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Daughter of a well known Fianna in the Bay Area, it seems that she left feeling chafed under her father's more traditional (i.e. mostly misogynistic) views. Sometimes she wishes she were born into the Black Furies instead, but fate would make things different for her as she Awakened in the midst of a laboratory experiment that went terribly right. She quickly joined the Sons of Ether and has been a voice of feminism and women in SCIENCE (not just science) in her Tradition. Now she's in Prospect, reuniting with family to see how she can help the Garou Nation, and hopefully make it less patriarchal.

Individual Contributions to SCIENCE

As a "Researcher"
"Chemical Transmutation Through Inertial Induction" Thesis. Doctorate in Progressive Science. 2015. (Forces 3, Matter 3)
"Convergent Systematic Reinforcement" Paradigma Materials Volume 3 (4). 2015. (Matter 3, Prime 2)
"Death Rays: A Review" Reviews in Modern Etheric Science Volume 72 (5). 2016. (Forces 3, Prime 2)
"A New Computational Biology - Translating the Morphologic Field of Staphylococcus Aureus Into Binary" Paradigma Volume 365 (1). 2017. (Life 2, Matter 3, Forces 3, Prime 2)
"Etheric Shielding: A Review" Reviews on Etheric and Memetic Science Volume 84 (2). 2017. (Matter 2, Spirit 2, Optional Prime 2)

As a "Professor" of Progressive Science
"Density Manipulation via Convergent Systematic Reinforcement of Atomic Structures and its Applications" Paradigma Volume 367 (4). 2018 (Forces 3, Matter 4)
"The Creation of Atomic Structures in Binary and Vice Versa and its Applications in the Digital Web" Advances in the Digital Web Volume 108 (5). 2018 (Forces 2, Matter 4, Prime 2)
"Idealizing the Platonic Form - Transformation of Atomic Structures into Ephemera. Letters in Etheric Sciences Volume 89 (7). 2018 (Matter 4, Spirit 2)
"On The Development of a Autonomous Robotic Companion" Paradigma Volume 367 (7). 2018. (Life 3, Matter 4, Prime 2, Spirit 2)
"Nanotech Medichines." Morphologic Review Letters Volume 42 (7). 2018. (Life 3, Prime 2)
"Improved Bioavailability of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients via Subdermal Patches." Journal of Advanced Morphological Sciences Volume 91 (7). 2018. (Life 3, Matter 3)
"Overriding the Limbic System and Muscle Stimulation via Electronic Stimuli." Journal of Advanced Morphological Sciences Volume 91 (7). 2018. (Life 3, Forces 3)

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Vampire "I was always Team Jacob. 30 Days of Night is still one of the scariest movies I've ever seen though."
Wraith "That one guy from Paranormal Adventures is cute. It's all fake though, right?"
Changeling "Is this a new derogatory term for the LGBTQ+ community? That's not cool :("
Mortal "It's our duty to lead them and shepherd them to Ascension. That's still a thing, right?."

Akashic Brotherhood "Bruce Lee is awesome, but come on, breathing exercises and kiais?"
Celestial Chorus "I grew up Roman Catholic, so maybe they're onto something."
Cult of Ecstasy "Awesome parties, even better sex."
Dreamspeakers "I took some peyote once. It was a trip. Did I go into the Umbra?"
Euthanatos "Creep me out almost as much as the thought of vampires."
Order of Hermes "I think I played a table top once with House Bonisagus and Flambeau and stuff once. I rolled a natural 20. "
Sons of Ether "Only the best ever! (Once you get past the misogyny, but that's what bringing Women into SCIENCE is for)."
Verbena "Yeah, yeah. I watched Charmed. Power of Three and all that. "
Virtual Adepts "You guys took the Matrix way too seriously."
Hollow Ones "There's such a thing as TOO MUCH HOT TOPIC."

New World Order "If Republicans had magick."
Iteration X "If they didn't worship machines, I could imagine being one. We have a lot in common."
Progenitors "Thank you for birth control."
Syndicate "Why Occupy Wallstreet was made and probably who brought them down."
Void Engineers "They do some majorly inspirational science! Probably closest kin on that side."
Nephandi "KILL ON SIGHT"

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None for now

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Amanda Pierce

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Name: Amanda Pierce
Race: Kinmagi (Kinfolk Mage)
Tribe/Tradition: Fianna / Sons of Ether
Faction: Progressivists
Rank: Professor
Age: 22
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Visionary
Occupation: Materials Science and Engineering PhD Student
Played by: Dianna Agron

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RP Hooks
  • Polymath - Biology. Chemistry. Physics. Women's Studies. She does this and more. If you like heavy intellectual discussion, she's your gal.
  • Gleann Fionn - So she inherited a homestead and is the caretaker of an organic farm. She's now updating it to the 21st and beyond century. Want to help out?
  • Doctorate Student - While she's a 'professor' in the magickal sense, she's still finishing up her PhD in materials science and engineering. Are you a grad student? Wanna study break?

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