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Blake Davidson

"Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy."

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  • Eloise - Nice girl. Cute kid. She's gone out of her way to help me and mine. Heard she's one of those witches, though. Sad to hear...

  • Gwydion - Nice enough and all, but I don't trust P.I.'s. Habit from when I was a cop. Sleazy bastards.

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RP Hooks
  • Flint - He grew up in the most violent, crime-ridden city in the country. In the end he had to do whatever it took to get out of that life before it pulled him in and he couldn't escape.

  • Military - He ended up joining the Marines to escape that life. At eighteen he signed up for the Marine Corps, and he ended up becoming Force Recon. He served in Special Forces for eight years, serving from 1998 until 2006.

  • Catholic - When he was a child, avoiding his family violence and horribleness, he found refuge in a small, local Church. Through this he ended up a staunch Catholic. To this day he holds tight to his faith.

  • Awakening - He Awoke while in battle overseas. He was approached by one of the Crafts and recruited. He served with this Craft until 2013.

  • Ex-Cop - After getting out of the military he returned to Flint with his family, and he became a police officer. He served as a patrol officer in Flint, MI from 2006 until 2013. He was awarded several medals in this time, as he was when he was active duty in the Marines. In 2014 he had a sort of mental breakdown, and left the police force.

  • Widower - He married his High School sweetheart, Avery, while in the military. They had a pair of girls, Elizabeth (Now 12) and Ainsley (Who went missing at the age of 10 in 2010). He loved his family very, very much. In 2010, however, Ainsley and his wife went missing. They have since been declared legally dead.

  • Probationary Sect Member - In February of 2015 he left his Craft and petitioned to join the Celestial Chorus. While he's been allowed in, he's still not entirely trusted or acknowledged. He still has some work to do both within the Tradition itself, and the Traditions as a whole.

  • Unemployed - In November of 2015, Blake and his daughter Elizabeth moved to Prospect. The last of his savings are drying up, and he's looking for a new job.

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His daughter, Elizabeth.


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Apparent Age:
Early To Mid-Thirties
Rec Center Handyman
Celestial Chorus (Probationary)
Flint, MI

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Notable Stats
Blake/Notable Stats

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