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"Once I knew the depth where no hope was, and darkness lay on the face of all things. Then Love came and set my soul free." ~Helen Keller

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Not all 'good guys' are good.

Not all 'bad guys' are bad.

Sometimes that grey area is also murky. The 'bad guys' treat you like Gold, like someone precious and desperately needed to be kept safe.. from the 'good guys' who would cut you down if they knew that you even spoke to the 'bad guys'.

Judge and jury all wrapped up in one on both sides of that good and evil fence. Where do I fall?

Stick around. Maybe we'll both find out.

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Eddie: I'm seeing the progress.. where you go, I will follow. Let's go find those pieces.

Sheltark I really do love you, idiot man. Why'd you have to screw up and miss the twins' Birthday?!

Clara and Sterling Godmother and Godfather to the twins. Clara, you've been a blessing and a joy. Thank you so much for all you've done. Sterling, take care of her, and thank you for being in our lives, too.

Vega ...Yes... I really do mean it when I say "I love you".

Leila: Your hugs may be cold, but the comfort warms me.

Erin: My boss, friend and a lovely lady with a lot to say.

Cross: I think I've finally made peace within myself about you. Thank you for the sanctuary.

Velok: Squirrels, Hugs, Songs and Charity. Let's make those lights bright, my friend.

**Those that have passed**

Dwayne: You will be missed. Tear up the afterlife and ride the highway free, my friend.

Ravaun: I miss our talks. I'm glad I never gave in to your hints.. I want to remember you as a friend.

MoonMoon: Bit off more than you could chew. I hope you find peace.

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RP Hooks
She's a new mama! Twins born on Dec 21st, 2014... Maybe you're frightened by tiny pink leeches? Maybe you're intrigued by them? Maybe you get that 'awww' factor around those itty bitty babes..

Apple is a mechanic and works at Madd Mods regularly, but can be found at other places, too.

She is open to almost all conversations. Try!

She doesn't tend to go out at night, but I can make an acception.

She sees ghosts, too, so the Wraiths are welcome to 'haunt' her.

She has some fae blood in her ancestry and it shows to those that can see it.

Using magic? She can sense it with the right dice rolls..

Fight! Fight! Fight! ..she's pretty good at it.

She has an appreciation for food, music and amusements in various forms.

Don't see something here you might want to hook Apple with? Page me. I'm negotiable.

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Shneap.jpg ApplePCTattoo.jpg Sh1ap.jpgAppleRing1.jpg Terrible Trio.jpg

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Full name: Apple Carpenter

Jobs?: Mechanic, Wife to Eden, Mother of Hope, Bart and Faith.

Apparent age: Young, late teens maybe, possibly early 20's.

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Custom Section

From Eddie to Sheltark: "You need to get more complicated if you don't want to die."

"They inherited a world that was broken and they tried to fix it. Problem is, it's hard to fix anything when you're all jacked up."

"You know that movie where the Knight comes to slay the monster and the frightened villager points and all you see is a rabbit cleaning it's paws on top of a pile of bones and bloody rags? Yeah.. I'm that rabbit."

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself."

His erection is gone: too much thinking stole the blood away from his penis.

If Facebook existed during WWII  :

One of the many songs[1] that I like!

For Eddie: [2] and another serenade [3]

What I imagine the first kiss with a changeling is like: [4]

No sense in poking the berserker Viking.. even if that could be fun.

Gray grunts a little bit, and stops to simply cross his arms over his chest as he huffs a little bit. "You are too pregnant to be this sneaky..." he comments to her. ((Said to Apple during an impromptu 'game' of hide and seek))

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