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I don’t understand anything about the ballet; all I know is that during the intervals the ballerinas stink like horses.

~ Anton Chekhov

Astrid Weir

  • Human Tall and leggy, this Czech beauty has filled out slightly since her days as a Prima Ballerina with the Bolshoi, but she still carries herself with supple grace. Famed as a dancer, she is also known since an early retirement to have married a recently–deceased Russian multi–millionaire and spent considerable time and money establishing her charitable foundation devoted to the preservation of endangered species of Great Cat. Evidently wealthy and still young enough to indulge her love of primarily Italian fashion, Astrid remains a highly desirable catch, and is not above dangling herself now and then in search of a new dalliance.
  • Zaltu—Low–Torment With supple, feline strength and grace, a third again the height of a man, her soft pelt of luxuriant black fur contrasting with her luminous, seemingly glowing quicksilver gaze, burning in the dark, lending her an unearthly, feral yet regal presence. Her voice is a husky, honeyed purr, unless she howls, in which case her cry chills the blood for miles around.
  • Zaltu—High Torment Fallen from grace, Zyalieh is terrifying to behold, a creature of spiteful malice given the form of an unrelenting, stalking hunter. Lean, even emaciated–seeming, as though diseased, further evinced by the flecks of foam which drool from her gaping jaws, exaggeratedly filled with cruel, curving fangs. Her black pelt is matted and bloody, whether hers or that of her prey not immediately clear. Perhaps most dreadfully, a second pair of arms sprout just below the others, each of her four hands tipped with serrated claws.

Conversation Starters

  • Beauty and Style The Czech woman is a rare beauty, possessed of the grace and elegance of a dancer, though her figure has filled out as she matured. Her movements draw the eye, and she has a certain sensual joie de vivre which stands out in most any crowd. Perhaps she is your type, or you have something to say about her personal style?
  • Menagerie Well–known among charitable circles for her and her late husband's conservation efforts dedicated to the fierce creatures of the Russian wilds and the protection of their habitats, though she rarely falls into the sort of idiocy that local groups, such as PETA, are so unfortunately prone. Perhaps you share her beliefs, or wish to enlist her for a cause of your own?
  • Black Swan Although she retired early, Astrid spent several years with the faed Bolshoi Ballet as Prima Ballerina. Were you an admirer or her, a patron of the arts, or merely curious as to why she retired early upon marrying her late husband?


  • Foreign Relations Having been born in Europe, and traveled throughout that continent, Asia and the Middle East, Astrid is both cosmopolitan in outlook and gifted with fluency in a number of languages.
  • Prima Ballerina For several years Astrid traveled Europe and the world as first a stand–in, then Prima Ballerina for the world–famous Bolshoi. Her grace and beauty made her a star, though her fame didn't truly transcend the world of dance. Still, to those who follow such arts, she is a more than familiar face, and some of her performances have been recorded for posterity.
  • Wealthy Widow Having married Valery Zemanovich, a wealthy Russian shipping magnate and patron of the arts upon her early retirement, Astrid was recently widowed when her beloved husband was lost to a heart attack under what have delicately been reported as scandalous circumstances.

Fallen Angel

  • House Zyalieh is a Rabisu, or Devourer, created to teach mankind to survive in the farthest wilds and to hunt God's fiercest creatures.
  • Legion Although she did nothing of note to earn herself Eminence among her peers, Zyalieh was a member of the Ebon Legion, one of the soldiers set against the heavenly host.
  • Faction Enchanted with her human host and all the sensations that accompany it, Zyalieh has aligned herself with the Faustians, willing to offer power and more in return for worshipful dedication.

Material Girl

  • Avante Seaside Penthouse While in California, Astrid keeps a penthouse property overlooking the harbour with stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and, at night, the starlit sky. Living alone, except for visits by various domestics, the place might seem too large for her, never mind she could easily afford more living space. It somehow feels hollow, as though lacking a second presence to fill it. The decor is distinctly feminine, somewhat modern, and shows both an eye for design and an appreciation of the subtle blending of complementary colours, textures and styles.
  • Exotic Italia Her current vehicle of choice is a Ferrari 458 Italia which, like its owner, is strikingly beautiful, dramatically stylish, sensual, high-spirited yet exceptionally responsive, as well as being almost defiantly short on practicality and very expensive to maintain.


  • Astrid is a lovely woman, still in the prime of life at twenty–seven. While she is no longer in the spotlight as either a dancer or the wife of a charismatic foreign millionaire, she still draws the camera's lens and, in turn, is drawn to it.

Astrid-1.jpg Astrid-5.jpg Astrid-2.jpg

Astrid, alias AsW, in all her fashionable glory.
Apparent Age: Mid–Late Twenties
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Marital Status: Widowed
Nationality: Czech–Russian

Celestial Name: Zyalieh
House: Rabisu—Devourer
Faith: ●●●●○○○○○○
Torment: ●●●●○○○○○○
Fame: Former Ballerina ●●
Merit: Angelic Aura

Charisma: ●●○○○
Manipulation: ●●○○○
Appearance: ●●●●○

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