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OOC - A word on my absence: First, I'm sorry, and I love you all. The game has been nothing but late nights full of great times for me, and I've made a ton of friends here. I'm about halfway through this 'idle', at least foreseeably. I don't want to go into public detail, but to say it's time intensive is understating the universe. I don't know why but I feel guiltier for logging on for just 10 minutes every week or so than for just not logging on at all. Don't want to get people's hopes up if they +finger me and see i've been on. But like I said, it's almost over, and I hope to see you all really soon. Hugs and kisses!


"I was proud. I was fierce. I sang of our accomplishments, and my family took pride. My blade sang of our victory, and my fellow Garou took pride. We stalked, and they feared us. The tundra was ours. A pin-prick in the entire face of our waning control. But We stood proud, where our cousins couldn't. There was nothing we were fearful of,


when we stood united, and declared that even in the darkest of times, we moved as one pack. One entity. No one would be left behind. If one of Us were taken, the pack would fight, and die, if need be, for that comrade. Because we knew they took prisoners. We had fell so many of our former siblings.I kept waiting for them. I held fast, when even that meant it bit worse, deeper, harder. I held fast. I screamed. Howled. Cursed everything they held dear, and promised them my brothers would come for me. Days turned into weeks,


And there is no worse feeling in the world when you realise you ARE alone. No one is coming to save you. They all expected you dead long ago, picked clean body laying in the snow somewhere, or in some Hive. For all the time and company we shared. For all the glory. It was nothing. A pile of shit meant more to them than I. Once it started becoming clear, it avalanched. The clarity my new family helped me come to...I will serve the rest of my life repaying them. And unlike those Gaian dogs, they truly love me. They hold me dear, teach me. And even though I came unto them in such a way...They accept me, with all my flaws. All of them.

Freedom, my former siblings. Kinship. Love. Unity. You have no idea what any of that truly is. Come, I will show you."

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RP Hooks
"One BILLION Dollars..." -Dr. Evil : Anya is very much set up to be an antagonist on the corporate level. If you ever wondered about those 'harmless' PrP ideas like, blowing up a branch office, or high-jacking the train full of Wyrm-tainted Pentex-brand (Because they stick on you.) band-aids, then Anya would very much so like to be informed. Read, she has the means to be, so please do me a favor and help your local RP by sending Anya a @mail.

Turncoat : Anya was a major player on the Gaian side of things up until recently (Early 2014, late 2013). Maybe you two met while you were backpacking through Russia? Or Caern-hopping? Though maybe she wouldn't have stuck out much-- If you've seen one Silver Fang...

The Plot Thickens : For any Silver Fangs, however, and perhaps those involved in the Family/house intrigue and news. Anya has...Or had, Notable Heritage to the Tvarivich family line. She was 4th in succession to the family's head. Surely a story like 'The niece of the Family Head has gone missing!' erupted and is still flowing around the Gaian fires?

Deliciously Vague Backstory : While Anya's guiding specifics are all in line (Big Silver Fang gets knocked on the head and thrown down the Spiral) The rest of that story is very up to debate and molding, in the name of RP. Up to, and very well including breaking the litany (We all have our dark secrets...), if you have an idea that would hook our two PC's together, by all means I'm listening!

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Anya Tvarivich

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Full name: Anya Leila Tvarivich

Notable Heritage: member of the Tvarivich family succeeded by 4 members (Mother was sister to the head of the family), and ranking member of House Gleaming Eye. Made Adren in the Garou Nation before falling.

Pure Breed: Fpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.pngFpdot.png

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