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Anezka Novacek

“You cut up a thing that's alive and beautiful to find out how it's alive and why it's beautiful, and before you know it, it's neither of those things, and you're standing there with blood on your face and tears in your sight and only the terrible ache of guilt to show for it.

A monster lies in wait in me, a stew of wounds and misery. But fiercer still in life and limb, the me that lies in wait in him."

---Clive Barker---

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Vampire Vampires: "We exist, deal with it. We drink blood, deal with it. I tempt, good luck dealing with it."
Camarilla The Camarilla: "All the nights spent with your fingers up your asses in boardroom meetings and Elysiums will do you no good when the Elders rise, hungering for vitae. The truth is daughter of time, not marketing."
Sabbat The Sabbat: "We understand that the time is nigh. Gehenna will come, many will die, only the worthy will stand by the Father and rule the next world."
Independent The Independents: "Stand alone, fall alone."

Werewolf Werewolves: "Never met one, not sure if I want to."
Wraith Wraiths: "Ditto."
Changeling Changelings: "Really? I'd rather feed from a Malkavian."
Mage Mages: "OOC: Mages are broken and spoil the game for the other factions. I do not play with mages, I do not recognize them in my Word of Darkness. Don't even try, please."
Mortal Mortals: "Food and toys. Toys and food. Potential tempters, but hardly able to catch my eye."
Demon Demons: "The Archbishop and the Inquisition warn us. I consider myself safe from them, since I like my soul enough to not sell it. Power come and go, damnation is eternal."
Assamiteantitribu.png Assamite Antitribu: "The Angels of Caine were our leaders in the Jyhad here until now. A fiery end, or just a Phoenix on the rise?"
Lasombra.png Lasombra: "The Keepers are our brothers and sisters since the Dark Ages. Yet, I feel that I need to watch my back when I'm with them."
Nosferatuantitribu.png Nosferatu Antitribu: "The Creeps are the lords of the Undercity. I trust their expertise and ability to adapt to such harsh enviroment."
Tremereantitribu.png Tremere Antitribu:"The Spellbinders are gone. Some say good riddance, I feel that we lost the edge against the hated Tremere."
Tzimisce.png Tzimisce: "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

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  • Cyn Her Eminence, the Bishop of the Undercity, seems to be wary around me. I can only hope that she can overcome any reservations given to my clan, so she can see me as I am.
  • Vera Delightful sister. We used to share so much: name, blood, faith. Things have changed, but you must know that my undying love will not falter. Even if my former childe and your departure from our sect would set us apart, I can't find in my heart the desire to do you harm. Talk to me.


  • Faqirah Her Eminence, the Archbishop, was a strong leader. She went to face an enemy with a scimitar, courage, and honor. She was met with treachery, cowardice, and explosives. Now other eyes are on us.
  • Zara My childe. You were chosen by Vera, but she was unable to sire for personal reasons. When she asked me to embrace you, I thought that the whole situation would become a chore. For a while you fooled me, pretending to be the perfect pupil. That lasted until I gave you one single order. One. And you disobeyed me. I really hope that you're really dead. If you appear before me to apologize or crawl or beg for mercy, you will discover that I won't suffer a fool carrying my vitae.


  • Kong Not a vampire, not alive. Something else from the far east. He seems fascinated with my skills, also one of the few polite and tolerable people that I know. I love the way he respects hospitality, a trait really in demand this time and age.
  • Ayame Representative of the Eastern Courts. We had a delightful first encounter. It's so refreshing to meet someone that says what she want, understands the concept of hospitality, and, as I understood, keeps the value of her word under the weight of honor or death.

Personal NPCs

  • Polina Novacek Polina is my dearest sestra. Never the bright one, never the embrace material. She's very lucky that I love her enough to want her close, and despise her enough to turn her into my ghoul. I never forgot the beatings, never.

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RP Hooks

  • She's a member of the Sword, preparing herself for Gehenna. She's searching for packmates, and won't settle for lesser vampires around her. Do you have what it takes?

Earthly Delights

  • Her personal domain and usual haunt. The little brothel caters for the blue collar, the downtrodden, the undesirables. The ones that no one will miss if they disappear. Yet, it's known that some rich and powerful movers visit the place.

Path of Cathari

  • She's a follower. Still not a Perfecti, Anezka searches for other Albigensians to perform and indulge in their debauched celebrations.

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Mingling among Kine
Mortal Seeming

For Your Eyes Only

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Race: Vampire
Date of Birth: October 31st
Heritage: Czech-American
Occupation: Demimondaine
Nature: Freak Show
Demeanor: Guru
Faction: Sabbat
Apparent Age: Mid Teens
Height: 5'1"
Player: Bubasti

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Other Forms
Dat Tongue

Zulo Form

Zulo Form

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The Ride
Lincoln Continental
1965 Lincoln Continental

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OOC Mumbo Jumbo

PRP Sources

  • Phoenix Crusade Maps and information about my PRP involving the Crusade to take Phoenix, AZ from the clutches of the Camarilla.
  • Games of Instinct Rules for the Games of Instinct played by the Sabbat.

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