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Here is a list of current staff members and a non-exhaustive summary of what they typically deal with.

Staff Spheres Other stuff
Mouse Mage, Sorcerer/Psychic Applications
WhoopingCrane Mage, Sorcerer/Psychic Applications, building, code, magical items, appeal of staff decisions
HoneyBadger Shifter, Mage, Sorcerer/Psychic, Possessed, Demon Renown, Wiki, General Questions
DropBear Changeling
PoisonFrog Possessed, Changeling, Kuei-jin, Wraith Wiki tampering, snark
FennecFox Shifter, Mage, Vampire Renown, Hijinks, In Character Consequences
RaccoonDog Building, applications
QueueMonkey Paperwork, red tape
Melodious Lark
DarthKitten Renown, XP nominations

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