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Aowyn aka "Little Moon"

"Until we meet again may the Great Spirit,
Make sunrise in your heart
And may your moccasins make tracks
In many snows yet to come."
-An Indian Farewell


xxxxx*Aowyn is a Wendigo Kinfolk visiting Prospect as part of a tribal cultural exchange program.

xxxxx*She is from Alberta, Canada and from the Three Rivers Sept.

xxxxx*Aowyn is currently facing challenges to save her people.

RP Hooks

  • 'Wendigo Territory' - Any Wendigo or Kinfolk out there looking for tribal rp?
  • 'Garou or Gaians' - Willing to offer rp to all Gaians
  • 'Wanna play with me?' - Storyteller experience, willing to do anything that helps with renown or character development
  • 'Botanist' - Aowyn was the first of her tribe to go to college and study Plant Science.
  • 'Nature Buff Conservationist' - Want to hang out and discuss the environment and how to save the planet?


  • Paging for Nooky - Please don't.

  • Creativity - I'm easy going. Justify it IC, and let's rp.

Kinfolk Character

Tribe: Wendigo
PB: 5
Sept: Three Rivers

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Ice Blue


  • Kohana - Aowyn's Scion of the Three River Sept
  • Viator - Angry Old Nam Vet. You secretly worship me!
  • Chullain - Looks up, way up. Way up! Giant. =)
  • Sirenna - Still staring in awe and I haven't blinked yet.
  • Andy - Den Father, you keep me from getting home sick.
  • Journey - The home you have made here shows in every person I meet.
  • Vesta - Your kindness sets an example that I wish to follow.
  • Paul - You have such a kindness in you.
  • Robert - You put self before others. A rare quality.
  • Halle - Your offer of help has not been forgotten.
  • BT - I think I owe you a boon for saving my Scion.
  • Sergei - The Winter King. I wish to know your Siberian lineage.
  • Gavan - One of our newfound friends.
  • Iris - Golden polish and big purses = Brave Woman
  • Cenn - Where'd you go?
  • Percival - Sir Knight, you make me dream of chivalry not lost.
  • Iseult - Artist, I hope to see more of your work.
  • Fred - Your urban ideas and dreams of fish may save my people.
  • Wyatt - I just met my first Cowboy!
  • Eloise - Can I keep your dragon?
  • Seong-Min - A hero with a pretty tail.
  • Jake - Protector of All. You say Go. I jump.
  • Bronwyn - MurderWyn!
  • Dragomir - The Silver King always wins.
  • Halona - Conqueror of the PUS PEOPLE riddle
  • Brooke - An intelligent woman who will one day lead.
  • Giselle - I can't stop eating your flavored popcorn. Now I'm fat.


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