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“For I am own sphinx, conflict, chaos, vortex — asymmetric to all rhythms, oblique to all paths. I am the prism between black and white: mine own unison in duality.”
- Austin Osman Spare


John's been in Prospect about three years, now. He's assumed proprietorship of Off the Record, a local media shop and cafe that caters to the quiet, intellectual occultist and obscure music aficionado; you aren't likely to find much in the way of massively popular music or 'literature' there. However, what he does have in stock is fascinating, and the coffee's outstanding. Studious and acerbic, John's got a razor-sharp wit, and he is far more perceptive than sometimes given credit for. His wits are sharpened by indulging his drive to solve puzzles at any opportunity. He is being tutored by Stella Amunet; Traditionally speaking, he is a Third Degree Practicus of the Order of Hermes, part of the chantry Fellowship of the Secret Word. Sometimes he DJs at Rhapsody nightclub for fun (and it's rumored that he actually owns the place), and has also been found hanging out at the Sideshow, assisting its owners in various tasks. Also notable are the symbols he wears - the silver Owl of the Arcanum and the copper sigil of the Cult of Isis. He's started another venture, Rêves à Vendre, in the Lost in Time Market, where it is rumored that he deals in bespoke dreams (and nightmares).

RP Hooks
  • Occultism: How far down that rabbit hole do you want to go?
  • The Art of Divination: He practices it - to rather eerie and uncomfortable effect. He's no charlatan, but a Cassandra.
  • Industrial Subculture: He's neck-deep in it. He'll deign to go to Neofolk/pagan and Goth events, too.
  • Problem-Solver: Got an enigma to deal with? Perhaps a conundrum? He's brilliant with puzzles.
  • Esoteric Media: Like weird books and weirder music? So does John. He could probably even sell you some.
  • Mummies: It's odd that he's not exactly an Egyptian scholar, isn't it? How does he know what he knows?
  • Hermetic House Merinita: Do you know of them? He is desperately seeking them out. Possibly for hereditary reasons.
  • Nightmares: Do you suffer from them? He can help you with them better than drugs or a psychiatrist could.
  • Welcome Wagon: He's the unofficial liasion between the Grove of Tethys and Snow Fang Peak freeholds and new arrivals to the County.
  • Arcanum: He's currently the only active ranking member in the city. Does the Owl know you? Do you want to know the Owl?
  • Nightclubbing: He's the new owner of Rhapsody, an all-ages club in the city.
  • Changelings: Give sanity a longer leash, some of us have sharper teeth.
  • Shifters: The tenderness of wolves.
  • Vampires: Under shivering stars the sickness is gliding.
  • Sorcerers: Seduce, let loose the vision and the void.
  • Psychics: See the future leaking through.
  • Mages: At the heart of it all.
  • Wraiths: Who should I say is calling?
  • Demons: This is not paradise lost, but paradise disowned.
  • Mummies: Whilst I, my sovereign, watch the clock for you.
Theme Songs

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John Balance
Birthday: March, 1986
Occupation: Owner-Operator Off the Record.
Nature Visionary
Sphere: Sorcerer
Sect: Cult of Isis/Arcanum
Affiliation: Order of Hermes
Race: Sluagh Kinain
Craft Name: Cousin of Spiders, Torchbearer of Isis, Avatar of Tutu, Father of Dreams, Vanquisher of Nightmares.
Oneiromancy 6
Divination 3
Hellfire 2
Mind Shields 2
Pyrokinesis 2
Telepathy 2
Intelligence 4
Perception 4
Wits 4
Awareness 4
Enigmas 4
Fortune-Telling 4
Intuition 3
Investigation 4
Lucid Dreaming 4
Occult 5
Research 4
Demon Lore 1
Fae Lore 2
Mage Lore 3
Mummy Lore 2
Sorcerer Lore 3
Vampire Lore 2
Wraith Lore 1
Chantry 2
Demesne 3
Dream 2
Kinain 4
Library 2
Oracular Ability 3