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Information Snapshots
  • Broom is a male of the species Puma concolor.
  • Broom is also a magical were-cat, who can change into a person. He usually doesn't do this.
  • Broom is friends with a mighty Thunderbird, and earned that friendship through a love of slaying Wyrm-creatures.
  • He is stinky.
  • He is very proud of his length.
he is lengthy
he is watchful
Contacts Quotes
Hyo-Sonn: A fox-Killi?! Wow! Fun, and probably not a threat.

Vesta: Wolf-kin. Human-y, and hard for me to understand well.

Jake: Thunder's child. Does Thunderbird like them? An Elder, too.

Journey: Owl's own. Big Elder, hope he doesn't squish me.


RP Logs

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