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Second Life
Pretty with little else to show for it. I drifted through life without the drive to be successful but too much natural talent to fail. It wasn't that I didn't work hard... I just didn't take any risks. I had nothing to strive for. I was content to be a backup dancer and singer and tell myself I'd get the lead part next time. One of these days, Andrea, you'll be a star. Opportunities came and went, streaking by like shooting stars overhead. But one night...

Darkness. The beating of distant drums. Terror as I realize they are coming closer. Two men step out of the shadows in my room. I try to scream but one of them lunges at me. Lightning fast, they clamp a hand over my mouth and drag me from the bed. Later that night the same man cut out my heart.

And then I was reborn.

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  • Andrea was a would be star on Broadway. A few decent parts, but mostly destined for the life of a backup dancer. She's a talented performer and there's a chance you'd recognize her. She left abruptly a few months ago.
  • She seems to have close ties to the Chihuán family, who live in the Laguna Mountains. There are rumors of an Inca cult there.
  • Andrea, or Qispi, has had to visit the Shadowlands once or twice. Wraiths would be able see that she is ageless.
  • Andrea's reflection is not her own. What would you do if a beautiful woman stood in front of a mirror and you saw a weathered middle-aged man staring back?
  • Not all of Amaru's cult came north. Qispi has many armed enemies, some of them her own people.
  • Balam Bastet might have cause to know the name Amaru. They fight the same war and the Teomallki are known to the Great Cats.
  • Other Mummies. Andrea too was resurrected with the new Spell of Life, though she's neither Wu-Tian nor Amenti.

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Immortal Refrain
Hello - Walk off the Earth ft. KRNFX

"Hello, how are you?"
"It's so typical of me to talk about myself, I'm sorry."
"I hope that you're well."
"Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happened?"
"It's no secret that the both of us are running out of time."

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Andrea "Qispi" Flores

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Jorge (NPC) - Brother. Leader.

Miguel (NPC) - Nephew. Soldier.

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Played By: Catalina Moreno