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Amahle "Unyielding-Shadow"

"In life you need either inspiration or desperation."

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  • Todd - My scaled, southern shadow.

  • Swaim - I know you have my back, brother...even if you are a shark.

  • Ife - My speedy packmate. I trust you...even though you are Bastet.

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RP Hooks
  • Africa : She is from Cape Town, South Africa. She has the thick accent, which sounds British to most people who are unfamiliar with it. She's here on a student Visa, attending the local college.

  • College : She's attending UC Prospect for a degree in Culinary Science...AKA she's trying to become a professional chef.

  • Chef : She's currently a private cook for a local wealthy old woman, but she's looking for a cooking gig at an actual cafe, diner or restaurant.

  • Ajaba : She's a Bringer of Rain. The Ajaba are the Hyenas, granted the same duties as the Garou, except for Africa. They were one of the original founding breeds of the Ahadi, though a good many haven't joined it due to their inclusion of the Simba.

  • Ahadi : While she's interested in the Garou Nation, she's a member of the Ahadi, the multi-breed organization in Africa. She follows their Laws and customs.

  • Metis : The Ajaba do not look down on Metis at all, and in fact see them as the most balanced. Her deformity is something that she is quite shy about, and she loses no form of renown for hiding it, as Ajaba don't care about Metis being 'lesser' or having to 'show off their shame'.

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The Code
Trust Your Brother's Strength, And Make It Your Own

The one great commonality of the Changing Breeds is that they lack the numbers to carry out their Gaia-given duties as they must. This element of the Code does not just make it permissible for a shapeshifter to seek aid from other Changers in the course of her duty, but mandatory if by neglecting to do so, she is in danger of failing in her duties to Gaia.

Many Roads Stretch Beneath One Sky

The Changing Breeds come from a wide array of traditions and practices, both social and spiritual. It is unseemly for one Changer to demand that another conform to his expectations and ways, or to demand that she give up her own. This element of the Code urges the Ahadi to instead seek common ground while respecting necessary boundaries. Moreover, this tenet of the Code enshrines aiding another shapeshifter in his duties as a sacred act, and that profaning the nature of that duty -- such as a Corax spreading a secret he helped a Bastet ally discover and keep -- dishonors the one who does it, just as though he had failed in his own assigned tasks.

We Share One Mother, And One Enemy.

Though the different Changing Breeds have different methods of offering Her reverence, all are ultimately of Gaia. Though the different Changing Breeds have different tasks to perform in Her name, all are ultimately foes of the Wyrm. This tenet establishes the basic purpose of the Ahadi -- to serve Gaia, and prevent the Wyrm's victory, though it be by various and diverse means.

Divided, We Have Fallen. United, We Will Rise.

This tenet is the heart of the Ahadi -- it isn't a commandment, rather the statement of purpose that the Ahadi use to form multi-Breed packs, both temporary and permanent. The Changing Breeds have spent centuries trying to stand alone and apart from one another, and they have failed. The Ahadi represents a new idea, a new way of doing things, which it hopes may yet stave off the Apocalypse. Likewise, it presents the counterpart to "Trust Your Brother's Strength, and Make It Your Own." A shapeshifter in need of help is obligated to ask the Ahadi to give it; and if they are capable, the Ahadi must render that aid. Finally, this is the tenet that justifies the existence and creation of new Gifts and rites.

All Are Welcome At The Fire

The Ahadi welcomes everyone. It has significant numbers of some Changing Breeds -- the Ajaba, Bagheera, Bubasti, Makunguru, Mokolé, Simba, Swara, Silent Striders, and Kucha Ekundu -- but ultimately it tries to be open to any shapeshifter who wishes to join a kganmadi in the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood. If an Ananasi or Rokea seeks the aid of the Ahadi, it is supposed to at least try to accept them, so long as they are willing to offer aid in return. This is a statement of intent, however, not a mandate -- members should not let grifters and opportunists take advantage of the Ahadi's goodwill.

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Breed: Metis
Type: Ajaba
Aspect: Dusk
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Rank: One

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