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She's a nightmare hippy girl / With her skinny fingers fondlin' my world

She's a whimsical, tragical beauty / Self-conscious and a little bit moody

- Beck

  • About Whiskey: Internet famous, actually named Freya, road-tripper, faux astrologer and palm reader, occasional ranch hand, odd-jobber, ADVENTURER!
  • Mimia: Look out, squirt, big sis is back!
  • Roxie: Girl, I missed you. Can I park my van at your place?
RP Hooks
  • Webcam Show: A few times each month, Whiskey will do a new webcam show for fans of her website, Nerd Burlesque, many of whom are also subscribers. Sometimes she talks about culture or science or geek potpourri, sometimes she plays video games Let's Play style, sometimes her clothes come off, sometimes several of these things (Fame 1)!
  • Online Shop: Sick Eats is the name of her store. She can obtain the purest, tastiest natural ingredients. Herbs, mushrooms, spices, anything you want, she can get it fully organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, whatever you wish. She also LOVES to cook for her friends...maybe using their larder.
  • Sub-Genius [1]: When it comes to religion, philosophy and mysticism, Whiskey embraces the ideals of the Church of Sub-Genius. She has ordained herself in the ministry, and proudly leads the charge against Pink Boys, Greyface and the Elder Ones. After all, better to draw their attention and be eaten first when They arise from dreamless sleep (fnord)!
  • ADVENTURE!: She thinks life is one big adventure, and sometimes she gets so caught up in The Big Story that she forgets most people are stuck in reality. She's almost delusional, but it's a functional balance that simply makes her the kind of person strange events and outcomes seem to follow.


Whiskeychew.jpg Whiskeyflex.jpg Whiskeygum.jpg

Fae Mien

Whiskeypooka.jpeg Whiskeypooka2.jpeg

My Animal Form


Birthday: March 01, 1994
Occupation: Online shop, webcam show
Race: Changeling
Kith: Pooka (rabbit)
Court: Seelie
Seeming: Wilder
Notable Stats
Appearance ●●●●
Fame ● - Nerd Burlesque (web show)

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