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Full Name Bradley Metzler
Date of Birth May 17th, 1996
Profession Homeless youth/Frankweiler
Nature Pedagogue
Demeanor Entertainer

"Riff-raff, street rat, I don't buy that.

If only they'd look closer.

Would they see a poor boy?

No siree.

They'd find out there's so much more to me."

Protecting a stretch of town that provides art and culture to the average man, Brad is a protector, and an educator. Reciting Shakespeare in the park for enough cash to get a meal, this homeless kid is far more educated when it comes to art, history, literature and general academics then any street rat has the right to be.

The Dirt

Standing about 5'7", this young man is roughly average in height. His dark hair is shaven close on one side, and is left longer on top then on the back and other side, giving him a punk look. His skin is tanned from many hours outdoors, and he has a few piercings in each ear. He looks like he's somewhere in his late teens, and he has boyish good looks. He has deep blue eyes, contrasting his dark hair nicely.

The young man has a tightly muscled body, who obviously stays in shape. He isn't bulky, though. The kid is clearly homeless, with worn and battered jeans and boots that barely hold together. A sleeveless flannel shirt is worn over a sleeveless white undershirt, covered in holes and faded and threadbare bits.

Contacts and Themes

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RP Hooks
  • Homeless - Brad lives on the streets. Also, being a Bone Gnawer, he doesn't really seem to mind all that much. It's who he is, and what he does.

  • Frankweiler - Brad belongs to the Frankweiler's, a Camp of Bone Gnawers dedicated to protecting art and culture, and bringing it and educated to the poor and desperate. Whether sneaking urchins into a museum after closing, or teaching homeless kids how to read, or reciting Shakespeare for them. He takes his duty very seriously, and also love every minute of it.

  • Jingles All The Way - As is Deed Name suggests, Brad loves him some Christmas.

  • Galliard - He is a Tale Spinner, and keeper of records for the Garou Nation. He focuses primarily on his own Tribe, though, because if they don't help each other out, who will give a flying fuck about them?

  • Gnawer - Bone Gnawer and proud, baby.


None Yet.