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Mages and Sleepers
Sleepers I've never had many friends.
Traditions Where would I belong here? The Choiristers? Hermetics? Verbena?
Technocracy People have a right to know what they're capable of, and to choose how they do things. Destroying everyone else to protect humans protects nobody.
Nephandi I wonder how many people killed for this were just people like me. I wonder how many people just like me eventually killed for this.
Independants Castaways and cut outs. Exchanging centuries of knowledge for freedom and a do-it-yourself (or maybe find-it-yourself) ethic.
Consors I'd like a consor. Or to be a consor to some other denizen, as my "Tradition" often is. The exchange of ideas and knowledge between two sapient species is fascinating.
Other Denizens
Vampire Most of the Hollowers who hang around these people end up dead. Not undead. Just dead.
Werewolf Switch the word "Gaia" with "Jesus" or "Allah" and see if what you're doing still seems like a good idea. I don't like religious fanatics much, but that's all I know about them.
Wraith Something I'm looking into, now that I can turn on the Sight. Is this really what death's like?
Changeling Apparently some Hollowers can see them, and have some kinda defense against their Paradox. I don't know anything about them, though.
Demon They gave much knowledge to us, including the knowledge of magic, even if they had to Fall to do it. I'd like to meet one!

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RP Hooks

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Name: Ben Scudder

Age: 28

Height: 5'9"

Build: Average, Thinning

Eyes: Dark Brown

Nature: Supplicant

Demeanor: Creep Show

Occupation: "Artist"

Languages: English

Resources: 0

Hobbies: Dark Souls


Race: Mage

Essence: Questing

Resonance: Heretical (Dynamic)

Tradition: Hollow One

Craft Name: New character, haven't picked

Cliques: Haven't picked

Chantry: None yet

Cabal: None yet

Specialties: Too new to specialize!

Merit: Celestial Affinity
-2 difficulty when dealing with High Umbrood (angels, demons, djinn, etc)
Merit: Mastery of Fire
Soak fire as bashing, with +3 to stamina. -1 diffs to create, control, or destroy fire.
Flaw: Addiction
Pill popper. He doesn't use everyday, but he uses often.
Flaw: Masochist
+1 to soak difficulties.
Flaw: Obsession
Celesials. (Umbrood angels/demons, Fallen, nephilim, Tempest plasmics, etc.)

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