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Information Snapshots
Calamity - Friend or Foe? What do I do now? And why do you care?

Era - Best little warehouse in town.

Barber - *shudders*

Vittorio - Was I not good enough? I'm sorry.


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Story Hooks Quotes
(OOC INFO ONLY - Please do not rp as knowing this unless you have been told details by Antigone IC, or have done research about her, either with staff or myself. Thank You.)

  • Born May 7, 1995 to Renata Marie Giovanni, she had problems before she was even pushed, screaming and bloody, into this world. (Merit: Acute Senses (Hearing, Taste, Scent, Vision), Animal Magnetism) (Flaw: Inbred - mismatched eyes, blue and green.)
  • If someone were to figure out her name, or put a face to an event, they could discover that her mother was one of those 'basement girls' that have been coming to light more and more in the last decade or so. The kind of where the young woman goes missing and is hidden away in a basement to suffer unimaginable torments for years - in this case, for about five years.
  • Of course the police swooped in and her mother was sent to a psych hospital - so broken there was nothing left to fix, really. And the story mostly faded out of memory as more of them came to light.
  • Home to home, and orphan of the state, not many people want a child with as awful a history as she has and of her age. During one of those inter-city transfers to a new home at the age of thirteen, the car Tig and the caseworker were in was struck by a semi-truck. A harsh blow to the head knocked her out. When she woke, the car was burning and she crawled away from the wreckage to watch it goes up in flames. (Flaw: Amnesia) (Merit: Spirit Sight)
  • Everything that identified her went up with the car, and she didn't stay long at the hospital - sneaking out before they could find out anything other than her name off some of the clothes they had found in a bag at the sight of the accident. And even then, they only learned her first name.
  • After that? Just a game of keeping food in her belly as she hitch hiked from state to state and couch to couch or alley to alley. Digging into her own past is something she can't afford to do - in more ways than one. This is how she wound up in Prospect. California is an easy place to ride out a long, cold winter without risk of freezing to death.
  • Easy come, easy go. Her father plucked her up off the streets and swept her into four glorious days of riches and indulgence and -family- before disappearing back to Europe and leaving her things boxed up around her and their home with a For Sale sign swinging in the yard, and his vitae is her belly, binding her to the night life and casting her as s ghoul. Abandoned, without a reason given, she's caught up in a world she has no clue about.

RP Logs

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