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xxxxxAlissa is a new face in town. She arrived with a friend who goes by the name of Kathryn(npc). She is often busy working or preparing for getting her shop running, and when she isn't doing that she can be found in random areas. She frequents haunted places, the graveyards in town and any.. strange location one can find.


  • Dolls
    Alissa has been creating dolls for a very long time. Porcelain, resin and even the odd material, she creates what is needed from necessary parts.
  • Victorian
    She loves the clothing and is never wearing something modern.
  • Unstable
    She isn't the most sane of individuals. She speaks her mind and often takes things literally. She's not stupid. She's just slightly mad.
  • Sister
    Her twin is dead. Want to be her?
  • Haunted
    She's haunted. PCs welcome!
  • Husband
    Ask her about him and she'll gladly tell you all you need to know about the god of Fear and his soon-to-happen return.
  • Vampire
    She's a ghoul, so I welcome RP from this sphere and others. Just don't expect her to be breaking Masquerade, and don't let her catch you doing it. Some people may enjoy flaunting powers and proof of their undead self, but Alissa won't put up with it. Vampires aren't supposed to make it easy for others to know what they are. It's how she was taught.
  • Strange
    I welcome RP with strange characters. I love dark, wicked RP, and Alissa loves to be around odd people. The scarier the better.
  • Vera
    A good friend who is fascinating. I really hope she doesn't hurt Elizabeth. I worked so hard on her!
  • Jackyl
    Cousin Jack! He has the best theatre around! It's really fun.
  • Guivre
    He is the chill up my spine, the voice in the darkness, the shadow caught in the corner of my eye. My love, he watches over me. The second time will last. Mistakes will not be made again.
Everyone is Beautiful Inside

Who doesn't adore the sounds of deer frolicking in the woods? Leprosy, that's who. Time is the luxury you are wasting on believing that you matter.
Gosh, did I leave the drapes on fire? Sincerely, mom. PS: I love you.
It feels so good when I'm thinking again. LissaDoll3.jpg
I can teach you how to breathe underwater as many times as I need to. You can only choke the life out of the living but what can be done about those who never were?
Your hair is gorgeous and I am going to love you whether we like it or not. In search of a job as a babysitter. Please post bail for interview.



“You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody's crazy.”
- Charles Manson
vital statistics
Full Name: Alissa Faye McKenzie-Saarinen
Birthdate:  ?
Apparent Age: 19
Occupation: Doll Maker
Nature: Child
Demeanor: Caretaker
“I didn't say she was an unfit mother. I said I'm going to take her children away.”
~ Closet Person Fifty-Two
Seeking Things
Wraith Friends Sing to me?
Spectre Friends We'll make a doll.
Someone to play her dead sister A lot of fun there.
Someone to play her husband Lots to talk about with this one if interested.
“You look tired and hungry and bloody. I'm going to sing you a song of sickness in the soul.”
- You Aren't Listening Closely
Medium Short
Haunted True Love
“You've got too many feet to be important.”
~ The Whisperer
Do You Hear That, Too?

No light.. I'm still here IGood thing..