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"That's the thing with magic. You've got to know it's still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you."

---Charles de Lint

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RP Hooks
  • World Travel - Lexi was born in a small town in France, and she spent time there now and again. However, she spent the majority of her life on the road. Her father, Claude, was a renowned chef and TV personality, you see. He spent years and years going around the world, sampling the cultures and food of numerous nations, with little Lexi in tow. Her mother passed not long after she was born.

  • Languages - She always had an incredible mind for languages, and she's picked up the language of almost every country she visited with her father. She speaks over a dozen languages with decent fluency.

  • Foodie - She picked up her father's love for food. She can cook cuisine from numerous cultures, and she adores sharing good food and drink with good friends. Sometimes the simple things are the best things.

  • Awakening - Her father retired to open a restaurant in Marseilles, and Lexi helped around when she was about 14. However, she was in the forest of her country, camping and exploring as she loved to do, when an Epiphany came upon her. She went through her Awakening, and was soon discovered by a group of Hermetics who were living in the city. They took her in as an Apprentice, and she learned very quickly.

  • Rebirth - While reading old dusty tomes in the Marseilles Chantry, she discovered word of a defunct House that broke apart centuries ago. Remaining members were either absorbed into other Houses, or left to join the Verbena. House Bjornaer were once a House of primal shapeshifters, blending Hermetic Magic with something they called the Heartbeast, which was like a primal animal soul. Others have spoken and worked against her, but the girl has worked hard to try and bring the House back. Currently, she's the only Member.

  • Fame - At sixteen she began filming the show 'Lexi's Boots'. She was approache by her father's producers for the idea of a young, French (And attractive) foodie travelling the world, learning about culture and sampling all kinds of cuisine. It has become incredibly popular, and airs on the Travel channel. She's published a few cook books since then as well, and has a food blog.

  • College - She's currently on hiatus from her TV show to attend college, and she's come to America to go to the same college her father attended. UC Prospect.

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Alexia MontreMarte

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Race: Mage
Full Name: Alexia MontreMarte
Date of Birth: May 18th
Occupation: College Freshman / Travel Channel Host
Demeanor: Explorer
Essence: Primordial
Apparent Age: 18ish
Height: 5'4"


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