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Don't ever let anyone tell you that something is impossible.

She is finally escaped from the hands of those who captured her.

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DaxAering.pngTinyheart.png - Oh, my... Your lips are like morphine to me. And now we are going to have become a family with the life that we created. I love you. You asked me to be your wife.. I said yes.. now our son Mason is 5 months old and he is so precious I love you Dax Daniels.

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Angela allison
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Name: Angela Daniels

Age: 20ish

Occupation: Sectary, Mom, and loving Wife to Dax Daniels

Tradition: None yet..

Significant Other: Dax Daniels is her husband and he is her forever and always<3

Child: Mason Dax Daniels (Born Sept 23 2016 Baby-boy-0108-main.jpg

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RP Hooks
Getting married, Currently looking for a wedding planner.

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