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In the gardens of memory, in the palace of dreams, that is where you and I will meet...

But a dream isn't reality...

Who's to say which is which?

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RP Hooks
Usual Disclaimer: I'm here for the story. I am not a TS trap, though I'm certainly not against it. I am still learning, bear with me. I don't enjoy character death, and I'm not out to PK (obviously). I do firmly believe ICA=ICC, so, I act accordingly. If there's an idea or story you want to work around and want Ame in on it, I'm a pretty easy-going for the most part... just page/@mail me. New to town and need a hand getting where you need to be? I can probably help. :)

UC Prospect: This one is the most obvious. She's found in Prospect Roaster's quite a bit, and is friends with Professor Vanny. Though she's in the Climate Science and Policy master's program, she is strongly considering altering her path and changing degrees. Strong background in horticulture as well as math, computer programming, and physics.

Streetwise: Ame is a well-known street medic, anyone can ID her by the various political tags on her backpack or Red Cross symbol displayed prominently on her person when she's 'on duty'. She's actively on the streets, feeding people she finds. Soon? Bigger projects. Everyone needs to eat, and a safe place to live.

Political Activism: Know what antifa is? Know what Cascadia is? Concepts of social structures that don't include capitalism? Know anything going on currently (politically) that would affect the west coast, our climate, and fighting major corporations from poisoning the earth? Ame does! Open that can of worms at your own risk.

Portland: Born and raised in Portland, OR, and outlying areas. (Down with the gentrification and uncontrolled rent increases!) Been through there? Lived there? From there? Have you and she met before? Keep Portland weird.

Blackwell Family: This is NOT a highly publicized fact, but if you are a PC trying to track down Blackwell family members, it can be done. Her father, Jake Blackwell, went through extensive troubles to hide Amethyst and her mother's existence from the world.

Kinfolk: Holyfrick werewolves are real. And apparently she's family to them. Go easy on the poor Glass Walker, she's still learning the rules, but she's ultra helpful and EXTREMELY mindful of the Veil.

Mage: Dual Tradition, Dreamspeaker / Virtual Adept. Resident Technoshaman. Ghosts in the machine are real, dude.

Herbalist: Yeah, she's well-versed in ACTUAL herbal remedies. Her favorite remedies, though, are her own strains, heavy on the Indica genetics. What happens when the Green Thumb merit is combined with a grower? Yeaaaaaah. Fun times, right?

Crafting: Need jewelry made? Amethyst is fairly good at delicate metalwork, glass-blowing, and gem-cutting (both by hand and machine guided). Rarest stone in the world? Six point star garnet, and she's got a knack for cutting them. Workshop located in public RP Space, Raven's Treasure Box, inside Thru the Looking Glass (+hangouts/jump Raven)

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Amethyst Wickward


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Name: Amethyst Wickward

Age: 22

Height: 5'9"

Weight: ~130lb

Hair: Purples, blues, teals, magentas.. jeweltones.

Eyes: Hazel - bluer than greener

Skin: Fair

Demeanor: Rebel

Profession: Gemcutter/Glassworker at Raven's Treasure Box, UCP Student, +more.

Hobbies: Herbalist, Political Activist, and more.

Tradition: Dreamspeaker / Virtual Adept

Faction: Gaian

Tribe: Glass Walker (Kinfolk)

Resonance: Primal

Played By: Milla Jovovich

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Noteworthy Stats

Green Thumb merit

Spark of Life merit

Spirit Sight merit

Burning Aura merit

Echoes flaw

Spiritually Noticeable flaw

Dual Tradition merit

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Played By: Milla Jovovich