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Luxury - Ecstasy - Sin
Breanna Dawn
"If you smoke after sex, then you're doing it too fast, darling."


Full Name: Breanna Dawn
Date of Birth: August 11th, 1994
Occupation: Dominatrix
Nature: Deviant
Demeanor: Sensualist
Tradition: Cult of Ecstasy
Faction: Acharne


Garden in My Room by Merrill Bainbridge

Same Old Love (Explicit) by Selena Gomez

Cool for the Summer (Explicit) by Demi Lovato



  • Local - Bree was born and raised right here. She spent time traveling, though. Her mommy and daddy spoiled her rotten, and she summered and wintered around the world, and partied everywhere. Did you party with Bree?
  • Professional Dominatrix - Bree's one of the best. She does not provide sexual contact on the job--she's not a prostitute--but if you're looking for a good bad time, she's worth the price. Are you interested in her services?
  • Wealth - Bree comes from old money (Resources 5), and moves through high society because of it, spending her money freely on whatever new delight catches her attention. Have you heard the whispers behind her back?
  • Family - Would you like to be Bree's husband or wife, dealing with her constant infidelities? Her parents, trying to manage the shameful rumors about her? Her sister, both furious and jealous of Bree's inability to give a fuck what anyone thinks of her?
  • Mage - Bree is a Cultist of Ecstasy, originally initiated in an Acharne Hellfire Club. She could use a disciple. Want to talk magic?






xxxxxBreanna's always gotten whatever she wanted. Her wealth and family standing play into it, but it started at home: Mommy and Daddy just couldn't say no to their dear little girl, and Bree spent her life in idle luxury, floating from one desire to the next. Someone like her probably never should have Awakened just for want of any impetus to change the life she was perfectly happy with, but a boundary-shattering experience at a club run by a Cultist of Ecstasy opened her eyes--all three of them--to possibilities she'd never imagined as a Sleeper.
xxxxxBree spent some time among the Acharne before leaving the faction and her mentor. There was no particular drama in either choice; she had just moved on in her life past what they could teach her, and she was always fundamentally too good-hearted to ever take real faith in their joy of damnation except as a kink that eventually lost its luster. Driven now on a path of divine indulgence, Bree is in a transitioning period between simply living a life of sacred seduction and transcendental bliss because she wants to, and learning to teach disciples how to share the enlightened appreciation of ecstasy she does.


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