Caine's Witnesses

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- Diana: The Russian Bear (Current wiki page for an older character.)

- Jorge: Conspiracy Prone Hacker

- Octavia: Mutilation Happy Hipster

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Ignoblis Ritae
- Ritus of Thanksgiving: "You shoulda seen the Methuselah that got away. He was six thousand years old if he was a day ..."

- Tests of Pain: From Grenada and Guantanamo right to your garage. This is the new "School of the Americas."

- Truth Revealed: I'm not interested in the truth, I'm interested in getting you to reveal it.

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Auctoritas Ritae
- The Binding: Hibernation is for those in a tower. As the nights get shorter and colder, we light bonfires.

- The Blood Feast: It's always best to bring a couple. Taste the love.

- Creation Rites: Swords into plowshares, shovels into swords.

- Fire Dance: A necessary skill for our most sacred ritual.

- Games of Instinct: The color purple is best represented by wearing both red and blue bandanas in the appropriate neighborhoods.

- Sermons of Caine: The Sword Announcing Caine's Kingdom.

- The Vaulderie: Like a Moscow Mule, best served in a copper mug.

- The War Party: Diablerize the 144,000.

- The Wild Hunt: Dry snitching is still snitching, and these days even your metadata counts.

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Caine's Witnesses
Caine's Witnesses/Portrait

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RP Hooks
- Bi-Weekly Ritae PRP. First and Third Wednesday of the Month, 8:30-10:00pm EST.

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- Priestess: Octavia

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Required Abilities:


Fire Dancing



BOTH Secret Languages

Optional, but common:

Path of Honorable Accord

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