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The Others
Vampire Party all night. Sleep all day. It's fun to be a vampire.
Werewolf Permanent case of PMS does not make for a good time.
Mage From what I know, those fuckers are dangerous. Bet they're still tasty in milk.
Wraith Pretty sure those disembodied voices are inside my head.
Changeling Magically delicious.


What I totally wanna be in my next life.
Ghoul2 Really useful when you're out of TP. For my bunghole!
Mortal See what happens when I pop this bag? Funny, huh?

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Cyn: But Moooooooom....!

Sheltark: I mean, I REALLY dig his muscles.

Cody: I'm not sure she's real. Is she?

Aubrey: Those legs. Those hips. That mouth. The best.

Franko: Shut up, dick-for-brains, before I make you shut up. Kidding.

Faqirah: Ice-cold bitch-queens either like me or hate me. Verdict's still out on her.

Fenton: Try giving him a head scritch. He fuckin' LOVES that shit.

Weorran: Dude, I'm getting turned on just talking about her.

Misa: Misa Horny! Me love you long time.

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Aubrey peeks in the bathroom door, "Everyone wants to kill him at sometime or another except me. I just want to spank him."

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Banter will do/say almost anything, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. This can get under the skin of some, er, more inhibited characters. If your PC is likely to get offended, you might want to stay away.

'80s/'90s Pop Culture!

Banter is a repository for all things '80s/'90s, especially anything from that era that's outside the mainstream. Music, movies, TV shows, video games, etc. are all things he loves to talk about/share, so do share if you're into that sort of thing.


He has mood swings. They are sometimes violent. He might think something is fun one minute, unpleasant the next. You might feel that way about Banter himself.

Kinda Famous!

Fame 2: Banter was once the frontman for industrial-funk-metal outfit Bombtime. What's weird is that he hasn't changed a lick since those days. Looks exactly the same. Even dresses the same. Some folks just don't know how to let go of the past!

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Race: Life isn't a race!
Eyes: Dark blue. Often bloodshot.
Full Name: James "Jamie" Leonard Banter: Jamie to girls. Banter to guys. You know how it goes.
Date of Birth: December 21st
Home Originally from Branchbrook, New Jersey. Most recently, resided in Venice Beach.
Heritage: White Trash
Favorite Color Puke.
Occupation: Janitor-bartender-musician-slacker.
Apparent Age: 22-23
Height: 5'10"
Weight: He'd be stocky if he ate more. But he doesn't. So he's not.
Temperament: Too much energy for his own good. Never shuts up. Cynical, yet insatiably curious.
Orientation: You've heard of "try"sexual, right?
Relationship Status: Your mom.
Catchphrase: "Yeah, let's totally do <whatever stupid and dangerous thing you're suggesting>, RIGHT NOW."
Appearance: Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png

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Notable Stats
Banter/Notable Stats

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