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The Vibrant
Full Name: Ans Blankenbiller
Birthdate: December 21st, 1983
Apparent Age: Early Twenties
Hometown: Amsterdam
Occupation: Verbena Turned Kindred
Demeanor: Thrill-Seeker

Clan: Tremere
House: Verdant
A Verdant Life
  • Amsterdam. The girl is Dutch, and was born and raised in Amsterdam. She inherited a grow farm and Pot Cafe from her father, and she ran it with gusto.

  • Awakening. Another thing she learned from the father was the path of the Wyck. She eventually Awakened, and became a prosperous and dedicated Verbena. She adored life and Magick and everything that went along with it.

  • Embrace. Good things rarely last, however. Her Magick drew the attention of a local Tremere, and he Embraced her much against her will. She felt her Avatar die, and she attempted suicide on at least three occasions during the first week of unlife. She's come to terms with it now, however.

  • Verdant. She is a member of the small House Verdant of Clan Tremere. The House dedicates itself to nature pursuits and natural sciences, as well as Herbalism and Alchemy. They often work to better the world around them, because who would want to rule a wasteland?

  • Clan. Yes, she is a Tremere. No, she is not like many of the others. In fact, she has severe issues with the majority of the members of her Clan due to being backstabbing, stodgy psychopaths. She's dedicated to the Clan, of course, but not necessarily ever member.



The Servant - Cells

On the city's skin they move on mass
Like a rash on the back of a manky cat
Now in I go like a fool
I can't resist dipping in the pool
I watch them watch me I watch them too

MIracle of Sound - The Best Of Us

Unlikely guide
I will follow you
Stay by my side
See tomorrow through
Two roads
Merging in one line

The Kindred
None - None.

None - None

In The Light

xxxxxTo Come.



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