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"The April Fool's day hoax was a lie."



Date of Birth: July 18, 1999
Concept: Lost Child
Class: Freshman UCP
Class: Psychology
Height/Weight: 5'4" / 111 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Risk: 1


How to describe someone raised in the isolation of family, home-schooling and the tight confines of restriction? It might surprise most that Cadie Laykin is well-adjusted, given that little tidbit of news, even if she seems a bit distant from groups and crowds. She studies them from afar, watching interaction, the laughter, the subtle pecking order changes as people interact.

Chapter One

SATs, ACTs, a diploma; her achievements that stack and mount toward a future, propelling the young woman forward into the world. Cadie arrived in Prospect one month after graduation, getting herself an apartment near the campus for easy commute back and forth. She immediately went to the bookstore and perused the shelves, selecting out the entire four year program's reading material and course material. Having it delivered to her meager apartment so that she could begin her studies in July. Enrolled in as many classes as the Registrar would allow a freshman student, she maxed out her credits and avoided any work-study assignments. At least, with an apartment, she will be able to study in peace.

Next Chapter

Once she has settled into Prospect, enrolled and selected her courses, Cadie will be ready to practically grow roots. Study is her pastime, especially with people. Be it on the quad, the coffeeshop or just sitting on a park bench, she observes the people walking or rollerskating by.