felt the moon's call and answered. And Mother Moon rode him hard.

xxxxxThough he does not openly advertise his status among the Fera, a Khan fashion designer on the world stage is hard to miss. He performed his share of duties with panache. Some of those stunts were for publicity, and some, not so much. The spotlight is a natural place and he knows how to hold that prey down if the need is there. His allegiances are split between two very different worlds, a fact he contends with every morning at work, a reality he fights as the moon grows full.

xxxxxHis precious daughter Nala carries the same tribal blood in her veins, making her a prize beyond compare. She descends from the same regal Khan lineage as himself. Her mother's early death created a powerful bond with Alessandro; she represents penance and hope both. She is the jewel of his life, and he will not rest to ensure her safety and prosperity.

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Race: Bastet
Full Name: Alessandro Fiori
Date of Birth: March 17, 1985
Ethnicity: Mixed (Indo-Italian)
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Demeanor: Avant Garde
Nature: Gallant

Tribe: Khan
Pryio: Twilight
Rank: Tekhmet
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Height: 6'1"

Bastet.png Khan.png

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