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Alyx Danimere

“Throw dem devilish gang signz in da air,

Start giving it up 4 little evil me.
My fingerz r green coz I'm a mean dope fiend.
I'm wicked like mad d.o.g,

Fresh like a little dark g.o.d.”

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RP Hooks
  • Gender - Gender is a fluid thing to Alyx. The Vampire is -far- from asexual, but kind of chooses actual gender depending on mood.

  • Africa - Alyx grew up in Cape Town, South Africa in the slums.

  • Zantosa - Alyx comes from the Zantosa, and it was already in its 70's and only looking 18 by the time it was Embraced.

  • Ahadi - Alyx was a supporter of Blacktooth and his Endless Storm. She spent decades aiding the Simba in exterminating Fera, and keeping Africa under his control. She made a lot of money off of it, and had one hell of a time. She currently has coats made from the fur of numerous Fera types!

  • Blush - She breathes, her heart beats, etcetera. Due to alterations to her body she comes off completely like a human, and she likes it that way. In her opinion it's easier to indulge her vices that way.

  • Bad - IMPORTANT : To be clear, Alyx is a BAD PERSON. BAD. She has fur coats of numerous Fera and Garou types, and helped in the rule of evil in Africa. She regularly bathes in human blood to 'keep her soft skin', and she's a hedonist and...well...kind of a slut. However, I am NOT here to troll the RP of the 'white hats', and I feel the white hat/black hat terminology is insulting to everyone. We're -all- here to have fun. I am not here to ruin your RP. I promise. I'm happy to work with you to make any scene work, and there's a reason Alyx is good at ICly being subtle.

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Race: Vampire
Full name: Alyx Danimere
Date of Birth: December 18th, 1922
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Degenerate
Demeanor: Sensualist
Clan: Tzimisce
Apparent Age: 18

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