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Brinneth Mariah Caine
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Name: Brinneth Mariah Elizabeth Caine
Age: Early Twenties
Height: Approximately Five Foot Two
Weight: Approximately One Hundred And Fifteen Pounds
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Date of Birth: April 27th, 1992
Occupation: Parks And Recreation
Tribe: Fianna
Mate:Ceilia Jacqueline Farquhar

Story Hooks Playlist
Indie Punk

Brinneth might not describe herself this way, but from her casual disenfranchisement with modern culture to her dour, reserved attitude and the way she dresses all the way down to her taste in music others tend to describe her thus. What does the phrase actually mean? Maybe the people who labeled her can tell you.

Parks And Recreation

Brinne is a Naturalist employed by the state of California to oversee the development of state parks and the programs they offer visitors. She pretty much gets to set her own hours and plan her day on her own terms.

Nature's Hand

The stalwart guardians of the wild places of the world come in all shapes and sizes, but none are more unlikely than Brinneth Caine, last daughter of the ap Hywells, a once prominent family of Welsh foresters, sorcerers, and druids. She's chafed under the yoke in the past, but the world called out to her... And she's answered.

Northshore Tegan and Sara

Don't bend, don't bleed, don't beg, don't scream,

don't whine, don't fight, don't tell me,

Don't tell me, don't tell me, don't tell me...

Don't feel, don't tear, don't kiss,

Don't care, don't touch, don't want me,

Don't want me, don't want me...

Nineteen Tegan and Sara

I felt you in my legs before I ever met you,

And when I lay beside you for the first time I told you-

I feel you in my heart,

And I don't even know you...

Call It Off Tegan and Sara

Maybe I would've been something you'd be good at...

Maybe you would've been something you'd be good at.

Now we'll never know.

Reckoning Song Asaf Avidan

Little me and little you kept doing all the things we do...

We never really think it through,

Like I can never think you're true.

Here I go again, the blame...

The guilt, the pain, the hurt, the shame.

The founding fathers of our plain,

That's dark and heavy clouds of rain.

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