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Rebecca Morrison

“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the world around him...
xxxxxxxxxx...And calls it science.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-- Edwin Hubble

  • RP Hooks: Coming Soon

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Date of Birth: July 16, 1995
Apparent Age: 18 - 21
Occupation: Officially Unemployed
Demeanor: Waif

Sphere: Mage.png Mage
Convention: Progenitors.png Progenitors
Faction: Technocracy.png Technocratic Union
Classified Profile
Subject Codename: Samsa
Biological Age: 20
Role: Field Agent / Test Subject
Monitoring Level: Orange

Important Profile Note:

'Samsa' has been modified with numerous genetic and physical modifications. Unlike the majority of Progenitor agents or test subjects, however, 'Samsa' has been modified via the Conventions new, highly experimental 'Xeno Modifications'. Samples have been taken from Enemy Beings, and those samples have been lab modified and vat enhanced and extended. These things are then infused with the test subjects.

'Samsa' has been granted incredible physical resistance, far beyond that of a normal human being. The infusions also add to her physical capablities, allowing great alterations in her physical capabilities in the field. The one hundred and fifteen page file (And growing) detailing her modifications and surgeries can be accessed by Union members with a Clearance level of **REDACTED** and can be found at the field office in **REDACTED**.