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Johnny Carver

Why are you such a derelict? Such a piece of human junk?

The answer's simple. You're a scanner, which you don't realize.

And that has been the source of all your agony.

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All the myths are true, and they all suck.

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Harano: My half brother. You're the closest anyone's come to making me feel.

Shannon: A Nephandus who keeps the Manson family as pets. Thinks I'm weird.

Clara: Artsy optimist. Gives too much of a fuck. Sees dead idiots, too.

Van: He's the bull goose loony. My mate. No fucking idea how that happened.

Bayne: Lupus. Don't talk much, but that's fine by me.

Eris: You're different these days. Less polite porcelain. Ain't just rank, neither.

Cherazart: Another artsy optimist. Also gives too much of a fuck. Whatever.

Kaleb: Clingy, cuddly bastard. Meh.

Connel: All dogs know the same fucking tricks.

Lazarus: Dead as fuck, apparently. And for real this time.

Ronni: She knows a lot about what being a Spiral kin's like, even if she ain't one.

Misty: I wanna say you're a bad judge of character, but-- actually, you're kinda right.

Gray Worm: Our gatekeeper. Just not so great at the identification bit, yet.

Rio: More competent than you let on. Dunno if that's saying much, though.

Vega Jean: You've changed. You're one of us now. You more fucked up?

Wormwood: Destroying order, one improperly placed shit at a time.

Zoe: I ain't bringing you back again.

Azoth: Talk too much, but you're calm, 'n wanna help.

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RP Hooks
Dishwasher: He used to wash dishes for a living. Might again. Need a dishwasher?

Medium: Carver sees ghosts, and is learning to see and project into the Shadowlands and beyond.

Kinfolk: Carver is a Kinfolk to the Black Spiral Dancers, and has lived in Prospect near Shattered Souls most of his life. Are you related? Or at least know him?

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Full Name: Johnny Carver

Age: Isn't sure. 23?

Occupation: Domestic Engineer/Club Owner

Demeanor: Curmudgeon

Kinfolk: Black Spiral Dancers

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