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RP Hooks
  • Influence: Law - Annastasija knows people not just in the Law Firm, where she works, but in the Court too. Her influence is still weak, because she is new, but she may get in touch with some other people working in the same or similar field.
  • Influence: Police - As a young, but very perspective lawyer, Annastasija shows up in the Police station often. She meets not just with her clients there, but also to check out evidences and stuff like that. So, she knows some people there, and is on a very good relationship with some. They just naturally respect the talented young person, who tries to fight for a better world.
  • Fame - She is known withing the lawyers and court already as a promising foreigner, who might end up a very famous lawyer one day, if not the judge!
  • Caine Gratia - Annastasija is Ductus of this pack. Contact her if you would like to join it.

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Still here:
  • Nureyv: I was mad at you, but now I realize what a gift and duty you bestow upon me.
  • Abe: We grew up together. You've changed so much.
  • Sarah: I will be at your side, my friend. Though, please, hear my word.
  • Ulva: I am very lucky to have you at my side.
  • Hendrick: Each court needs its jester.
  • Saul: I find you as a very wise and inspiring person.
  • Cyn: Ambition under the cover of modesty.


  • Kirby: Who knows where you are now...
  • Void: I thought that I will miss you, but I do not.
  • Faqirah: Rest in peace now.
  • Skathi: Who knows where you are now...
  • Vera: Your beauty is missed.
  • Spotted Horse: Pity, I've never got a chance to get to know you better.

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Annastasija Ivanovna Rachkovsky

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Annastasija Ivanovna Rachkovsky




Rachkovsky Mansion


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Played By: Kate "Kato" Lambert