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Annabelle Grant

Annabelle Grant is one of those girls that get so close to getting what she wants; only to have it go terribly wrong at the last moment. She was born in New Orleans, LA and not the good side of it. She's straight out of the trailer and her Daddy could be one of like three men. This just inspired her more and more towards greatness (in her own mind).

She dropped out of high school at sixteen and has been on her own since. She took what little she had and moved to L.A. to make it big as an actress. She's had a few bit parts here or there, but most of her money comes from waitressing and odd jobs. Her one claim to fame is her car and nobody better mess with her baby.

Annabelle was finally given her break six months ago. It was going great, too. She had her own trailer on set. She was working as an actress and then the director tried to introduce her to the 'director's couch'. That didn't go over well for her. So she socked him in his face and broke his nose. He blacklisted her in L.A. So she's in Prospect hoping to find something here or at least wait out the man's anger.

Full Name: Annabelle Patience Grant
DOB: May 21, 1992
Current Home: Prospect, CA
Birthplace: New Orleans, LA
Parents: Dixie Jean Grant (mother)
Unknown (father)
Siblings: James (1991), Jesse (1990), Duke (1989), Daisy (1988), Beau (1986), Bobby (1984), Angie (1982)
Partner: None/Single Children: None
Measurements: 32-24-32 Faction: Bone Gnawer Kin
Height: 5'6 Weight: 115 lb
Dress Size: 2 Shoe Size: 5
Hair: Brunette Eyes: Green
Appearance: 4 Charisma: 3
Merits of Note: Animal Magnetism, Green Thumb, Spirit Sight, Prophetic Ability, Spiritually Noticable
  • Kinfolk - Annabelle is a kinfolk of the Bone Gnawer tribe. She even has a tattoo on her right hip of black rat footprints with a purple and blue 'watercolor' background. Rat and Proud.
  • Los Angeles - She's spent the past eight years trying to be an actress. If you are from there you might have run into her. She had a part but socked the director and is now blacklisted.
  • Spirits, Wraiths, Fae, Oh My! - She interacts with them. She sometimes refers to spirits affectionately as 'the assholes' since they like to freak her out when she's trying to sleep. They are perhaps the only thing that can wake her up when she's trying to sleep. Also she's pretty noticable to spirits.
  • Deja-Vu - Yeah, she has prophetic abilities. She's not super up front about this, but feel free to use it in RP. They sometimes happen when she least wants them to.
  • Growing Things - She sometimes comes off a bit blunt and distant, but she has a love for all things that grow. She also seems to have a natural ability to draw them to their finest.
  • Triple Threat - She acts, she sings, she dances! She will also mimic you pretty dang good.
  • Waitress - She just got a job at The Olympian Diner. She's usually down for taking an odd job here or there too as she tries to make ends meet (they usually don't).
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  • Superman - Boyfriend. It took a lifetime to find you and half of that to lose you. There are not enough tears to express this feeling. There are not enough moments to cling to for the memories. You died as you lived and you are always forever. Superman.
  • Felix - Remind me not to dare you. Or then again... remind me to dare you so many more times.
  • Acacia - First I met. I would like to say first friend. She let me sleep over and she has helped me get in touch with the others of our tribe. She seems like good people.
  • Amethyst - You are batshit insane. How the fuck did you think it would turn out when you said you would kill yourself for him to love you? Or that every time you hurt yourself it was so he'd care? This isn't fucking Twilight and you aren't the one wronged here. I'm told you were dealing with a bad break up, but if you make his death about you, so help me.
  • Dex - Tribal leader. Boss. I could be prone to hero worship.