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Been here a bit. Doing my thing.

Rocking this whole...being on my own- thing. The world is way bigger than home... Kinda scary, kinda cool.

Enrolled in the University- Early Childhood Education/Developmental Psych Major

Fall 2016- Biology I w/Lab, Remedial Algebra, Psych 101 and English I Comp

Spring2017- Had to drop because of... life.

Summer 2017- English II, Latin Dance

Fall 2017- Music-Guitar, Developmental Psych, Bio II w/lab, US History before 1800, College Algebra

I went to Disney! And ... stayed a while and was a Princess! Well, I worked as a Princess.

I like to travel. I take mini-trips to neat places.

Just doing the school thing and incubating this parasite thingie. The second thing is actually harder than the first.

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RP Hooks
Ghosts and Fae and Werewolves... OH MY!

Spirit Sight, Kinain, Kinfolk- Sometimes, family isn't all its cracked up to be and they are hard to shake.

Go to the University? Maybe we have some classes together.

MMA training- she does it. Tiny, but mighty.

At the Caern, she loves the underserved, finding herself curled up with the metis children or the differently-abled ones more than the typical kiddos. She is broken on the inside as they are on the outside. It's a perfect match.

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Name: Annaleigh Starr Adler

Known as: Annie or BK

Appearance : 4

Age:19 (October 31, 1997)

Hometown: Outlook, Montana

Kinfolk: I am one.

Kinain: Piskies

Relationship Status : Totally enamored with Tabia

Children: One in the oven. My blood. My sweet, teeniest-tiniest-littlest love. My Bean.



"I am fine. You pierced my flesh, not my soul."

"If you show me your dick, I am going to take it away from you. "


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Wraiths: They are very real. They can be very, very mean and scary- AKA The Angries. Not all are that way though.

Mortals: The sleepers.. the normal ones. They can't see what I do. That is probably a good thing for them.

Garou:*middle finger for some of 'em and kisses for the others* Mwah!

Fae: Not all of you guys have pointy ears and wings, apparently. Still. I've seen you around... I've watched you from afar and even one or two up close.

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My Posse:


My [Mom's] old guitar


My Mark:


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Akecheta - Didn't work out, but you have a wonderful woman and little ones on the way. Can't beat that. :) Plus, I got a solid friend out of the deal.

Alessio + - You aren't good for me in the long run, but I hope we can still be cool. If you ever needed me to have your back, all you would have to do is call. That's how allies do and all, you know?

Alim + - On the run, I guess? I moved out. I hope our paths don't cross again anytime soon.

Amelia - Marcel's roomie, criminal lawyer and Fianna kin. She seems a bit tense and needs to let her hair down sometime. She is gorgeous, but if she smiled sometime, it would make her radiant.

Andrew - Nice enough.

Andy - Den Daddio. He was always good to talk to, but I think some stuff is above his pay grade with this Den Daddy thing.

Antoine - Oh my! You are a tall drink of water! Seem sweet and we both come from similar paths in our early lives.

Aodhan - I like this little man. <3

Athena - *sighs and bows head as she gets berated...again*

Bartimus - A fuzzy, red panda. So CUTE! Wanna catch him in a pokeball. But you will not be going home with me. Naughty panda-boy.

Billy_Bojangles - Den Uncle sort. Was my teacher and someone I can confide in. My heart hurts a bit with how things turned out, but that is life.

Brohain + - BooBooKittyFuck.


Chance- I like him a lot. We are alike in many ways. Mainly though, we are prey. Where has my bunny gone?!

Chandler - Chick that broke up Dusk and Tavia, but somehow became friends with Dusk? Oh! And she patched me up at the ER after a DIY mishap.

Chullain - I passed the sniff test. Woohoo! God, please don't be like the others.

Dalton - A friend of mine. Please don't drink again. I am not looking for us to be boyfriend/girlfriend at this juncture in my life. I think I have scared him off. Or hurt his feelings. Or both.

Dusk + - My dear Dusk. We shouldn't have, but we did and there is no future for us. Especially when we both love someone else. I was to you and her, what you were to me and mine. Somehow we made something truly amazing and magical- Our Bean- for that I suppose you will always hold a piece of my heart.

Eloise - She is a good mother. I wish I had a mom like her. And...she has take good care of my Toodles. She has hugs... like the best hugs ever. They feel like... what I imagine a mom-hug would be like.

Eve - [GONE] An Angry. Really, really mean. She slapped me, burned my hands, infiltrated my dreams and burned my home down and everything in it. I still don't know what I did.

Felix - Those red heads. Damn... Oh, hey, Hottie Red Head!

Galen - My heart breaks for you. He healed me... He's very beautiful and has pointy ears and magical healing ways. Doubley family! He is a protective sort. Very kind to me.

George - You disappoint me, falling for lies and hearsay. Elders are supposed to look a little further, not fall for rumors of someone with obviously skewed views.

Giselle - I get rejected for stuff I didnt even want in the first place. Stepping up the game a bit!

Hamish - Charming and I agreed to go out with him, but it never happened. Oh well.

Harikumo - You deserve each other.

Jasen - Cello-Boy.

Jesus -

Journey - Fuck nope.

Justin_Statton- Run away from your problems. And thanks for wrecking my life for the second you were here.

Justine- Yuri's mate. A beautiful woman with a kind heart. A motherly glow.

Kanu - Tree person!

Lucie - Andy's mate, Einar's momma and a totally lovely preggers lady.

Lydia - (EX Den Mother) You're child is lovely. You were a bit selfish in making her, but she is here now and she is wonderful.

Marlon - He is amusing.

Marcel + - Oh, Fianna-Boy. You were exactly what I needed when you came into my life. You pulled me from the darkness and held me close when most would have let me go. Our friendship will always remain even after all else has fallen. I'm sorry, but my heart belongs to someone else.

Monica - We started a little rocky. I was standoffish... you were handed an issue you didn't want to deal with-Me. But you are straightforward, strong, and quickly became someone I could trust. Nothing I say shocks you. You are unflappable! Also, you are one of my lifelines. Even late at night, when I call you, there you are. Thank you, lady. I owe you a lot more than my thanks.

Nascha - Pocahontas, I only know you from that once *incident* over jackass. Maybe you aren't bad. We need to clear the air, Festivus Style.

Quentin - I love those Glass Walker sorts. Non-judgmental and selfless. I hold in the highest esteem. He is a good guy and hope we will become good friends.

Quinn - I like her.

Raise - Owns the MMA gym I train at. He is pretty nifty, gives me pointers when I train.

Sasha Hi you! Frickin adorbs. And shiney and beautiful. Annnnnd my cousin! (of sorts) *bounces around*

Sandra - You. I like. Oh, Sandy!

Shu - Dead. I tried to save you, gain another for Gaia. I was young and naive. I can't say I am sorry though.

Sid - Liked you the best out of the lot of em.

Tabia + - Tinyheart.png *pouncehug* Tabbycat! I heart your face! My roomie. My bestest friend. Mi Princesa! My love. TINGLES! Sooooo, I dare ya...

Tabitha - Maybe go for a run since I can't spar with ya?

Torsten Alpha-Druid and Forge-dude. He let me get my hands on some my own tools made just for me! He seems like good people. A-Okay in my book.

Verity - She is nice so far. She actually sat and talked to me for a while. Is it sad that is the most 'human contact' I'd had in days?

Yuri - Gives it to you how it is and is on my speed-dial. Good man.

Zeppelin - I owe you an apology.

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