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Race: Mortal
Full Name: Cassin Drew Ledet
Date of Birth: November Something
Heritage: American
Occupation: Owner of The Dive
Demeanor: Confidant
Nature: Autist
Age: 30ish
Height: 6'1"

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here"
xxxxx~ William Shakespeare

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stomping on a human face - forever."
xxxxx~ George Orwell


RP Hooks

  • The Dive: Cassin is the new owner and operator of the bar known as The Dive. Maybe you've been there.
  • Changed his Stripes: Drew grew up on the streets. In adulthood he's shaken his old ways and made a new life. Or has he?
  • Love RP: The player loves RP. I can make anything work! Just ask!

The Dive

Cassin took over The Dive, a pretty seedy bar with an even seedier past. Lots of scrubbing and paint, and the place is a little better (read inhabitable), but the tables are level and the drinks are affordable.
Thedive02.jpg Thedive01.jpg Thedive.jpg


Cassin.jpg Cassin01.jpg Cassin02.jpg Cassin03.jpg Cassin04.jpg




(The Ex)

She didn't really take the news of moving to California as well as I had liked. I think it's over.



I can't even remember how I met Silver, but I always enjoy spending time with her.



Silver's twin brother. Nice guy. Tried to help me. Has WAY to many friends.



Another Louisiana native. Sweet and easily going. I'll look her up again soon.